However, it is alarming idea whether it will take an ass dick son. One way or another, but to provoke the mother desperately wanted to feel a member of a son in her ass. Especially since he has not fucked her in the ass, and it will be a new experience for him.
Assuming that they are both sufficiently rested from the morning sex, the mother decided to seduce her son again, but his ass. Going into the room, she saw that Michael was sitting in a chair and watching television. Jane decided to play with his son, and made it look as if something raises the floor around tables, trying as much as possible while pulling up her short robe. She knew that her son is now looking at it, and it is exciting. Panties Jane was not, and her ass downright beckoned. Suddenly a voice from behind Michael:
- Mom! You are teasing me?
Turning his head and smiled, his mother said:
- And what do you think?
Instead of answering, Michael stood up and walked over to his mother. She turned to her son and prispustila his pants. Holding hand on his cock, she began to caress him. The boy threw a mom gown and with admiration admiring her body. One hand stroked Michael and probe her mother's ass, his fingers making his way between the buttocks, and the index finger of the second move into the vagina, occasionally slipping out of it, to caress the clitoris swollen, protruding upper lip swollen merger maternal pussy.
- Do you like my ass? - His mother asked, putting the ass and pussy greedy hands trembling son. - Would you like to try Mamochkin ass?
Michael with a question in his eyes looked at his mother, and she continued.
- Do you love me, son? Do you really love me?
- You know my mother! I love you very very much! - Michael said excitedly.
- And you do everything that I have to ask? - Sarcastically he asked Jane.
- Of course, Mom. All that will bring you pleasure.
- You really like my ass?
- Still would! .
- And you ... you could kiss me there? - Looking into his eyes, suddenly said Jane.
- Is this what you really want? - Looking at his mother, he asked Michael.
Without answering, she turned back to him and bent, sticking out his bare ass in his direction. Looking over his shoulder at his son, Jane began to tease him, turning steep hips.
- Kiss me there, son! Kiss ass mom. I love it when I kiss there.
Michael quickly dropped to his knees, and with both hands grabbed the mother's buttocks. He brought her face close to the anus, and began excitedly to cover him with kisses. Jane shuddered when hot lips son clung to her ass.
- Now You work the tongue, son. Lick my tongue! Lick, lick it! Ahh! Michael, this is wonderful! Your language is so hot and humid! Go on, go on, son! Lick me!
Michael Lang slid by Jane crotch, grabbing the buttocks and licking the brown ring anus. Jane knew that the boy was delighted, feeling how her ass is velvety and soft under his tongue. She leaned even lower, resting his hands on his knees, and caved in at the waist, even more stuck her ass. The woman's body was filled with searing sense of fun, and it felt like the beginning of the hole of the anus to contract and relax, sending waves of pleasure. Unable to hold back, she began to moan louder, clutching his crotch to the hot tongue son. For a brief moment, Michael pressed the tip of the tongue to the ring taut her sphincter, and the mother cried out in intensified pleasure. He also began to moan with lust, and earned his tongue faster, alternately licking the anus and labia. Jane knew that on such a son could not even dream of. All of its first hidden treasures, which he probably dreamed of for a long time, have become available. The boy was in seventh heaven. Jane's knees weakened by sweeping her lust when his son became tongue alternately caress the pussy, the anus. She sank into a soft carpet on all fours, sticking out his ass even more. Michael pulled away from mother, enjoying the magnificent picture which opened before him. Over his shoulder spied Jane, as the son stared at her crotch, clearly seeing her puffy labia, and just above, light brown, tight ring anus. Michael sobbed convulsively and suspended their action.
- Well you! Go on, do not stop! Lick my ass, my son! I love it! Come on, shove it in your tab! It's so delicious! Lick! Come on! - Customized Jane's son.
Michael put his back to her ass and repeatedly licking wet cunt began to process the language tight hole just above. Mother again zavraschala ass. Sweet ecstasy started to grow when she again felt the language was the son of her gimlet contracting the anus.
After three or four minutes the mother wanted more. She stood up and by going into another room, took the cream. Michael ridiculous kneeling with protruding member. Jane habitual movements abundantly smeared his anus and, once again standing on all fours in front of her son, commanded:
- In the ass! - And a hand stretched back, put his head to the upper opening. - I want your cock in my ass! Tuck quickly. Stick me in the ass! Come on!
- In the ass? - Michael asked in surprise.
- Yes Yes!
Michael was shocked, but most did not ask questions. He pressed his head swollen to taut anus mother and pressed forward, and his mother leaned back.
- Mom! And he did not intermeddle - bitterly said Michael.
Jane pressed with a force opening of the anus to the penis son.
- Presses harder! Stronger! He will go down. Do not be afraid, do not hurt me ... I love it when I stick in the ass ... I love it when I fuck there. Pull! .. Strong! .. Now he proskolzn¸t! .. Oohh !!!
The head member, overcoming the instinctive contraction of the sphincter muscles, slowly spread her tight hole anus and slipped into the velvet depths of the rectum. Son froze, afraid to move, the whole body soaking him surging wave of unusually pleasant and sweet sensations. Mother and she froze in his position, feeling clearly that it took back a member's son.
- Oh, Mama! - Michael whispered admiringly. - Your ass is so tight and smooth inside. God, how beautiful it is: a member feel there!
- Begin, baby! - Jane said in response, d¸rnuv hips. She could not wait to big dick son began to torment her ass.
- Move a member. Begin to fuck me just as fucked me in the pussy. You'll love it. You will love to fuck me in the ass, as well as in pussy. Fuck me, darling! Fuck your mom good in her tight ass. I love when hard dick pierces me there. First, a little hurt, but it's a sweet pain. Well, fuck back! Do not be afraid! I'm fine. I want you to come to me in the ass. I fill it with hot sperm! - Without stopping the mother said.
Michael pushed a member of the full length, and at first cautiously and then more confidently began to pull ass mother. His balls strike the pussy and cock gripped tight sphincter muscles, glided in a warm and gentle depth of my mother's ass. Michael incensed and moved his hips harder. Once again, the sweetness began to boil in the abdomen and spreads throughout the body of Jane. The orgasm was close.
- Come on, son! - Encourage the mother to son. - Fuck me! Stronger! Stronger shoves, with me nothing will happen. Pierced my ass! Plug the entire depth - she cried, still moving forward movements ass son.
Turning her head, Jane saw the son, fascinated watching his dick disappears and appears in her ass. This increased the pleasure he felt, feeling the movement of the member in the rectum, which is soft velvet glove tightly enveloped him. Jane has no control over himself - moaned and begged his son to thrust deeper and deeper into it. Suddenly she began to violently finish. Orgasm was very strong, and his mother, continuing to backward podmahivat son in a fit of coasting on her spasm, just screaming:
- Son, come on! Stronger! Deeper! Ohhh! I'll finish again! Fuck me, dear! Fuck! Ohhh! What's your...! How sweet. I love your ass ... Your mom wants your cum in the ass. Cum in me baby! Later, right there ... right in the ass! Oh-oh-oh-oh! It is so sweet! I'll finish! Bother, my son! Make mom cum again long and sweet! Come on! Deeper! Yet! Yet! Like this! Well done! I love your dick in my ass. Fuck her seductive mother. Like this! So!
The second orgasm again tugged Jane, and she convulsively breathing, continued:
- I'm coming! I'm coming back !!! Feel? !! Do you feel like I'm coming? !! Stronger! Stronger and faster. A-aah! I ... to-to-VLF-ah-ah-ah-th-th-th!
Her anus shrunk so much that the move was the son of a member of the absolutely impossible. It lasted a moment, and then relax the sphincter and women has shrunk again.
- Oh, Mama! - Michael groaned, pounding dick as deep as possible, clinging to the mother's abdomen elastic buttocks. - I'm konchuuuu!
- Come on! - Cried the mother. - Later I was there. Stop! Shoot your cum in my ass! I like it!!! Get down! Get down to me! Fill Mamochkin tight ass hot cum !!! A-ah !!!
The mother turned her head and looked at her son when he was rolling his eyes from pleasure, was the shoot cum in her rectum. The woman squealed with delight, feeling the hot stream poured inside it. At the same time it shook the third orgasm, much stronger than the previous ones. Jane appeared exhausted with filial member who jumped out of her anus with a sucking sound. Turning to his son, Jane sat down on the carpet and looking at half-closed eyes of Michael, said:
- I liked it, dear?
- Yes mom! It's even better than I could have imagined - he smiled.
Mother and son began to kiss, and then Jane sent her son in the shower, happily thinking that now he will have all her holes!
Since then, life in the bunker, in spite of the complete isolation, has become a mother and son, filled with bright emotions. Michael was a tireless lover, affectionate and attentive. Critical days they do not interfere with Jane. Her mouth and ass made up for these few days in a month. Where only did not fuck this couple! Their imagination was inexhaustible. Especially Michael liked to fuck my mother, when they were both in the "suspended", holding a metal staircase leading upward from the hopper. Also I like to play with her mother in the hunter and prey, when his mother ran away and hid from Michael through the corridors of the bunker, and he caught up with her on the move tore off her nightgown and panties, and eager to possess it, hastily sticking your dick in my mother's coming from the holes. Time, which was previously in the hopper dragged on, casting an atmosphere of boredom, is now no longer the mother and son to make a difference. And after a few months, a happy sex life with her son, Jane began to hint to him that would be nice to think about the settling of the hopper and the "children dungeon" ... But it is, as they say, is another story.
- Oh! - I heard a groan Bears. He began to struggle.
- No! No you can not! Stop it, Mom! - Bear cried imploringly, trying to tear my head with his hands on his penis.
I like the greedy vampire, did not want to let him go, catching his mouth, completely lost control of himself.
- I can not stop !!. - I cried my teddy bear, pushing me. These words I was a little sobered. You can not? Why?
I looked up from a member's son and looked at him. Naked Bear standing in front of me, his face was wrinkled, as if he was making an effort to stay away from something. He hunched his shoulders slightly, and his right hand grabbed his penis.
- Mish ... what are you doing? - I asked. Bear growled, threw his head back, eyes closed. He quickly twitched cock masturbating. I watched in fascination at this. After three seconds, my son began to breathe heavily, and from his penis gushed molofi me straight to the eyes and nose. And I under this rain reached down and quickly fingered the clitoris with your fingers. When Bear poured on me all their supplies, he breathed the air and fell to the mat.
- I could not do it ... - he said quietly.
- Why? - I asked.
- Because the future of the sadhak has no right to knowingly spend their sexual energy. He must accumulate and turn it into spiritual energy, to worship matrix-yoni, to subordinate their energy Shakti, to go in to her bosom shining lotus Absolute! You prevented me do it! I perevozbudilsya and was forced to finish! - Bear cried in despair. He nearly wept.
- Listen ... you said that the seeker has to subordinate their energy Shakti?
- Yes!
- So, in other words, the adept must obey Shakti, to do what she wants?
- Yes…
- And I - Shakti in our stri-puja?
- Well yes! But why all these questions?
- Well, of course - that is, with my desires, then what just happened, very well if I Shakti, and you're as adept, must act in accordance with the wishes of Shakti! You have nothing to reproach myself! You on the contrary, should be commended, can you be proud of yourself!
- Like this? Why?
- Yes, because you have done something that I really liked! I, Shakti, I wish that you came on my face! - The words I said with a theatrical intonation, as an actress.
Bear paused and fell silent. After thinking, he said:
- Mom ... is this true? Do you really want me to come?
- Yes! - I said.
Bear beamed:
- Great! Shakti believes that I have done is pleasing to her act! So, then, I did not stumble? I will sadhaka and attain enlightenment? - Bear asked. "Wow! - I thought - this is something new! He had asked me! This is a good sign - it means, counting me Shakti or someone out there more, it gives value to my words, and will obey me! "
Then I flashed a sly and evil little thought. I could not resist asking:
- But tell me - Shakti adept must obey only when it comes to how to finish him or do not finish?
- To become a true sadhaka disciple should be completely dissolved in the Shakti! Will Shakti - the obligation for the adept! Desire Shakti - a joy for Adept! - Bear cried, and made me incomprehensible movement, touching his forehead hand, kissed her fingers and bowed to the floor.
- And ... what will? Are there any restrictions? And if you suddenly say Shakti kill someone? - I asked.
- Adept immediately should fulfill her wish! - Said Mishka, again making its movements. "Wow! - I thought - this is a serious piece of their worship of the matrix-yoni and Shakti ... So long before trouble ... But we will not bring trouble ... "- and here I flashed another vulgar little thought. Such a sweet, sweet, tempting, seductive little thought ... because if Bear so obedient to the will of Shakti, that is my will ... no, this can not be, that's me! On the other hand, if no one knows, and no one will know, why not ... no, I certainly understand that it is a sin, but ... but still it's better than if he goes to his friends, and they're he was forced to commit a crime, because we need Shakti ... but that's what I think - also a crime ... dammit! What should I do?! My yesterday's fantasies were so nice, and I, as it turns out, it is possible to bring them to reality ... I decided not to flog a fever and get away from all these mystical problems. Himself soothe and Bear too.
- Well, - I said Mishka - if at all today, let me go'll do household chores.
Again I went to the bathroom - now to wash off all these "marks the location of Shiva", painted bear on my body.
Immersed in the household chores, while I forgot about everything. But the next day, when the Bear again called me to make a ceremony, impure thoughts again returned. I was excited when already splashing in the bathtub. Coming out of it, I was going to throw a robe, and stood. What for? After all, my sonny will now again to undress me ... and maybe something else will come up with a new ... In addition, I must confess, I wanted to appear naked in front of the very son. Why - I do not know, but would like to. I poshl¸pala bare feet Mishkin in the room, shaking her tits, reflected with all its charms naked twice - in the mirror and wall mirror. I was naked in the apartment, and I'm excited, I felt like podnyvat starts in my groin.
Bear sat on his rug and made bows, reading mantras. I danced in front of him again, but this time invested in the dance a lot more imagination. I arched, showing his son the buttocks and all that is between them, shaking her breasts, protantsovyvaya by his son, passing touching the hand of his penis - and caught myself thinking that, if not being the mistress of his actions, as if I purposely try as much as possible to initiate a son although since I vowed to drive away thoughts and actions, which would razdraznivali us. Bear blinked and clapped his hands. Then he got up and joined my dance. He caught palms my breasts, tried to pull over a member of my buttocks, although I slipped. My head was spinning, one thought was sitting in it: "What am I doing ?! Stop! "But to stay had no strength, excitement overrode. Finally, Bear sat me on a chair, sat down and began to examine my languishing on the willingness pizdischu. Damn, and he could easily do so, as it may contain ?! I myself would give today to anyone! Once again, I marveled at how well their sect, they have been brainwashed to a rigid discipline taught. Bear staring at the pussy, pussy and everything flowed and flowed, burning and raging more and more. Finally, I could not stand it. Let him see that from that! He already still seen too many things that should not have a son to see his mother ...
I reached down and began to ruffle down the pubic and stroking his jaw. Bear, I noticed swallowed nervously - he jerked his Adam's apple ... With the other hand, I clenched left sisyu so that it left red marks. My condition has reached a limit, I felt dirty thoughts that arose in me that night, completely captured me. I felt that this moment will accomplish what is impossible to make a mother with her son ... In that moment, I remember, it was funny - you would think that it was up to the present time, you can make! You may think the mother allowed her son to show pussy! But if we have gone so far, what a difference now ... we hide it from everyone ... Mishka it will not hurt, I hope ... but to me it is absolutely necessary ... I no longer can tolerate!
I got up from his chair, took a step toward his son, stood over him, so that my crotch ended up close to his face.
- Shakti wants you to kiss her yoni! - Severe theatrical tone and I said, slightly parted thighs and just sat down, lowered my Mandu right on the face of his son. And then he felt a mouth Bears stuck to my pussy, treating her tongue and teeth gently.
- And .. Misha! ... - I cried softly. Then I pushed his head and pressed on his shoulders, trying to topple backwards. Bear knew my desire, and stretched out on the floor, on his back ul¸gshis. Choking with excitement, I knelt groaning, wheezing, lifted one thigh over her son, sat on him, arranging his hips between my knees. Mishkin member he wrapped somewhere beneath me, and I buttocks and anus felt the pulse in filial hot sausages.
I eagerly examined the young beautiful body of my son, his hands stroking his chest, abdomen overgrown hair. Bear too timidly touched the fingers of my nipples. In my head I bashed the idea: "Stop! Not too late! You've done a lot of nasty things, but the most disgusting has not happened yet! Pull yourself together - because you're going to have intercourse with his own child! "
Perhaps I could jump out of his son, to escape to his room, lock yourself out there, to fall on the bed and shove a pillow in his mouth. But I did not.
I got up, moved forward, took Mishkin penis and put it to my lips sticky lower, extending their burgundy swollen head. Slowly Fill my vagina for her son's cock! He entered me completely, the entire depth, to the ground. I sat close to Bear, and our pubic hair mixed, tickling us.

That evening we sat with his wife at home and talked about our plans for the summer.

As for me, I am 28 years old, I am an engineer by profession, is already 2 years after graduation, opened their own businesses, I earn not bad money. At 23, I married the girl of my own university, at the time she was 18 years old. She was the most beautiful girl of the University, and I can not help but pay attention to it. Growth of about 175cm, a third the size of breasts, firm ass, beautiful facial features. In general, the modest beauty. She did not admit to himself too closely. All my friends and acquaintances wondered how I managed to fall in love with her himself. Before the wedding we provstrechalis 3 months, but she never let a me close to his body - a maximum of a kiss on the neck. Then - then I realized that she had never had a boy and her strict moral principles - sex only after marriage.

On my proposal hands and hearts Katya agreed immediately. Our wedding was the best in the whole world. After all the guests hurried home, we also went to our family house. From the very first day of our acquaintance imagined this night, how can I take possession of my love, I'll gently caress it, and then be able to penetrate into the most cherished and no unseen areas of her body.
And here it is in front of me in the shorts snow white and the same bra. I look around her gentle and concerned look, take off all your clothes off his gently put her on the bed. I began to caress her start with the ears and ending with its most secret place. She moans under my kisses, something gentle murmurs, asking not to stop me and says how much and dearly loves me. Her pussy already wet, my dick is already a long time, waiting for it to start up the hole. Then I begin to immerse it in a secret place has my wife. She squirms beneath me, it hurt, but I try to do everything as slowly and carefully as possible, while accompanying their actions with kisses. Here I feel that my combat unit did their job and broke the barrier. I'm starting to potrahivat his little wife with a more rapid pace. I have not heard a cry of pain, but only a gentle postanyvanie. I understand that I can not longer hold and will soon be over, then I start to fuck his faithful with the highest speed and finish it, she does it with me. Then we lay exhausted on the bed without a word and proraniv not fall asleep.

Our sex life throughout the marriage lasted well and flourishing day by day. My wife and I did not hesitate to each other, every day trying to uncover something new. We even sometimes in the evening, were re-read the Kama Sutra and were both tired at work in the morning. I, frankly, do not even think about how to make a mistress, and why? - as a matter of fact.

My Katyusha works in a travel agency. Sometimes she sits up to work late. I never betrayed any special significance, as it was convinced that she was the most faithful wife in the world. Yes, and I myself often would sit in the office until late at night. And Katya never came home from work tired she was always a great mood. She cooked me a delicious dinner, we talked about everything, then continued to love each other in bed. My wife has never denied me. But today, discussing our upcoming vacation, the wife is not tracked his tongue uttered a lot of unnecessary phrases and then I realized that my true not so already and loyal and a real whore. But this I will tell you already in his next story.
Psychiatrists, psychotherapists and other professionals working in the sphere of the human brain, it is not recommended to read ...
The characters are fictitious, any coincidence is considered accidental. (Or not?)

Well, here's a story, ladies and gentlemen! On your court. After wandering through the expanses of the Internet, I have been reading such nonsense there ... Well, in fact, rare to find a decent porn story from which the inside you have got a real wave of desire and passion, and if you want - lust. At one time, when I was studying one of the directions of Taoism, the Internet was just gaining momentum, but even then it was difficult to find a truly masterful storytelling. Well the truth, because they write nonsense, quite simply nonsense, for that is ridiculous, and from which starts vomiting. And the style? And my teacher showed me such here, so to speak, and told tales porn - see? This is an example of how not to write. Do their job properly or do not do it at all. After you read a huge audience. And then it will spit. I am not in any way do not want anyone to discuss in this field and to offend anyone's feelings. Who else knows - that and express their thoughts. Maybe I can see everything from the belltower. You ask - and why the heck read and spoil the eye? There are lots of video, look all you like, but a secret to say that the video does not reflect the profound experiences lurking thoughts and unrealized desires that every person, and unrealized sexual desire leads to deprescii. And only then, when a person fully realizes it, at least one partner, even with several at the same time, gets really deep satisfaction and vitality. Enough idle chatter. Let's start. I warn you once - it does not guide to action. And the taste and color of all the markers are different. If you want - masturbate!
Well, wow, he warned. In the morning I was bad ... had a headache, was sick and wanted cold water. And I have lain all day in bed. By night, I felt much better and was going to bed. Let down your long hair, I turned on the nightlight. Was rising full moon lit up the room and bluish soft light. I remembered yesterday's guests - Lyudka and earrings, which saw yesterday. We were good, we had fun, but at some point it all went wrong. Sergei began to pester me and say all sorts of nasty things, just nasty! A Lyudka sat and laughed. I'm fired up, shouted at them and kicked them both. They were offended and went back home, but Luda threatened, that everything is remembered and always take revenge. She was pretty drunk and I did not attach any importance to this, out of my head and went to bed.
From the window streamed the soft moonlight and I stood and looked at the complete bottom-up drive. Suddenly a knock at the door. I turned and went to see who it is at night. On the threshold stood my yesterday's guest, and in silence, without saying hello, pushed me inside. She came not Razuvious and told me straight in the eye:
- Yesterday remember? I do not forget how I made all the brains? And I have already figured out how to teach a lesson to you.
Naturally, I began to resent her and tried to show the door. But she grabbed me by the shoulder and dragged inside in the middle of the room.
- Well, friend, you angered me completely, yet what you are stupid and stubborn - or to support the company, no fun - I decided to punish you, and do not you dare to organize a brawl.
She came closer to me. I realized - she was not kidding.
I was taken aback. Her brazen behavior angered me deeply. This is how to take, to break into the house and begin to be rude to the threshold.
In fact, we were friends for over a year and going frequently. Luda and I, we both were divorced, but she had a son and I at first thought that they were husband and wife. Subsequently, this was not so. We often gathered in the evening, there were noisy companies sometimes drank, and it brightened my lonely evenings. Luda did not like to talk about myself, but I knew that she lived for many years in India and studied some areas of yoga and martial arts.
And now she was standing in front of me and stared defiantly in the eye. I knew that she was stronger than me, and if my chances were slim resistance.
- My Seryoga suggested simply ignore you and do not even say hello. Like let cold spinster remains all alone, but he did not understand. And you brainless fool, too, do not understand anything, and relies duram and remain one for life. Well, nothing, now all will understand, then still say thank you.
She threw the purse and the car keys on the couch and stared at me, looking round, not maliciously, but somehow ... staring shamelessly, how guys look at immoral street girls, well, just undressing eyes!
I have long noticed that in the past she often looked at me oddly and for a long time, looked narrowly something, and served some signs, it was not clear to me, and at times felt uncomfortable. And now she was standing in front of me and looked at me with a lust and down - as a look at the bottom. And suddenly I felt a slight
touch at right between the legs. It's her hand gently lowered my thin tights. From anger I even lost the power of speech, his mouth wide open. What it generally allows itself?
And then in my head the whole kaleidoscope began to take shape in a single picture. I understood everything - she looked narrowly to me - and outstretched hand, as if to say goodbye, but it looks like for a kiss, and these seemingly casual touch to the face and a friendly kiss on the cheek, but painfully some strange. And one day, as if by accident, she dropped her fork on the table right at my feet, I was sitting just in front and bent down to pick up, and already under the table, when I found the plug, she stepped heel on my hand, with the fingers of the second leg in unbuttoned sandals touched my face. I remember, I looked up and said to himself, and that skirt she chur short, and pants too thin. Under the table that has not been seen and it looked like a pure accident, she later apologized for a long time, saying that it is time to wear glasses, and I did not attach any importance to this. And indeed a fool. Perhaps she hoped to reciprocate with my hand, I thought that I finally understand that she likes me, and not just like me. Now it has come to the conclusion that reciprocal steps, I did not do, and began to operate itself.
Devil was good in his thirty-seven and I envied her. Sports figure, straight back, an oval face without wrinkles, absolutely flat belly, bright eyes panther before the jump. Short skirt and slender legs with heels. I know that she has a good and flexible figure, but I spoiled stout legs. Or did not spoil? I realized that she Domino, excellence has now been written on her face and that she was looking for a submissive slave and a slave had to be more to do. I threw myself on someone else's hands, and there also received a blow on the cheek biting his palm. Without giving me time to recover, merzavka again returned his hand on my tights on a former place. Second, it brought it for the next slap in the case of my resistance.
Actually, I'm not weak, long involved in sports, and not the old - and even thirty, then there probably would be able to fight back, but ... somehow impeded. Soft stroking continued, and somewhere in the deepest recesses of my being awake unprecedented power of happiness, which I did not even know. I stood silent, his head bowed submissively. My ekzekutorsha knew what she was doing, her hand slipped between my legs, and at some point penetrated under tights and I felt like a soft, slightly damp with sweat fingertips confidently lay me right on the labia.
This is a blatant shameless behavior must have caused a defensive reaction. For example, slapped a slap in return. But the reaction for some reason was not protective. From this boorish and obscene touch me rose by an unprecedented power of bliss and all over his body ran wave of exhilaration. Other people's fingers continued to rest on my pussy, they did not move, but are not excluded. And from this again a new wave of tight voluptuous languor slowly covered me with his head. To say that I was pleased - this is to say nothing. Desire and the bliss of the new powerful jets with increasing force enveloped me over and over again, I have not the strength to lift a hand and felt that I was losing the will to resist.
And then what will happen? - Flashed the thought. If you give in, it will fuck me every day, and when he wants to do and will keep on a short leash.
I did not know what to do. Having collected the remains of the will in a fist, I slowly took her hand again. The second slap in the face not long in coming. Not very strong, but hl¸stkaya it burned my face again. And ... for some reason, from this I felt a new surge of pleasure. From slap! Such feelings I have ever had. Never. For all my life I slept with several men and have tried various options, but the relationship was completely different, and this feeling was new and much sharper. To date, with women I did not have any sexual relations and people who enjoy the humiliation of partner I considered abnormal, but now I began to rape experienced slag, and that the most unfortunate, I liked it. She spent training slowly and expertly. Negodyayka again brazenly ran a hand under my tights and touched two fingers at the same place, her movement was clear and unhurried. And treacherous excitement broke out again with renewed vigor, and I realized that I totally paralyzed.
Yet human nature - what a strange thing. Here you live, you live, and it turns out that fully myself do not know anything. That's it, and become slaves and masters, and every choice, by and large, does itself. And I realized at that moment made him. Resistance Remains volatilized and I no longer wanted to have my tormentor cleaned your hands off me. As everything goes after - I was already still. Let it be what will be, if only this bliss never end!
- No more - the last time I prayed - Luda, do not!
But she did not think to stop. She brazenly staring me straight in the eyes and smiled lasciviously. And in the moonlight her face took on a devilish features of unearthly beauty.
- No need to - she said - let it be punishment for yesterday, but I promise you'll like it. You'll do whatever I want and you have no idea what I'm going to give you, but for now relax and enjoy, everything will be in order.
With these words the woman's hand slipped deeper and have all fingers tightly hugged my private parts. I felt and the fingers and palm, and it brings me pleasure. Bright and deep. Now I was at the mercy of his mistress and waited. I waited.
After standing for a few seconds without moving, she put her foot on the seat of standing on the side of my chair, leaning her to my hip, the fingers of one hand on the pussy and slowly began to move rhythmically, methodically stroking, the other hand that beat me, she raised it to my lips. For slave kiss. A blissful languor powerful waves engulf me with every movement of her fingers, and I completely lost my head. I put my hand on top of her between her legs, pressing her tighter and began to move forward. Second hand I embraced her in the leg, standing on a chair and touched podnes¸nnoy to my face hand lips and tongue tip.
- Do you like it - softly said Luda - I was not mistaken in you, you're excited.
- Do you imagine you can not - honestly I whispered back.
- Now you belong to me - said nasilnitsa - now I fuck you and you will be my woman, I will rule over you.
She spoke in a tone as if I became for her a certain thing, just a whore, a doormat. But the way it was! And these words it excites me. And her voice. Voiced and overbearing.
A shame! Absolute and total! But I was already still. I was in the grip of sizzling devilish fire burns through sweet, somewhere inside the remains of my mind screaming - enough, stop this nightmare, you can still stop all but treacherous body demanded - Yes! Let's! Fingers persistently and tenderly moved, caressing and stimulating me and I gratefully replied. I fervently kissed one of her hands and hugging each, tightly clutching her to him between the legs. Second hand I stroked her leg, standing on a chair. slag then removed his hand from my face and pulled on my bra. She gently with two fingers took hold of the nipple and began twisting it gently, and then gently put her hand the entire breast entirely. I arched forward, it was easier to me to touch. Luda was smiling contentedly. Definitely she liked and everything was going as it is conceived. Approached his face to mine, she gently touched his lips to mine and kiss burned. My whole body trembled with renewed vigor. Her tongue penetrated me through the lips. He moved and fluttered in the back of my mouth, and I found him and replied, stroking her hand behind her neck.
Slowly pulling back, she asked quietly:
- Do you like me?
- Yes - I replied, not daring to contradict.
- Do you love me?
- Yes - I replied, not daring to lie to her.
- Do you want me?
- Yes - I answered, because, sees the devil, I wanted her madly and passionately.
These issues could no longer ask, but would like to slag it was said aloud me to again emphasize their superiority.
That's it, I admit ... but damn! Parazitka not just clung to me. She subtly played on my perverse desires and skillfully touched the strings of my soul. She let go of his hands and strictly ordered:
- On knees!
I dutifully sat down in front of her on both knees and looked under her skirt. It turns out that she was not in tights and stockings and panties on it was not at all. It is prepared in advance, so as not to make distracting gestures. For some reason, it aroused me even more and I instinctively moved closer and opened her mouth. Above me, blossomed gentle bud of her neatly shaved pussy and sweet languor pierced me again. With one hand, Ms took my long hair, I rasplela before bedtime, and clocked them on the wrist, the other gently cupped her breast, and then pulled my head to his right under her skirt between her legs. Now, her dignity was located in one centimeter from my parted lips and humiliation was about it was to take place.
All. Training is over and time is up. Now I'm a whore and a submissive slave and nothing can not be changed. Unless in the next.
For a few seconds nothing happened, then the hand that held my hair pressed my face to the genital slit. My lips and tongue met with wet and excited clitoris and lightning passionate fire cramp shot through my whole body. No longer holding back, I moaned.
That's it. It happened. And it is good or bad, and what it looks like, by and large, it does not matter. Maybe, somewhere deep down, I thought, and there were to get it, but I was driving, but some thought can be read on his face, and experienced Luda read and understand all of them. Probably a long time. Just waited patiently for the right moment, and this is by staging a fight, she got a reason to take revenge with the aim to buy a slave, who now performs all of her sexual whims. Well, Well, life and sexual experience was on her side, to see did not lose time in vain, and about their lesbian, sadistic campaign she knew from childhood and satisfy them more than once. She looked much younger than his age and looked sexy, probably during the specific preparation of a secret and ancient teachings, carefully preserved since the matriarchal Indian teachers have not been for her gift, she wanted to subjugate, and liked it not all, as in life, and in sex. But she had a secret knowledge and knew how to distinguish from the crowd of who she wants. In life, there are different people and inclinations are different, and no one knows what the other in the head, but on the subtle detail in the behavior, you can define which group is this or that person, just need to be able to do this, and then get from it everything that you want. In order to break the will of another person, in fact, much is required. It is only necessary to guess the secret of his desire, and to implement them in practice. So, there I was, to me it looked closer on the horizon, her life and realized that I was just what she needed. And this performance she arranged for himself and then to check, as disclosed my true essence, what I'm in, how I bear all the phases of the sexual act, my response and how much I've had enough. And so, for me, everything is just beginning, began a new life, and now I'm in front of my new mistress to take the exam for this life.
I was on her knees, her clitoris was in my mouth, and tongue caressed labia. As if guessing my thoughts, she said:
- So you can take me to, Now check out how you love. Do not lose face, and show the beautiful sex. If there is something not to make - it will be punished. Home I like, but you still need to train.
Her words aroused me, and she knew it. She enjoyed her power, and I enjoy the full submission. That new feeling, which is now raging in me, it was the first time and nothing sharper than I had never experienced. Even if I cut with a knife or burned iron, then the pain would have been less of this feeling.
I hugged her waist with one hand, put a second between her legs, and through parted fingers pressed tightly against the damp flesh, methodically stroking tongue swollen clit and opening and closing its mouth. Her crotch swell and I continued, still tightly clutching to her. My lover took her hand off my chest and put it over my between his legs. Second hand tightly holding my hair started to move my head back and forth movements towards her clitoris. I caressed her lips and tongue the fingers of her hand, and they stroked my cheek. Ah's, a powerful new wave of passion, viscous and sizzling! I groaned again and slowly at first, but gradually accelerating and increasing the scope, began to move his body back and forth, still clenching his lips and tongue working. In the mouth it is constantly dripping grease, which I accepted gratefully. I held his partner's waist and the other hand resting between her legs and pushed sex gap for a freer and deeper penetration. I took for myself uncomfortable position, bent back a little to make it easier to substitute nasilnitse under me their intimate place and move again and again. She moved quite a bit, and I was forced to move in the gym. She enjoyed. She fucked and fed me as a last whore, and I wanted to and wanted to continue. C excitement and trepidation that I waited for it to finish last in me. From the awkward kneeling and unusual load I was very tired, but the pace did not dare slow down. My mistress is accelerated, then slowed down a little bit, but not in a hurry to finish, pulling the most pleasant for later. She was excited by all the stronger with each new caress my deep and languidly moaned. Now she received from me what she wanted for so long.
Suddenly, my lady stopped and pushed my head away, lifting her up. I continued to kneel. She let go of my hair and they are in the light of the moon flowing streams crumbled down. I looked at it from the bottom up. The person my have been focused and at the same time, burning with shame and passion overwhelms me. I wonder what I would have felt, if looked at myself at this moment. Commercials couple of days ago. Disheveled, half-naked, with unbuttoned shirt, strapped down with a bra and tights. Whore! Moreover, the most inveterate! He dropped to his knees Banged whore and slut.
Once again, the shame and the shame, shame!
But my mistress looked at me with genuine admiration:
- How good are you now, you're so excited ... You're so beautiful. You have no idea how I want you, I have long been in love with you. I'll give you what you have not dreamed of even in the hottest of delirium.
She was breathing heavily, almost as much as I do. I'll be damned, but she admitted to me in love!
Pretty business. It is unlikely that someone had to listen to such things on his knees. But I was shocked. Excitation wave again spread through my body, and perhaps this is reflected in my face. She admired me, pulling back slightly back. After standing a moment, she moved forward. Tsoknuv heels, slender legs went around the side of me and the hostess sat down on a chair by deploying me to her and pushing her knees apart. She put her arms around my neck with one hand and is already familiar with the other hand cupped my breast.
- Cant! - She commanded, and I felt the back of her hand pressed on my neck, pulling me down between her legs.
Generally amazing! I'm in my thoughts did not allow that this happens is with me. But it has already happened, and from that understanding bliss flames devoured me whole. And I like to see it did not end. And let the whole world know about me and spit in my direction. Now I do not care.
His head pounded with a hammer. Before his eyes swam red circles and my partner again attracted me to him and hugged tightly to the flesh has become desirable. Once again, I earned a brisk language, all strongly pressing his lips between his legs. I hugged her hips and she threw her legs on my back. Smooth and free, she began to move, pulling me to him. My lips and caressed my tongue fluttered by finding all the hidden new pits and hollows, and worked tirelessly, and she sat back and moaned loudly.
To say that I was good at this moment - this is to say nothing. Saying that good, great, wonderful? It's not the words. There are no words! I answered each of her touch and move forward as far as possible to my body. I have not experienced anything like this until now. Even no comparison. She moaned louder and louder, and at the height of the next groan over her body spasm passed and I felt like something splashed me deep in my mouth. And at this moment in my head exploded stars and the entire universe is my body pierced lightning from around the world. I finished! And she came! And we did it together. Like this! And this orgasm I still did not have, and let me jealous, or throw stones, I became happy and breathless, I slid to the floor.
Do not know how long I lay half asleep, but he opened his eyes, I saw a face before Luda, she leaned over me, sitting down on one knee. She was in my own way stroked my cheek, and her pretty face was on my, still bend over, taking my hand, she gently kissed me on the lips. Faced with her tongue, I realized that more does not belong. Well, so be it. I hugged her, and from the newly surging Bliss closed her eyes ...
It began the dawn. Next to me was empty. I brought myself up, straightened clothes and looked at herself in the mirror. A person as a person, a figure like figure. Do I have all dreamed? Or I went crazy from loneliness? I walked around the room and found a note on the table. In carefully torn from a notepad sheet smooth feminine handwriting was written: "Get ready and wait. I will come back in the evening and one. I love you, "and at the bottom was the signature" .L ". And I was again seized thrilling excitement. So it's not gone, so it was real and it was the same, today. Lady comes, I know and understand - I love her too. I pressed my lips to her the note and prepared to wait for the night. I waited. I knew it would come, and once again we caress his soft light - the full moon ...

- What I'm going to tell you, of course, you will find it impossible. But to prove the possibility of the impossible I would not be difficult ... Yes, it's - you ask - what kind of a blue bird caught our grandfather that helped him? In his sea voyage Kaspar circled the globe, but luck found on the islands of the Tuamotu. It is, of course, initiated me into his secret, when I became an adult, to speak frankly with me. Well, I'm just going to read you a diary of his grandfather, which he did after a stay at the Tuamotu, and then much later ...
Baron Shtiltsgeym, going to the cupboard, opened the door and took out a pile of yellowed sheet, stapled yellowed same coarse thread. Expanding the sheets laid on the spot, the Baron began to read:
- "... The natives living on the island are many curious and incomprehensible for European customs. Today I witnessed a very interesting ceremony, which the islanders make semi-wild once in three years. Our sailed to another island in the Tuamotu, where our camp, and I specifically stayed to participate in the ritual. It's funny, but I have to be proud of - the natives in any did not want to hold a ceremony at the Europeans, but for me they made an exception. What I saw today and what faced, hit me ... Early in the morning on the island it was a holiday, the natives lit bonfires and danced around them. And in the afternoon I began the ritual ... "- father paused and looked at the family, as if to make sure - if they are willing to find out what he was going to announce ...
- Come on, papa, - do not wait! .. - Sophie exclaimed impatiently. Shtiltsgeym continued to read:
- "... In the center of the settlement there is a huge trodden field, being a place of tribal meetings. As she got to the edge almost the whole tribe. I noticed how beautiful here today, unlike other days - the whole field was strewn with flowers. In the center stood a bowl carved from the stump of a huge tree. To her left tribal chief, and he said something out loud. After that sounded wild sounds - for them it is "music", and they removed it, blowing in the trunks of trees, of which the core is removed. Then, from the natives, in a variety of crowding around, began to separate and leave the clearing of men and women. They went out in pairs, holding hands. I noticed that in the first few pairs of women much older men. At first I did not attach much importance to this fact, but, the more steam escapes, the more clearly I saw that it was not a coincidence, in a similar distribution was obviously some kind of system, some kind of plan. Among leaving I saw a familiar, Ngala Anzi - a woman about forty years old, and her son of twenty years. I knew their families, because when I had dengue fever, brought me and nursed in their hut. I also noticed another pair consisting of a mother and son - with these I did not know, but he knew that they, mother and son, as they lived nearby and I have seen them often. I said out loud that he would not be surprised if all the couples here were from mothers and their sons, especially when you consider the obvious difference in age. What native, who was standing next to me and a former translator, he said: "That's right." "Why Why so? - I said, and joked - or they are going together to nurse her, has grown and grown up children "The native translator answered my question in the affirmative, and with full seriousness, leading me into utter confusion?. I felt that something was misunderstood: the fact that the vocabulary in the language of the natives is very small, and it happens that the same word signifies several completely different concepts. I decided that in this case, this is so because in their language the word "nurse" has two meanings, one of which is obscene and erotic. I continued to follow the ceremony. By the chief of the tribe, who was standing in the middle of the field, brought some woman sixty years. At this point, the natives raised their spears and wail - it was probably some kind of ritual cry. "What are they shouting?" - I asked. "Glory to the mother of the leader!" - Translator nodded to an elderly woman. She, meanwhile, launched a belt, and a long skirt of leaves fell from it. Then she threw off something like a short sleeveless vest, which have tuzemok covers the upper part of the body. And remained in the buff in front of a bunch of fellow! Nudity natives is not shameful to the same extent as that of the Europeans, but still bare in broad daylight, in front of a bunch of people, and someone - a mother of the leader! "Why did she do it?" - I asked the interpreter. "Look, you'll see," - was his answer. I was surprised. But the surprise did not stop me to note that the mother of the leader, despite his age, physically quite seductive - heavy breasts, a plump ass. Meanwhile, as if in obedience to a signal given by this old harlot, all that came to a clearing couple also became naked ... "
- Oh, father! It's so unexpected and entertaining ... my baby .. even become agitated - enthusiastically broke Sophie's father. Her eyes sparkled, and his right hand, sandwiched between his legs, rubbing her crotch through dress.
- Yes ... entertaining ... just what a relationship is to us, and the conversation on family well-being? - I put Franz.
- The most immediate - Baroness son nodded. - Very soon you'll understand. Go on, dear! - She turned to her husband. Mr. Shtiltsgeym continued:
- "... Then it began to happen something highly immoral and unnatural in terms of European. The leader, throwing off the cloak of panther skins, and a loincloth of leaves, with his shameless mother lay down in the middle of the clearing, and ... they started to mate! By their example, all published couples attending next round, too, surrendered himself obscene fornication! Imagine the picture - the vast, sunlit meadow framed guschey verdant tropical shrubs and trees, a lot of completely naked tuzemok incestuous sin with their loved sons! From everywhere came the lustful groaning and snuffling. Some, not in the least embarrassed, kissed each other shame, others fuck in various poses, unimaginable for a representative of the Old World, and others joined together by three or four, and it was that kakaya-nibud mother taking her son's genital organ into his anus, simultaneously sucked the phallus of another young man, a son, a native mummy lying, jumping on him, was forced to lick pitcher More lust in someone else, sitting on his face ... "
- My God! I'll go crazy! - Rubbing her crotch through the fabric, Sophie moaned. - You know, I too have read Breyma that tribes from the Pacific Islands incest - is not uncommon ... France! - She got up and put her arms around his brother's neck. - Mama, Papa! Let pobumsiruemsya now! I'm so excited, listening to papa ...
- You again with their epithets? - Mother frowned.
- Interestingly, of course - he said visibly excited Franz, freeing from the clutches of the sisters. - But still I would like to listen to the end ... and understand ...
- To hell! I do not want to understand, I want to fuck! - Sophie said, and came to his father, prayed:
- Papa - well, actually, let's prerv¸msya on time! For these securities, - she nodded at the manuscript in the hands of his father, - was stored for decades. Nothing bad will happen if they lie down even for an hour, and then, when we're done - her voice was playful - we again continue reading ...
Sophie put forth his graceful pen and stroked his father's shoulder, then stood on tiptoe and kissed his cheek.
- Ty! You see, as a suck ... - ironically prisch¸lknula language Baroness, shaking her high hairdo in curls monograms.
- Yes! - Turning, defiantly said Sophie. - I - a woman, and I know how to deal with men ... - she stroked his father again - now on the cheek. Baron, heated drunk schnapps and spicy notes Dedov diary, flushed cheeks.
- Well, I think, Sophie rights - we can afford a little break ... - their pleasant baritone father said.
- What do you think? - Baroness asked her son, and podd¸rnula up her dress. Franz, still sprawled in his chair, looked at peeping lower short lace mother's skirt.
- I understand this argument is insufficient for you, - Baroness nodded and lifted her petticoat, fully exposing legs in black stockings, and the lower abdomen. Under the skirt of his mother was short fashionable, triangular pants of white satin, and because of their undulating edge of his groin extorted kucheryashki dark pubic hair. Smiling and looking away from her son, Baroness slightly arched back and at the same time took the waistband of his trousers. While she is contracted to their knees, Franz with pleasure caught sight heavy movement plump white thighs, and a flicker of dark furry triangle. Unbuttoned his pants, Franz freed and became a member of potiskivat it. Eleanor gracefully bent knees tight to the side and took off his trousers at all, at the same time dropping and shoes. Legs apart, she began to sort out between his fingers hol¸nymi sh¸rstku like harp strings.
- Like .. - she asked her son.

After that night, when my mother and I still have corrupted our relatives, my sister Lyudmila said that it is now possible for us to meet with the parents of my wife Olga. Now there was nothing to hide - all together pereeblis. Not just fucked my wife Olga with my dad, my father-Grigory Petrovich, and my sister Luda with the same.
- Well, we fix that - confidently declared sister.
After a week, we had agreed to arrange family gatherings, back home at Tiffany's, but now consciously planning group fucking. When the day of our "family unity", as my sister Luda, only her father in law and, Grigory Petrovich, had to wait for a long time. They both were loaded at work late, and the four of us - me, my mother, Vera t¸scha Timofeevna and my wife Olga - were sitting in the kitchen and were treated to tea.
- Yes, but ... who would have thought that everything will turn out well ... Now we do not have a house, a brothel of some sort - t¸scha sighed, sipping from a cup.
- Well, Ver, say you straight! "Brothel" ... - Mom shook her head.
- And what is wrong? My Grisha slept with you, and your son, not only do you with your daughters in bed services, so also with me, my wife's mother, climbed!
- But you like it?
- Well liked! But it is a sin ... in the eyes of the people are now ashamed to see!
- And you do not look. But people still do not know anything ... - Mom said calmly.
- Oh, damn, I am today ... How CURRENT introduce that here comes a folder with the work, and we with him ... - embarrassed my wife Olga said, putting his hand between her knees squeezed.
- But he may still not want your pipirku! - Jokingly said t¸scha daughter.
- Why is this?! - I snapped my wife, blushing.
- A say - a little more, and snotty to the folder to fuck! - T¸scha said, and we all laughed.
- Wow - "small"! Twenty-six years already - I said.
- Oh, okay ... While Luda Grigory Petrovich did not come, I will go to the shower ... - my mother said, getting up from the table. My wife Olga stayed in the kitchen to wash the dishes, and the mother-in we went to the room. I turned on the TV, and Vera Timofeevna lay down on the sofa. Looking at the screen for a minute, I decided to move closer to the mother-in.
- You can lie down next to you? - I murmured, climbing on the sofa.
- Try it, - said t¸scha. I lay down beside her and put his hand on her breast. I turned down the TV volume. From the bath came the noise and splash of water from the kitchen - the clink of dishes. And we with mother-indulged on the couch in the room.
Faith Timofeevna settled on the edge, and lay on her back, staring at the ceiling, motionless and silent, as if to something listening. And I, lying on her side, near a wall, searched the clothes through the body of my mother in law. She dutifully took my strokes. When I began to squeeze through her groin skirt, she moaned softly, then began to stir. Unbuttoned her blouse, she has released over the edge of blouses left breast, and a white tit, hesitate, softly blurred on the chest. I reached for her and puffing, began to gently lick around the pink nipple. T¸scha quietly sighed, rolling his eyes. I felt her hand fell on my neck, and her fingers began to touch her hair. Tiffany then hand pressed, trying to squeeze my face closer to her chest. I'm buried in the boob, biting her nipples and kissing aspirated around him.
- ! From so .. um-m ... yes, yes ... well ... my boy ... - t¸scha whispered, patting me on the head.
- ABOUT! They have already started ..! - There was a loud discontented voice. I raised my face from Teschin tits: in the doorway leading into the corridor, stood my wife Olga. Her face was slightly flushed, his eyebrows furrowed - for her, it was, of course, an unusual sight, because she had never seen, not in theoretical terms, talk or fantasies, but in fact her mother fondled so shameless intimate way with the husband of his own daughter. I grinned; Faith Timofeevna tried to cover her breasts and began to rise from the couch. But I threw it back:
- Yes lie!
My wife took some need odyozhku her from the chair back, standing next to the couch, whirled away. Throughout her mind was clear that she was agitated by what she saw me with her mother.
- Do not go! Where are you going! Let's join us! - Sarcastically, I said, jumping up from the couch and grabbed his wife's hand. She pulled her hand, and quickly buried in the other room. I went after her. His wife stood at the window, nervously touching himself under the chin. I playfully slapped her on the ass, she angrily waved.
- Well Che you? We agreed to everything ... Are you jealous or something? - I muttered, trying to hug his wife. She turned to me, put her arms around my neck and bit my lip kiss. Tearing himself away from me, she whispered:
- I was just not used to ... You never know what the ... Yes, that's - I am jealous!
- And you do not be jealous. And all you jealous later caught on - Well you because now you know that I am with you to the wedding itself is constantly changing with his mother and sister. And nothing!
- Well ... I somehow perceived differently ... I do not know how to explain ... and here ... my mom ... - wife broke off, shaking his head. At this time, I entered the room Vera Timofeevna:
- What - sorry hubby with her mother to share ?! - Fun squinting at her daughter, sarcastically exclaimed t¸scha. She has managed to remove the jacket completely unbutton her blouse, and in the recess heavily swayed hemispheres of her breasts elderly.
- And I can do that too spill boobs! - Dashingly he exclaimed Olga, and quickly pulling his shirt over his head, has got his hands behind his back, unbuttoning the black lace bra.
- Help my wife something, - I nodded t¸scha. I began to pick buckles, but nothing came of it, because our fingers with his wife faced, and we interfere with each other.
- Oh, you guys - nothing can not! Here, let me help - t¸scha said, coming back to her daughter. Finally, she unbuttoned her bra.
- Look, look, what pretty tits! - T¸scha said, picking up from the bottom and throwing in the palm of one of the strong milky white breasts daughter.
- Mom, why are you ... - I tried to wriggle out of Olya.
-And what? In the by, I love it! - A humorous edifying asked me Faith Timofeevna and not letting go of the daughter's sisyu palm, called me:
- On - the kiss! How are you my kiss on the couch - that's just ...
I walked over, bent his head and absorbed in the mouth the strained pink horn Olga's papilla. "Smack, Smack, Smack!" - A sweet spread through the room. I looked up - my face was the face of Tiffany. Leaning, like me, Vera Timofeevna other breast sucking his little daughter married adult.
- Come on, show me how you gratify my dochu! I want to evaluate - what her husband went ... - continuing joking menacingly demanded t¸scha. We laughed with Olga. My wife quickly got rid of the clothes, I do too. Olya, naked and Belotelov, having rested his hands in the edge of the bed, put his beautiful rounded back of, prognuv back, so that it was clearly visible smoothly shaved crotch and vertical brown gubochki "bow." I stood behind his wife, firmly took her by the hips and driven member in a warm burrow. With half a minute I was actively dryukal my young supruzhnitsu. Glancing to the side, I noted that t¸scha pretty excited spectacle fucked-in-law and daughter - Vera Timofeevna rosy face, and she was in some kind of crooked, tense posture, not taking his eyes off us and stroking his own chest. Wife, until podmahivat me backwards, suddenly slowed down his movements.
- Now let's mum! - Olya said.

In this story, I'll tell you a few stories that befell me a few years of my life.
But first, a little about yourself.

I'm 23 now. I'm in one of the prestigious universities of Moscow. Flooring my life began at 17, when I came to Moscow to act and failed the entrance test. To return back to the village I did not want, as the grandmother of the neighboring houses would begin to tell me what I am careless student.

Now I regret it a lot, and maybe a lot would change then, but now think about - it is too late.

So history ¹1.

Like I said, I failed the entrance exams, come back to the village - a shame. I had to lie, that I have acted, and even scholarship.

Accordingly, there is no money, no shelter, and I'm all alone in Moscow. On the first day decided to spend the night at the station, then go get somewhere to work.

On the way to the station I bought a local newspaper advertisement. And I found it suitable. On the job required a young girl to take care of the child. I called the number, the phone picked up a man with a pleasant voice, we agreed that the meeting will be held tomorrow, he gave me his address and said that all agree on the spot.

In the morning, I arrived at the address. In front of me seemed mansion, I rang the doorbell, it revealed to me a man of pleasant appearance. He introduced himself as Oleg. He looked about 25 years - 27. I was very surprised when in the house did not have any children. Oleg understood what was happening and began his story. It turned out that the child is himself, and I have to take care of him. Those. be his whore, for which he will pay me well, and I'm going to live in his house. If I want to get more money, I should just take care of and for his friends. At first I wanted to run away without looking back out of the house, but realized that there is no place to run and then another and output, how to stay and agree to this position I have. I stayed. Within a month I was working in the house, serving her master and his friends. They mocked me as they could, fucked in all holes, finishing on the whole body, in a month I quit and went on.

This story I heard from the lips of her boyfriend

You ask when I changed his young wife for the first time?

It was in our home. And it happened with her close friend. The wife was preparing materials for any exhibition, and she asked Ivan, my friend, feed me a few days while she is away. We must pay tribute to the IV, she really met me when I returned from work, cook me food, I ironed shirt, preparing it to me in the morning and then left. We were both amused this situation. But I was excited, and she has, and it soon became clear - not me alone.

When I came home on the third day, I. I met in the hallway. But the clothes she wore only one apron in which she prepared at the stove. So we encountered in the hallway - I, fully dressed in a suit and raincoat, and she - a beautiful tanned body, loose hair, naked, acutely standing chest apron.

We have for some time silently gazing into each other's eyes, the words had been said, everything was so clear. And then they began to kiss. I held her with one hand behind his shoulders, and the other raised his apron and put his hand right on her bosom. And gently squeezed, feeling like quivered and echoed her body. So we stood there for a while, hugging and kissing first frenzy. Then the two shaking hands unbuttoned me all the buttons, belt, kicking off with me all my clothes.

And right there, in the twilight hall when our bodies were completely naked, she turned back to me, bent over, resting his hands on the wall. And I entered her from behind, without any preparation, but it is, however, both of us were not necessary.

I. only moaned in time with my movements, and I bent down to kiss her back, cupping her bottom, touching his hands to his chest and the hips, and with the strength coming deeper and stronger, pushing her to him more and more.

I was beginning to drive up a long time such a mixture of excitement and eroticism, I just could not bear it. But Ivan did not survive the first - with a groan, she began to crawl up the wall to the floor, getting him on both knees, leaning forward and resting his head against the wall. I moved after her, going down lower and lower, and without stopping his movements. And when her vagina first start convulsively squeezed, as if to meet me - and I could not resist. Barely had time to pull out a member and began profusely to finish right on her hip, on the back. But judging by the way shaking with her body, she did seem to have not even noticed ...

RS The wife then tried to find out from me for a long time, why is it in the hallway new wallpaper torn in several places. I had to lie to her that drove on the TV repair, and so that's embarrassing caught in the wall.

I Believe ...
And so, as promised to continue the story in which he promised to tell you about what he learned that my beloved, faithful wife, is not that already true, as I have thought for the past 5 years.

Perhaps not everyone has had time to read my previous story, so I remember what it was about.

And so, I myself am not a native of a poor family. Now I am 28 years old. At 23 I married the most beautiful and modest girl University, where he studied. Her name is Katya. Before me, she had no sexual partners and did not know anything about sex. The first sex with her, we had, as expected in the old on their wedding night. After, we, along with my better half were trained in terms of sex which can only be used and the Kama Sutra, and coming up with new poses themselves. I was convinced that my wife to me with anybody does not change, even though it is often delayed at work, but it has always been insatiable in bed, and that's what gave me no cause for jealousy. I myself have often lingered in the office, but my mind was not even change his wife, for example, with his secretary.

So, on the day we were sitting with Katya and thought about our upcoming joint holiday. I put it just a huge amount of money, because my wife wanted to go on an unforgettable journey, and I certainly can not deny her this.

So, I am sitting on the couch and my wife says I can get a trip to Miami in the most expensive hotel for 14 days for very low cost. I am certainly interested. Miami, five-star hotel, breakfast, lunch and dinner - all inclusive, here also includes excursions and all this for very low price. I'm here and I ask your favorite at what price it will cost us everything, and when he heard the answer I was shocked, to say the least. He says:
- Not to us, and to me, just sucking my boss under the table at the meeting and its partners.

Then I came to a screeching halt, my little wife covered her mouth with his palm, and chuckled, clearly not understanding the situation occurring. She saw my condition and began to continue.

What do you think, my hubby? Have you been all day at work, you come home in the morning, fuck me, go to bed, and all this is repeated every day, and I this is totally inadequate. I want diversity, sex with the boss, with its partners, vacuum under the table at a meeting of a pretty a raise and a new feeling - that's what I need.

Then I noticed he started obviously excited. I did not understand what was happening to me. My wife is cheating on me and even did not hesitate telling me about it, and I sit side by side on the couch, listening to all this and still feel nehrenovy riser in the pants. And my wife at this time continues.

And you know, my favorite when I was the first time you changed? It took about six months from the time we were married. Do you remember the day when I went to get a job. I was then told that just because you can not get here, only if you possess such qualities as beauty and sexuality. Strictly speaking, all these qualities I possessed, but by going to the office of the chief, I realized that sexuality should not be hidden under clothing and should go to the boss. When he saw me, he just told me to undress, without leaving yourself no one thing. At first I wanted to run, but after some thought decided that you will not know about it, and hide your body does not need to be ashamed of me, because I have it in great shape.

Then I undressed for the first time in front of his boss. But this was not enough, he began to walk around me to check my ass and breasts on the elasticity - so he told me. At this time I began to feel the excitement and with every touch of the man it became stronger and stronger. My pussy is already flowed. The chief was also on the brink. He made me a cancer oblakativ hands on the table and abruptly entered into me. Words convey this sensation is impossible, for the first time I felt such a life. I changed you, and I knew every hair on your head, but it's more and more exciting to me.

With the boss we had finished at the same time. He pulled out his agrigat of me and said I was hired.
Here I can not help it, I thought my penis immediately explode in my pants, I quickly pulled off her clothes, and his wife and began to fuck her. We finished together. Since that day, my wife tells me every day of his adventures, and all we're running rough sex.
Hello. My name is Irina. I am now 19, but the story took place 9 years ago. When
I was in third grade.
I went out at night to have a drink of water and saw Dad fucks mom in the ass. They fucked on a chair ... .mama was back to me ... And I clearly saw as a member was a member of my mother's ass ... I took a comb and moistened with saliva inserted in the ass ... I was in a nightie, I removed it and left naked ... Dad saw that I see them and saw me raschestku thrust his ass ... Then his mother began to suck cock ... Dad all the time looking at me. I got scared and ran to her room.
On the morning of Pope pov¸z me to school.
We stopped at the public garages.
And Dad said,
-You liked what you saw last night?
I had the short form and a skirt ridden up, so that all of my beautiful legs were visible .Papa lifted the hem of even higher ...
I was wondering what I had seen and I otvetila-
Pope unbuttoned his pants and pulled out a member.
Come suck.
I bent down and took my father's cock in her mouth.
I saw mom sucks and tried very please the pope.
While I was sucking my father's dick, he pulled my uniform and put his two fingers at once to me in the ass ... then transplanted me into the backseat of the car, pulled up my legs, put his
a member of my ass and began to fuck quickly .I did not think it would hurt so much.
I closed my eyes in pain, but my father said I looked him in the eye.
I tried to watch.
Then dad pulled out a member of my ass and said that I had undressed.
I took shape at the top, swimsuit, shorts, tights and remained
completely naked.
Dad put me cancer and again put my dick in the ass.
Became much fucking .Opyat was very painful.
The Pope is very thick and long member, he introduced me to so deep and all hard and fast
I fucked and fucked my ass.
Dad still ask whether I like it and I said yes please.
After 10 minutes, Dad came inside me ..
He said he did not get dressed, eat to the country to another, and there still have sex. When we arrived,
there was my father's friend and they got one in his mouth, the other in the ass began to stretch .Some times have changed. That dad fucked me in the mouth, and his friend raped my ass, then vice versa. I stood naked with cancer, and they fucked me ... This is my first experience of this. Then another went to the country many times, where the pope, then with one another, the two I frankly just raped ... Now I'm married and I'm fine! Till!
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