This story I remember, as a telling example of the struggle for the guy in the women's team ...
For the past month, as I worked in a kindergarten in the kitchen. The work is not complicated burdensome duties, staff took me quietly - I was happy. It lacked only communication, as S., a senior chef, surprisingly did not differ all female feature - loquacity. Therefore, I am pleased dragged products and fulfill all of its orders "convergence - bring"To at least occasionally slip out of the realm of the kitchen ...
I need them standing at the bottom of the box, privalennaya others. And all were thoroughly hard. He forces her to pull me is clearly not enough. Already gathered to give it a hopeless occupation, the door suddenly opened, and in the dim light, I took up the logged Peter - new electrics, which invited the head of the garden as needed.
- Petrushka, help get - I said to him, bending down again to the box.
He slowly walked over and ... I felt his hips in the grip of his hands. I quickly stood up, but nothing she could not do: he firmly grabbed me and pulled her back to him.
- Let go, chertyaka! - I made one more attempt to escape, but he only laughed.
- Tugged a bit, rather razogreeshsya.
His voice was muffled, uneven breathing - I was engulfed in heat impotent rage. But all silent-desperate attempts to even turn around to face him, he clasped his hands, but all firmly pressed me to her. Feeling that the resistance of a hot his blood, I stopped struggling - hand vise immediately weakened.
- That's clever - he whispered almost inaudibly.
His left hand firmly holding my waist, and right on top of the dress clutched his chest. I could feel his whole body shortness of breath and a desire through every movement.
- Petro, leave me alone, I'm supposed to be with this box. I do not bring - so in fact do come here - I hissed furiously resisting.
- No shit do not come: I have another job for them tossed - he gasped, squeezing his chest stronger.
I distinctly felt the tremors grow in his pants, pushing into my ass. Suddenly I remembered how she asks giggled that it recently Peter waylaid in a closet at the housekeeper, lifted her skirt and "entertained" two hours after work. "A member of his, like a horse!" - I flashed her a proud phrase immediately commending trembling all over the body.
The phrase has been associated and lingering unconscious jealousy - that can be found in the dead lapwing with a draft between the legs, why stick to it guys? I ignored not remain, but after all of that almost every day some scratched knees, the handkerchief hickey on the neck covers, just sleeping all day fly crawls.
Imagine how Peter pushed his penis in her bony ass, I could not help relax under a hot wave washed over me. He instantly caught my weak motion and vise immediately disappeared. Both men lay hands on my breasts, caressing them through the thin fabric. I could not help his back increasingly fed toward pulsating Mount that with the power rested between my buttocks, transferring its heat.
One man's hand slid down, and then under the blouse again ran up. Bra was to pull off and fingers touched the nipple swelling. I put a hand on his arm, accompanying every movement. Our left hands caressed his chest, and the right to travel on the thigh, raking in the folds of her skirt and lifting it higher. Spinning at the hip, they're all closer approaching the mound between her legs ... Finally the wide palm covered him and began to gently stroke the top of her panties. According to the body again shiver, legs became cotton. I turned to Peter face and fell to the floor.
- Poor thing, how are you in distress suffer, - I whispered, fumbling fingers opening the zipper on his trousers.
The swollen member was obviously not placed in the trunks, pulling them forward ..
- You're my handsome, and why you so hidden away? - Belt at the heats and finally succumbed almost quivering body rested in my face. He has not yet received the haughty posture, but only stretched in length and swollen. Even the head was closed thin-skinned, but he does not fit in the palm of your hand, hot and trembling. In the other hand, I took two soft pouch, overhanging bushes of black that covered and the beginning of this gun. I am in awe imagined this thick, long, shaggy pole rushes between my legs, how intertwined our curls as entangled in these thickets of my clit ...
With each surge he grew more and more, revealing a head, which seemed about to burst from the blood flow. Once this beauty appeared, I pulled her foreskin, and then climbed to the same language, spending them on the rim around the pink tykalki. Then he pulled the skin to the top, revealing a head full and straining bridle. The tremors increased and tender swollen knob in front of. I reached for a member with both hands and put the head in her mouth, caressing it with his tongue. Member rushed deep into the impetus for a push, but I pulled it down and Peter was next to me.
Without releasing the hot stick out of his hand, I undid her bra and lifted up his jacket up, breast shrank in the face of Peter. One nipple he took his fingers, another appeared in his mouth, and his left hand, with his rear skirt, squeezing my buttocks. Member, I thought, still continued to grow and I masturbate him, running his hand along the entire length back and forth. The hand on my ass pants and slipped under spree at the crease, getting farther and farther away. I spread her legs and men's fingers immediately pushed buttocks, ran through the anus and become entangled in a thicket. Here they are smoothed out, that groped the clitoris, that pushed swollen lips.
- Wait a minute, all meshaet- and I stay only in a skirt, dropping the rest. While I drop clothes, Peter is doing the same operation, devouring me with her eyes. His cock sticking forward, hanging from side to side.
- Why not lifted her skirt?
- To tease you, - I laugh, standing in front of him. Stepping back a few ago, I begin the dance. I shake my hips and caress his chest. Then I start to spin, slowly lifting the edge of the skirt and bending stronger. I, I think, I know what men like; well, sticking perfectly indicator confirms this. By that time, when from under the edge of the skirt becomes visible black hair, he was almost sprinkles. And then I'm putting one foot on the shoulder of Peter, I curled underbelly to-face and lowered her skirt down. He clasps his hands my buttocks and pressed even stronger in the hot seat. I feel like he is looking lips clitoris and she help him. He gently bites the tender otrostochek, then the tongue is moved farther and finally finds my vagina. Again legs are cotton and I go down with him. Leaving him for petting her crotch, and she again pounced on a hot cock. I clench solid hands and mouth to put on it, imitating the vagina.
All the senses begin to merge together and in a daze realize that I pulled off the skirt, legs parted wider, clitoris fondled probably language, and vagina and anus have merged under the arms. His fingers excite the vaginal region and looking for another hole ...
It bounces back and forcefully pushes over and over again in my mouth huge dick. I come off for a second ... from this tool:
- Fuck me in the mouth! Yet! Yet...
Tremors in the mouth go a solid lineup in the cheek, then under the tongue, in the throat ... I have everything already burns between the legs ...
I pounced on the cock and my mouth hit the flow of seed - and then wave after wave of orgasm coming ... I'm lying, resting on his back and was surprised to suddenly feel that Peter again is attached at the rear. I raise my head and look how he spreads my legs and lifts them up. Member, he just shriveled and fallen again, sticking up and I feel a sinking like a huge wet head rests against my crotch, feeling a pass. Involuntarily Posted hips forward and now parted lips and I feel the heat of the first contact. He takes the cock in her hand and leads them along the creases ...
- Oh my pizdenochka lukewarm - I hear and stuck to the specified address is hot gun.
He is on his knees, lifting my ass up high, and we both look like a member of his hosts. That red head is close to the bush, rests on them. Here it slides down, pushing pink lips ... I felt the heat of the vagina and dived into it. For all gun pushed me inside, and I was moaning, I see how all the folds is screwed onto the unit by pulling the skin on it. I would like vulgarity and depravity of the mat.
- Pull me! Harder! Pierce his by a dick ... Oh what a nice prick you ... Ebni, ebni more ... O-oo ... Now wait a minute, I want myself ... ... by a pussy on your ride ... peg. ..
He lies on his back, and I'm getting over it and begin to slowly sit on dick sticking out. I am stretched further and further, and then just as slowly climb down until it seems the head. Then I stumble faster and begin to turn the hips. He grabs the breast, taking the nipple in his mouth, and his hands holding the buttocks. Our Movement are synchronized, and no longer, I pull on the hot ebalo and he shuruet me from below. Then I lifted ... I turn to him, without dismounting from a member of his back and suddenly ...
In the doorway stand two soldiers ... How much do they already are here - is unclear, but judging by the pants, well, they have there very closely. In short, the situation is very interesting and promising, as Peter of my ass does not see them. For a moment I feel horrible - I prefer a good group sex, not rape gang! But they were young and irresolute kind of encouraging and awakened in me sexual robber.
Seeing the soldiers stared in fascination at our fucking, I push the legs wider, so that they could see better my pussy on the penis, and then slowly pull off it. I lean back and pull back his wide-open beauty of the red stick. I demonstrate the top of bliss, taking dick in his hand and twirling it in his hole.
Legs boys rooted in surprise and revelation of what he saw on the floor, and they are still not yet realized where did they steer staring between my legs. I have to watch out for the initiative from the outset, smile higher and Manu it. The one on his stiff suits and then close without a single movement watches as I dumped out of his trousers and outward all farm pripadaet to the head. Member, he sticks out in full and only slightly shorter than the one smacking my bottom. But the head with a pronounced rim. As soon as she appears in my cheek, the soldier came to, I grabbed his head and began to poke his ass.
The second, lower, too, pulled his scratcher and stepped forward. She had become a master - not long, but the plump cucumber. I feel that the boys are not aggressive - I want them all! Oh, it will be good now! To them it was easier to me, not a tear with the term, turning to Peter ... leans on his chest and slide along the body, clinging to his clitoris thickets ... The first soldier, so clever, he immediately grabbed my hips and spreads the buttocks. ..
I put my palm on top, increasing its movement. And just at that moment Peter felt at last that he was not alone and he opened his eyes, he tried to stand up.
- Fuck myself - and I do not bother to fuck, push harder, - a hoarse whisper to me, compressing his log. Judging by the way started and even more hardened his cock in me, he took it all for granted - loves group sex means ...
The soldier finally fell in behind and crawl your knob on the crease. Then I adjust to my position and braced by a dick in the ass, but I'm only teasing him, pinching the pass. Excitation keeps growing in me and the waves one after another dope inflammation of the brain. I think I'm turning into a single huge pussy, which seek to cram all this swarming male tribe and squeeze all the juice out of them ... I feel like back quickly smeared something my little hole ... then with her power rests on hot tool and push for push trying to thrust into me! My ass squeezed from all sides, I lose mobility, but to replace freedom comes a flurry of bliss ...
But where korenastenky soldier? I take it and pull cucumber peasant to itself down so that the eggs he almost falls on the person of Peter. I did not even have time to really consider how reared his cock as red dickhead, hardly Limited my palm, rushes into his mouth, almost hammering in his throat ... By surprise I relax the buttocks and at the same moment a long ebalka breaks my ass. All cells of I feel like the anus became the head, and then - the next push - stuck and the whole member.
Oh-oh, what bliss! Three strong men's machine working on me from all sides. Two sticks stretch the perineum, and the third is pushed to them through the mouth. Three pairs of hands is crimped and caress my body ...
I curled up to Peter and he, his plants eblo bottom understanding me more and more, hitting inside by a member of me shuruyuschemu in the ass! I want to scream "Yet!"But instead of the language in my mouth a fat dick with eggs, dangling over the face of Peter.
Two powerful machine harder pressed me to Peter and orgasm rushes me with sperm fountain of his prick ...
I froze, and only by a pussy poddaivayu his limp dick ... But then he slips out of the heat of the stove bursting ... bend and took the other two members in hands froze. I do not want them to be finished so quickly, I did not play more with them - I was just beginning to feel the charm of the game. I pull on the delicate skin of the head, stroking. Let rest before the upcoming work. They have weakened, but gently trembling in my arms. What they are independent and disobedient which rough and at the same time gentle and tender! They are, though very similar appearance and character of their masters, but still very independent. And they are very wrong to their masters: it is necessary to swing the thigh woman as they are willing to obey only her. And now they are completely in my power.
Quietly tongue touching the skin on the tips, and then start the delay with its head, on the contrary - to train. Two handsome again begin to strengthen. They are drawn to me, becoming thicker, stronger and get married swollen red rims heads. I kiss them, biting, sucking, and then in turn run to warm up to his mouth, because I know what they are thermophilic. Impacting the lips, mouth likening the upper mouth of the bottom and I cover shiver when the two rush to prick, pushing each other.
Someone's knee pushing my legs and rests on the lower abdomen. It rubs against the crotch ... and here again there are all swollen. I feel like once again revealed to caress my slit and waves rising desire. I overturn on his back and lifting his legs up, breed them in hand. The soldier taller (I think Victor and I call it) again, fascinated looking at the wide-open wet slit, then in my mouth, which already hosts a member of the second - Dima. Well it's so slow? I take his stick and head to his crotch. I did not shoot him at once - let him fall in love, the red head pushes the folds as she walks from dense thickets to the anus ... But then I throw up his legs on his shoulders and with a blissful feel great eblo pressed inward, pushing the walls of the vagina.
Deeper and deeper he enters me and completes its way beautiful push - I feel like a flopped on my ass two warm pouch. He then begins to slowly pull his scalding stick, it leaves wet and thick, turning my red lips, ... and everything is repeated again and again. However, not that he and the boy, judging by the wonderful variety of shocks. Member of the third one, then the other side. Back then drops low, then it goes up and then stick the motion of rubbing the clitoris. It is unbearable to me sweetly, and I caught his hand, presses down on this place. It adds even more emotion when his other hand to me dives lower and I feel like a finger into the anus pushed ...
However, you can not disappoint those nice boys monotony. I kneel, changing places and children. Now in my mouth a member of Viti walks. But Dima puffing back at my feet firmly shifted. He grabbed my hips even stronger and I feel like its a drill with the power rests in the crotch looking for openings. I will post back to meet him, then finished with slips stuck in my members. His thrusts are magnified, and I finally just legs apart, she pulls on a dick ...
I seem to see how he takes it completely it, pushes the power again to smack a hole. And suddenly he bends, pulls dick, and I feel his hot breath between your legs ... Another moment and he buries his face in a hot place, goading him with his mouth ... I pulled out a groan of bliss and I pushed hard with his hand a red-hot pussy. It seems to me that there are now all the lights, and he adds more and more pleasure, playing tongue on the lips and clitoris. Look accidentally falls on Peter and me there is a place for a surprise, seeing as the fingering his mug again raised. But I think it's better I get - I impose his hand on top of it ...
Dima pushed me to the side and with a vengeance begins to knead my expiring juice joy ... It seems to me that his cock with every slap of eggs on the perineum with a sweep of the head rests on my heart. I close my eyes ... I cease to be aware of anything ... I do not have any power ... I'm trying to at least move away from them in the way, but it leads only to the fact that once again all change places, passing each to the next hole. Changing positions raises a new wave of excitement and I once again into the abyss of jumping on someone's stick back in my mouth poking prick red hot ...
Suddenly, no one behind - I'm cold, I'm a little! Frantically I find the third term, and sending it in his ass ... Three sticks tearing me from all sides ... I cease to feel your body ... and finally ... me breaking waves of orgasm! Three almost simultaneous sperm fountains, filling me all ... I have somewhere to take off ... and I fail ...
I come to myself on what someone's dick in pussy pokes again - looking for a warm place between my legs. Almost unconsciously, I sit down on it and start to wobble. I was filled with some kind of sexual aggression - I want to break it to his by a pussy, but it is only growing stronger and stronger stuck into me from below. The other two members are in my hands and I have a tight grip on them to keep the horse on the ground. And that suddenly pops up and swung enters my ass ...
Again orgasm wave deprives me of reason, and again I pour sperm fountains ... I do not remember how much time I spent there, how many times they descended into me, as I then dressed, and indeed, from the forces I have yet found, to get out of the warehouse and walk home ...
The next day, she asks conscientiously tapped head that I was fucking soldiers. The fact that there is more of a member of Peter waved it, of course, said nothing. Head has World baba - so as not to inflate women's passions without too many questions asked if I could find a job and then signed my application "on their own".
On Svetku I'm not mad - and so it hurt nature. And with Peter she did not work - the men still prefer chubby zadnichki!
Hello, My name is Dima, I'm about 25 years old, my story will be as follows.
I've been sitting in the internet probably like everyone else, when at work doing nothing) I met in a chat with a girl. Her name is Hope, it is from the Ukraine, long corresponded and then one a day, I came home from work took off all his clothes and computer, and then she says to me in ICQ, I want you for a long time, we are engaged in here Wirth seksom..i not become timid and agreed ..
I took his bogatyrya..i we began to dream like we're introducing with it; the evening we poured champagne on bakalam..ya began to gently kiss her lips to kiss holding his neck, lightly touching yazykom..spuskayas nizhe..tak affectionately as yet she did not feel it leaving a trail on my kozhe..ot gub..spuskayas below I oschuschal..kak she starts dergatsya..v my strengths rukah..kasayas lips I spent up to the nipples which are already so swollen and so were sweet, took one into his mouth, I began to gently e¸..pokusyvat teeth slightly pulling his lips, and here it is shook hands I felt the pussy so wet and swollen little pussy, her hands went to her lips are so wet uzhe..palchiki touched her walls are throbbing she softly whispered in your ear take me tigrrr my vozmi..Bogatyrem began to spend on her hips, lips kissing the belly and down below. Here are my lips groped her clit, I began to suck it gently biting her lips in her fingers gently entering her deeper and deeper. She izmokaet and so oozing juices, head spend on the lips, a slight push and I was in it; vzvyla..tak it gently, I took her by force started strongly enters her tremors speeding like a beast.
She tore my claws back, I stopped taking her legs slung over his shoulder himself and watched as the head parting his lips slowly enters the cave and penetrates deeper, then she screamed and I went into vu lips long shut her mouth and began to drive stronger and stronger without stopping, I entered as I could, the whole length of feeling like a wall of her taper from orgasms, and so nice squeezes my cock, which was hot and so fast, she fell on the sheets exhausted rolling his eyes, one more push, and I'm coming to it. .moya sperm pouring from her, she breathes deeply and often, taking boyfriend out of it, I'm going down to get out of our tongue juices; finished, I felt an orgasm, and then on the desk when the phone rang, I pick up the phone, there is Nadia, I groaned into the phone, ending the second time, about her screams in my hand each finished esche..i esche..ona not appeased and continued to shout stonat..ya lost consciousness and woke up on the monitor, it is written, thank you, Dima you are super;
That's because I'm doing with my favorite Wirth, and imagine what will happen in the real world when we will meet soon, because I come to it, because I love you and love e¸..vot on an Internet!
Natalia - my wife is conservative in terms of sex, only the missionary position, and anal and blowjob, this animal perversion, the only thing she could afford podrachit my members to bring it into a martial state.
We invited friends, a birthday, it is not in favor of a drink, as much in-law laid, that's why she was not treated affection for alcohol, but sometimes can drink a glass, but no more.
Guests were many, but one couple stood out among all, he handsome male name is Sergey, and she was tall, slender, true-to-face is not a top model, but not a crocodile, just above the knees in a skirt, a pink-fitting blouse with a plunging neckline, from which if you come off the button, the breasts fall out completely, it was without a bra, breasts the size of the third, if not fourth, firm and shapely buttocks, legs, as they say in such cases, rising from the ears, called Julia, they live next door to the owners of drinking . This male is sometimes spinning around my wife, the glass nal¸t, the dance will invite, and I do not mind, I'm his wife angazhiruyu, oddly enough but my missus drunk well nalivochka she went to be seen as it should, it is me dragged to dance then Sergei male, then climbed hugging kissing, love explained, and I was already mentally undressing Julia and represented in what positions will fuck her, and so was delighted when Sergey led off her dance, I danced with Julia, I sometimes looked at and they saw him caressing my wife's ass, even trying to think, still he did not come.
I like Julia would not be meaningful ran his leg between her legs and rubbed on her crotch, then she is already rubbing pubis on my feet, and a stake standing member, I was afraid of, not to come in my pants. Poblagadariv for the dance, when it was over, I went to the balcony to smoke. Oblakativshis on the wall, I lit a cigarette. Following vyparhnula Julia and with the words, and why I did not call, or fear that rape, turned back, clung to me. With one hand, I hugged her and took hold of the chest, she started rubbing her ass on my cock, throwing out a cigarette, I put his hand under her skirt, her legs parted to the side, opening the way my hand in nutria, panties were wet, sliding them, I found the clitoris , rubbed it and ran his fingers into the vagina. She leaned her head on the arm of my moaning slightly and with one hand I caressed her crotch and the other beautiful breasts. Turning around to face me, she glanced in her eyes, fell to the bottom, unzipped his pants and immediately zaglatila my cock. She sucked me and rubbed his crotch, I could not hold back, grasping her head, I finished it in her mouth, heard her moan of pleasure. After the wedding, I was not like this, I thought. She got up from the corner of his mouth dripping sperm, I licked it.
- Good, she said.
- Yes, I replied, and we have merged in a long kiss. It kayfovo realize that mouth that I'm kissing, just I sucked my dick and I came back, and she swallowed everything.
- Let's go to my apartment, she told me.
Coincidentally, when we went into the room, ended the dance, announced that no public smoking breaks and everyone at the table, we retire quietly failed, she soon completely drunk and had fallen to rest in the children's room, home, she refused to go, naturally of no sex with Julia could not be considered.
Rest of the evening I had to spend in the explanations, one of the guests, Uncle Sasha, about the computer, I had to remember the informatics course, and what little knowledge I had to answer his questions.
I just did not notice, that for a long time no one climbs kissing his wife at the table was not among the dancers too. After going through the apartment, I could not find her anywhere, really went home and I said nothing, and just now I realized that the male is not visible.
Out on the landing, I tried to open the door of the apartment of Sergei, it was not locked, I quietly walked in, light was only in the kitchen, and there was complete silence on the corridor scattered items, among which were the things my wife, quietly passing, I saw Next picture: they lay side by side, my wife's head resting on his right hand, this hand hugging her, holding the chest of my wife, the right leg of my better half was thrown to the side and bent at the knee, between the legs could be seen lips sex, they were red and swollen, leaking fluid from the holes, similar to sperm around smelled of sweat, semen and spirits, seen my girl did their best. His cock was much larger than mine, and the floor was in a state of combat, he just urabotal by my favorite.
They were so prostrate that do not even pay any attention to my appearance, along with resentment in me began to accrue strange excitement, my dick began to swell, his whole appearance indicating that the event turns me on.
I quietly sat down on the bed and bent over her bosom, it smelled of sex and lust, I gently ran his tongue on the lips of her vagina, she started from her fright, her vagina clenched and squeezed sperm, I did not give her time to recover, and stared at the clit licking his , I was very excited that that there has recently been a member of the stranger, I plunged her tongue in the hole, it was all in the semen.
- I love you, I said, sucking on her lips, trying to absorb everything that there poured.
- And I love you, she moaned, closing his eyes and continued to receive pleasure.
I heard she breathed heavily. I myself do not understand how it turned out in my hand something hot, oblong, I looked, it was a member of Sergei. I loved how my wife sucks and bared his head, too, I wanted to try, I do not daring brought his head to his cock and looked at him, wiped his cock gently brought his mouth. It smelled of sperm, but to my surprise, it's not disgusting. It is also exciting. And his penis, slippery sperm in my mouth. I suck it hard to swallow the remains of sperm. And the language of the game begins, with his lips. His gun hardens with every moment, ready to work. I release from his mouth and look at his wife, she enjoyed watching me and Sergei reaction. Seeing that his wife liked to look at it, I again began to suck, I, too, loved it, lick it, swallow, masturbate his hand to lick the head at a time when it appeared, about the husband I do not forget, fondled her crotch fingers to penetrate inside .
When looked up from his work, I saw that they were having fun, he lay on his side, and they kissed passionately, his hand he squeezed his wife's chest, and her hands caressed it.
My wife turned on him, and his leg began to rub his post, I parted her ass, engaged in licking anusnoy holes, Sergey well developed this hole, and my tongue entered freely into it, it is even more excited, as my fingers continued to wield in her vagina, she began to move more often the pelvis, buttocks and trying to impose on my tongue, I thumb entered her in the ass, now my fingers were working simultaneously in two holes. Her moans grew louder and louder.
Turning her back, I picked up his wife's feet to the top, and sent a dick in her vagina, he fell into freely, my dear groaned, arched, and pushes the pelvis, Sergey already pushed his penis into her mouth when I pecked his dear was I heard in her pussy sucking sperm. She was a little inconvenient to suck, so I turned her on her stomach and put the shrimp, so she was easy to handle his gun. Between the suction sucking sound she made moans of pleasure. Thinking about that ass of my little wife has been a member, and she did never it did not admit, I decided to try pushing member in the hole ass, the head went in, love bent over and moaned, I took up the buttocks hands, pulling him , I pushed harder, and my whole body fell. Sweet moans flew from her lips and she furiously started to suck his cock. I was the first time in my life fucked in the ass of his wife. My sweet was the end, it all began to tremble. From the overflow of feelings, I could not resist, and finished it ... inside. Falling off I watched as Sergei went into the pussy of my beloved, and pecked her. My wife was excited again, she began to moan and thrash about under him, it did not last long, and he finished without removing. She was on edge and it was not enough, as we were.
She sat on my face her crotch from both holes flowed sperm, I licked and swallowed all that from there emerged, she took my deciduous cock in her mouth and gently sucked, then her body ran cramp, I strongly fixed his lips to the clitoris, and arms hugged her waist and held her close, she lingeringly howled, limp and faded away while lying on me, just as it could be heard breathing heavily. I passed it on its side, and we have some time lay in silence.
After lying a little, Sergei located between my legs, he began to suck my cock, do not forget to lick the testicles. Member gradually began to swell and within a minute I softly moaned with pleasure. He was doing blowjob very skillfully, not every woman will be able to so. His wife lay quietly and watched us. Thrusting his head Sergei on his farm, I got cancer of his wife and brought his to the mouth of his wife his cock, she immediately swallowed it and smacking began to suck, and I spread her legs and stared at her crotch, I licked her, and she sucked in me.
At the time, forgetting about Sergei, we carried away with each other, and we no longer needed. I felt that I was pushing the buttocks and lick the ass, then the male begins to develop my hole with your fingers, then fingers out of my anus had disappeared, and there was a knock, something hot and large. Then a member of the tug sank me in the ass. It was brutally hurt, so that tears came to our eyes. I screamed, but the outward burst only mooing as his mouth was busy clitoris wife, it is at this moment finished, her body ran a strong shaking, clutching my hair, it is strongly pressed my face to her bosom, and with loud moans, shuddering all body came. A male, powerful thrusts drove his rod in my ass.
The pain gradually went away, leaving a pleasant feeling, I do himself began to sit down on his cock. A shiver of pleasure ran through her body and she fell silent. Lie down and breath, his wife said: I also want to, she threw me on my back. Sergei barely had time to pull his cock out of me. Wife immediately straddled my count, and slowly began to sit down on it, gradually accelerating pace, Male lifted my legs and my ass again mastered without any problems, as my hole was probably huge. Plenty natrahalsya, Sergey took out tables leather pants, which were two members of that smaller, was on the inside, he gently put his wife in the bosom and buttoned pants. It looked pretty exciting, my wife and a member Sergei planted my mouth on his number and his wife going with Zadie, began to fuck my ass. Experience of the sex I had and so I could not fully work mouth while my wife drives me with a rubber truncheon, the male with both hands grabbed my head and sit down on your number, I choked, and he still drives the and drives the . I pinched lips, and my mouth worked like a girl clicking close. It is evident that he enjoyed, and he's strong frictions drove harder into my mouth, almost in the throat, had to grab his hand that he may not reach the stomach, by the way he accelerated, I realized that he now will stop, the jet hit me in his mouth, and his body began to throb, throwing sperm, I did not expect such a large number of sperm and therefore could not swallow everything, poured out through the corners of the mouth. The tart taste and smell slightly intoxicated - which is why many women like to suck and swallow cum.
He fell to the side and trailed off, and his wife I turned back, and fucking in the ass masturbate my cock a little later crawled Sergey and taking my cock from the woman's hand began to suck it up, I felt like an orgasm rolls, it is understood and furiously began to swallow member, I began to finish, and all he poured into his mouth, he kissed me passionately, and part of the sperm that he did not swallow, handed in my mouth, my sperm had a different taste, not like his wife has ceased to fuck me, she I lay between us and licked her tongue on my lips sperm leftovers after the kiss.
- Tired of my slut,
Having said that she kissed me, and lay down quietly sniffed, she has not even had the strength to take off her panties with toys.
- We still find out which one of us a whore, but judging by how fucked me now, she was right, I thought.
Previously, she did not do, and a lot has happened in that room, it does not allow,
I carefully took off her panties, these little rest, and since not sleepy, I got up and dressed when he looked at the bed, they were sleeping in an embrace.
In the morning he fuck her again, I thought, and went back to the guests.
One girl was asleep on the couch, the other curled up in a chair at the table sat Uncle Sasha and chto-to talked with one of the guests, the hosts were not, and the sounds from the bedroom orgy, I slowly looked, the hostess treated in Troy, husband and two of the guests, looking at it again I have my strong point was getting up on their hind legs, I turned around and went into the nursery, where Julia was sleeping peacefully. On the floor in the nursery some blond guy saddled and rode on his cock, while turning the awesome ass, it was so cool that absolutely did not care about me.
From all seen my fighter got up finally, and stood stake, I lay down next to Julia, unbuttoned her blouse and from there spilled gorgeous breasts, I have them caressed, kissed, licked and sucked them, meanwhile, stroked her legs, gradually bringing their strokes to her crotch. Lifted her skirt and legs spread, I saw her bosom, Julia his clean-shaven, thus it was pretty exciting, I eagerly dug his lips to her clitoris, she began to lick the tongue, sucking, caressing her crotch. My tongue was like paradise. Covering multiple kisses her pussy. It was perfectly clear that it all got wet there. From these caresses, she stirred and moaned softly and lingeringly.
Enough to get drunk, I put my finger in her vagina, and she began to moan louder and bent like a cat. Julia was fully prepared to take my instrument in itself, I went to the top and entered her, she grabbed my legs and I began to fuck her. She stopped moaning, and only breathed heavily. Just lying with eyes closed, hands outstretched, embracing my legs, and just enjoy fucking. Her big tits swaying slightly in time with my strokes, and only occasionally, quietly and lingering exhalation she moaned, and I just thrust and thrust it in his count. Natrahalsya in that position, I turned her on her stomach and brought his penis, then sat down on it in the posture of the rider, thereby gaining access to her ass. I fucked her and his thumb massaged her ass hole when my dick out of her, I pressed a finger into the interior, and when he went in, I removed the finger out. Her feeble attempts to remove my finger from the priests failed, and she stared up at the start to moan, and even turn the ass. When my finger began to move freely, it was the turn of her ass. I got up, picked up his wet cock in his hand and when the head of my cock touched her anus, Julia tensed, I strongly pressed. It was a bit tight to enter, although her ass as my cock was densely covered with grease from her vagina.
Julia moaned, clutching the pillow tightly. "No, no, do not hurt me ... I will never, no, no ..." I heard. But it was too late, my cock head was already inside her ass. I slowly introduced him deeper and deeper. I felt sorry for her ass, I saw her tense, flowing inward my cock. "No-o ..." whimpered again, Julia. But I did not listen to her. My trunk had already proved to be completely in her ass. Wait a bit when it gets used to my cock, I moved his for not a lot, feeling gradually relaxes the sphincter of her anus, allowing me a greater amplitude to fuck her ass. She made a last slabuyupopytku pull away, but I held her, still ... raping her virgin zadik. Realizing that all persuasions are meaningless, she became actively massaging pohlyupyvayuschee wet with excitement vagina and tickle the clitoris.
At this time on the floor moaned loudly, I turned my head and saw that the blond beast sits between the legs of the guy and actively suck his cock, he grabbed her hands behind her head and started to actively stick to themselves, it is clear he is finished at this point, as the girl twitching in an attempt to free his head and his mouth on that as she fluttered he probably richly finished in her mouth, then his hands weakened, and the girl was able to free his head, lifting it spit out the sperm remains of it, and the words Skatin and freak out of the room and the guy was lying on the floor.
I continued to fuck. Suddenly it was all shook, moaned loudly, and fell silent, only weak postanyvaniya came from her lips, and I rabotas its piston, its hole so used to my cock, when I took out it completely, he again fell into the hot flesh, without any obstacles .
Now orgasm began to drive up and to me, I took out a member of her priests, and the jet of sperm flew out of my penis, splashing blouse and dress, I am a member sent on her ass, and the rest of the seed fell to its designed hole, sperm dripping into it developed holes . She sighed with relief. I watched as slowly shrinks hole of her anus, as a thin trickle of sperm flowed out of it and ran down the vagina. I am a member of the collected semen on her ass closer to the hole, and put a member into her anus while he was standing, I have a little more of her to have sex, the priest was making little squishing sounds, and then I slid to the side, but the member remained in the inside.
She turned her head towards me, looked at me with a weary look.
- Thank you, I whispered and kissed her on the lips.
- Beast, she said, but her voice could be heard words of gratitude and affection, is so deflower backside?
- Sorry, I did not know, and so what happened then and entered.
It is a one kissed me, turned his back and clung to me. I was pleased that I was first "discovered" luxury Yulia's ass, embraced her, and without taking I closed my eyes and fell into a member of the void.
I woke up from what Julia freed from my arms, and began to give himself up, buttoned blouse, got straightened her skirt, turned to me and saw that I was not dreaming,
- What do you weave all the cattle, she said again, gently and kindly, sticking to my lips a long passionate kiss, waved at me and said bye bye and disappeared into the doorway.
Outside, the sun was shining, I stretched out on the bed and waited for his wife. If they remained in dvoem and Julia went home, I was wondering what would happen next. But then nothing happened, his wife could not be seen. I got up, looked into the next room, in bed peacefully sleeping four naked body could be seen by the hostess that her urabotali in full, her everywhere were traces of dried semen. Hearing how to open the front door, I quietly went back to the nursery, lay down on the bed and pretended to be asleep. In the room quietly entered, someone podoshol to the bed and sat on it for a while seen I saw as I was completely naked. No doubt it was his wife, she climbed on top of me, took both hands on my head and my lips clung to mine, and I felt something thick and tart got in my mouth, it was fresh semen. When she gave me all the moisture, he said:
- This is Julia asked me to give you time to get up, my sweet slut.
I opened my eyes and saw his wife, the strands of her black hair in some places were sticky from the semen, the whole face was splashed with sperm, she smiled slightly, and was read in the eyes of wine and languor, to satiate their lust fury.
- I love you, with a smile she said, licking the remnants of sperm from her face.
I got dressed, we went out into the street, arms around her and hugged her, we went home in silence.
Nataly's House immediately went to the bathroom, bathed, she went to bed and fell asleep. In the dream, she tossed and moaned, so I went next door, pressed to her and she calmed down, so she slept until the next morning, the benefit was the weekend. During the day we did not touch on this topic, and in the evening when I went to bed, she said:
- Julia did you like?
- Yes, I replied, but better than you I have no one.
After a pause, she began to talk. How was Sergei can not remember the arms, remember how everything was burning between her legs, and really wanted to stand, to rebound began when Sergei fucked me in the ass, I did not care that I'm cheating on you, I'm only one wanted to be fucked, this fullness I had never experienced. After a while I udvileniem pochuvstvovalal for itself as a body run by the waves of pleasure. Sergey is gaining momentum. He threw my legs over his shoulders, his hands wrapped around my neck and he's all over me to bend under him. My legs were hanging somewhere high, face Sergei was very close, the body shuddered in anticipation of an orgasm. I moaned loudly when something just as well I was with you. Sergey was doing more and more deep and sharp movements, penetrating deep into my ass. He growled like a wild beast, his eyes clouded over and he began profusely to finish me, and again all was swimming and it was very good, again woke up when you licked my hole, and again wanted to fuck and be fucked, fucked consciously, because you It was near. Then he was awakened by the fact that I kissed her back and neck and a hand caressing the clitoris, and the other hand on which I was lying, caressing his chest, ass and hot uperalsya nalivshiysya power of the male member.
Without turning around, I realized that it was Sergei. From his caresses the body spread out the heat in the lower abdomen sweetly tickled, I wanted to this term came quickly to me, I turned around and handles became mastrubirovat his body, and he fingers have penetrated into my bosom and anusnuyu hole, I knocked him on his back and climbed on top so that he could lick my pussy, I sucked his count, he was lumpy and stringy, and not all placed in the mouth, the hands had to help. After processing my hole, he put me with cancer and went into me, I do not remember it for a long time I fucked, but then he pulled his dick out of me, and put to the pope, after yesterday's call in my ass, I remembered the pain, and I all contracted in the inside, having realized this, he became tongue to lick my anus, I relaxed and he pushed his cock in my ass, it hurts, but not so yesterday, I began to hand pull at her clitoris and vagina, I felt like someone podlaziet under me, opened my eyes, I saw Julia, she started licking my crotch, sucking my juices that abundantly flowed from my vagina, I felt better, and I reciprocated, too, began to lick, I did not hesitate clung to her vagina and began to work tongue licking the juice expiring desire to Yulia's pussy, I played with her clitoris, then gently biting, it is often pulling his tongue. Julia moaned and continued to process my vagina his tongue and fingers. The pain went away completely, there was the sweet languor in the body, Sergei worked in full its piston. Julia wore shorts that I fucked you, lay on her back and sat me on selikonovye member, she fucked me with that thing so I jumped up, turned out that I jumped to the top and down. Sergei knelt down and put it in his mouth a toy, but it postayanno crashed out of my mouth, because Julia is actively fucked me from the bottom.
- I want you to fuck me at the same time in both holes, I said. Then he went to the Zadi, Julia paused, hugged him and drew him to her, and Sergei entered my ass. Their members are separated only thin barriers according. I'm not holding back screams of pleasure I received, and now two members of the hollowed me at the same time, everything swam before my eyes, coming closer and closer to the abyss of pleasant sensations and weightlessness. They put me on the back and Julie became this thing peck my butt, and Sergey lay to the side and began to fuck my mouth, so I restrain surging pleasure for a long time could not. My orgasm was violent. Not removing a member from his mouth ... Sergei, I burst into moans turning into a scream. I'm a little snikla, but felt his cock stiffened and spurted jet of sperm into my mouth, I swallow convulsively start so as not to choke, Serge realized it, took out a member of my mouth and began to cum on your face and into my open mouth.
-Do not swallow, I heard the voice of Julia, take her husband away from us hello. Sperm were many, and she ran down his face and hair, Julia crawled toward me, licking sperm with a little face and kissed on the lips.
- And do not wipe, let him see what you're gorgeous.
- I stood up, some how got dressed and went to you. Kissed you, I felt that now from you again smell of sperm as well as from me. My heart was languid and well, well, then you yourself know everything.
Listening to the story of my wife, I was excited and was a member of the stake. In bulk from the top, I kissed her, caressed her breast with his hand, his foot began to push her legs, in anticipation of a good fucking.
- No, his wife said in a plaintive, almost tearful voice, I have everything hurts, I can not.
- Sorry, no thought. Kissing on the lips, I lay down on his back.
- If only so little thought she said, and got between my legs, revealing a penis, she swallowed it whole. Favorite perfectly understood how to suck, and after a while, I came in her mouth, that she did not have time to swallow flowed over the penis and its handle.
I gratefully kissed her, and embracing, we fell asleep.
All week she had a painful condition, she could barely walk, had to care for her as for a small child.
On Friday morning, the wife felt more or less satisfactorily, it rotates in the kitchen when the phone rang.
- Honey, we are waiting for you to visit in the evening. There was a in the tube, it was the voice of Julia.
- I'll talk to his wife, but did not promise that priyd¸m, after that stormy night, she feels bad.
- We will wait for a positive response.
I did not know how to start a conversation, how to tell her about the invitation, how she would react to it, because after her story, the topic we are not concerned at all, she was silent, and I did not remind. In order not to suffer, I approached her with Zadie, hugged her close to him, and told him everything. She turned in my arms, looked into her eyes and said softly:
- I was afraid that we will never be a repeat of that night.
Strip it sparkled with lust, but today they shone like something different. Liberate from my arms, she ran into the room. Five minutes later, she was dressed, running away from the apartment gave the instruction:
- Vybreesh swim and clean up. And I ran away.
After completing all as told my wife, I turned on the TV, called Julia, reported a positive decision, and waited for his wife, wondering what she was up to.
She returned with a mountain of all sorts of packages, from the doorway threw everything said and ran off to prepare the bath. I did not know what to prepare, I looked into the bags, there were different clothes. Soon she came out of the bath completely naked, her pubis was completely shaven, only on the clitoris to the top of a thin strip of raised hairs. Only now I noticed that she had a different hairstyle, She cut my hair, it was something more like a man's hairstyle than kare.
- Why, I asked,
- That's right, you still need to dress, and we will soon go.
- Honey, are you still naked, not allowing me to finish everything that I wanted to tell her, she interrupted me, and I almost cry forced to undress and sit in front of the mirror, her back to him. Instantly performing that told me my dear, I waited to see what would happen next. She came to me, spread her legs and sat on my lap, I took the hands of her ass, slowly drew her to him, and tried to kiss her, from such actions of my cock instantly rose, and met with her crotch. Favorite realizing that I it will interfere and harass, put on her bathrobe, she sat next to another ottoman, and began to cast over my face, I realized what she was up, but pretended not to understand, and asked her all sorts of stupid questions that she giggled and said, I learn later, well, not any clear answers. She powdered me, imposed a false eyelashes smeared lips, touched up his eyes, and wore a wig. Then we moved on to the second part of creating an image, dressing. At first I had to vodruzh¸n belt with straps and stockings, then lace panties, I complained. I they are not comfortable, but she said that I suffered, then I had vodruzh¸n bra and cup filled with cotton wool to give volume, and at the end of the packets were recovered last thing for me, a skirt with a blouse and high heels . When everything was ready, I stood up, my wife walked away, I looked around and was pleased.
- Learn to walk, and do not try to enter the room until'll call saying this she took the remaining bags and left the room. After standing for Little did I realize that walking is not so easy. I was standing with his back to the mirror, not daring to turn his eyes closed, I turned around and discovered that what I saw in the mirror, I was shocked, I was looking in the mirror what the prostitute with the panel. A little recovered from the shock, I began to study more thoroughly the work of his wife.
I held her hands over her breasts, they look beautiful, then held on the rump and legs, the legs look slender and delicious ass, I'd even fuck myself right now. After walking around the room, I was doing well, while driving, I looked at myself, ass wagging, and a deep cut on the skirt that reached almost to her waist, walking opened so that was visible lace on stockings and panties . I looked exciting. Wearing sun glasses wife, I looked in the mirror, and now I did not know it was missing the finishing touch. While I was walking, I wondered what would put his wife, and came to the conclusion, most likely she will wear a mini skirt that barely covers her juicy ass, and the topic under which are clearly visible outlines of her breasts, though not large, but they It was beautiful shape. The wife called, I entered the room, and was taken aback, in the middle of the room stood a man in trousers and shirt.
- How do you like me ?
- Abaldenny, so that's why you had the hairstyle which you have me smart, organizing all this.
- Yeah, a long, and she responded with pleasure and Nuka is passed, I will see how you go.
Walking down the hall, I made every effort to be beautiful and wagged her ass. Wife applauded, and hung around his neck, I nearly crashed, but stay on his feet.
- You're a first-class bitch, having said this, she kissed me on the cheek.
After leaving the house, we went on foot, because the taxi was early. At first I thought everyone know that I dressed as a man, his wife realized it reassured me, saying that the men staring at me and in everyone's eyes see only lust, I took courage, went confidently and even more twisting his zadik, and here I was feeling undressing himself on their views, it was starting to excite, but narrow pants I bumped into the body, not allowing the member to stand up. I went into the role that did not even notice as we approached the cherished home, on the road, we met our friends who were drunk, my wife whispered to pass myo, I saw devouring gaze Tolya, and when passed nearby, he slapped lightly my ass, I turned and met his eyes, it seemed to me that he recognized me, but he winked at me, and we went with them in the sea karabli. I dialed the number and told Julia that we have in place, so they opened the door and we were met themselves in the room, as we surprise. After rising to the floor, went inside. The first took place in the room the wife, I followed. The hosts looked puzzled us, first came to Julia, she jumped up and said:
- This is a surprise, and climbed hugging and kissing us.
Sergey more subdued, stood up, walked over to me, unceremoniously put his hand under her skirt, held between the legs, naschyupal in shorts my cock.
- All on-site, smiled, he hugged and kissed her, and then his wife.
When I was a little defiled, all I apladirovali and Sergey went to the Zadi, hugged me close to him, with one hand he squeezed my breasts ... and the other walked on my legs and tummy, do not forget to dive in the groin, I felt through the matter his standing member, who rested my back, I turned around to face him and dropped to his knees, unbuttoned his pants pants, I drew his penis, mouth open, I swallowed his flesh, then put his arm around the buttocks and began to suck with smacking, having come round the girls squealed on is that it is too early, and they also want to, but Sergei did not think so, and it is unlikely that he could think of at that moment, he groaned, pulled out a member of my mouth, out of it flew sperm when he finished, he slumped into a chair and his head thrown back in silent. I sat down on the carpet coming to himself, his whole face was splashed with sperm, she ran down his chin and dripped on his chest. My wife came to me and sat down on his haunches, and with the words:
- This slut knows why she is here and wiped my face.
After sitting at the table we were sentenced cognac bottle, hop lightly hit in the head. I noticed that Julia looks at my feet, I had to throw one leg to the other, cut on the skirt razosh¸lsya was seen on lace stockings and panties.
- Like ? I asked her to stand.
- You have beautiful legs, many girls envy.
- And just like that, and I lifted her skirt so that it was visible in full lace panties.
- Our slut wants us to perform a striptease, Julia said loudly. Played what that ballad, and I started in the rhythm of the music slowly undressing removing blouse track was removed skirt, I turned back to them and without bending his knees slowly lowered it, then I got up slowly twisting in the rhythm of the music, caressing hands feet, crotch, belly , chest and face, the peak was when I took off her panties, as well as the skirt. All applauded me, and was read in the eyes of lust. The first could not stand my wife, she started kissing Julia, and his hand caressed the body, sinking slowly to the bottom, Julia languidly stretched and tilted her head back, exposing his body caressing, and now his chest out, washing them sucking and biting and hand walking between feet, her legs out to the sides, there are no panties on, and can be clearly seen as the wife caresses, her clitoris hand.
Sergey rhythm of the music is attached to me with Zadie, hugged me and pressed, we danced to slow music, his hands caressed my body, lips caressed my neck and shoulders, his standing member, he rubbed on my ass and squeezed my pours force member, began to masturbate him.
My wife Yulin between the legs, tongue handles vagina. Tearing himself away from his work turned to Sergey:
- We want to make this slut, lick both of us.
- Then there's a counter-offer to go to the bedroom on the bed, Sergei offered.
The girls agreed, and we moved into the bedroom. He climbed onto the bed, poskidyvali his clothes, and I stayed in what was to me after streptiz, since I have seen that it is their tune.
- Our slut should look sexy. Julia lay on my back and my little wife lay down on it from the top, and they have merged in a long kiss, I was perched between their legs, before my eyes appeared two beautiful vulvochki that I began to process language and fingers, and Sergei took up my hole in the ass. The girls groaned under the pressure of my tongue, it is like a snake got into Nutri their hot and wet holes, then walked on their lips that abundantly expired grease, soaking the finger in the cave of his wife, I entered her hole ass, wife already howled with pleasure and Sergey has three fingers wielded in my ass, having developed it, he put his gun, it entered without hindrance, its piston earabotal in my ass, bringing us both pleasure, enjoying my ass Sergei lay on his back, he sat my wife ass on his dick and now its piston worked in the ass of my wife, Julia sat her crotch on his face and twisted her hips with pleasure, while caressing the breasts of my wife with his own hands, I stood up and sent a member of her mouth, the room was filled with moans and cries, sated her mouth, I sent a cock in her mouth to his wife, now I fucked her mouth wife and Sergey her ass.
Julia took those same panties, which recently fucked me my wife, one member it has in itself, buttoned them she pristoilas between the legs of my wife, putting selikonovye to her vagina and slowly introduced into the free vaginal hole, all the places my wife's delight busy and working at the same time, she was not moaning, only occasionally could hear her postanyvaniya, I watched from above as the whole ball moves. From all this orgasm rolled up instantly, I began to finish, taking out a member, I sent a jet of sperm flies on the girls face. When he finished, still standing member I put Julia in the mouth, a little more to have sex Julia and fell on the bed, I lay and watched almost without blowhole body of my wife fucked in two holes at the same time. Seeing that I was lying idle, Julia said, It is not good that our slut is idle, pulled out a member of my wife turned me on my stomach, I spread her legs, she lay down with the top to me, putting a member smoothly introduced me inside . She fucked me, and the second was that the rubber in the inside her, fuck her, Sergei put my wife next to me, and continued to fuck her in the ass, I lay there and watched their family fucks our family. Julia shook the whole and not taking out a member fell exhausted at me, now she had no strength left to take out a member of my torn ass, followed her and Sergei had finished my wife's ass and lay down exhausted near.
After a short rest, I took off my costume, took a shower, otmylsya from cosmetics and returned to the room, from which came the moans of pleasure. On the bed was an orgy in full swing, Julia lay on her back, wearing my rubber members, fucked her in the vagina, it is his legs hugged my wife of Sergey Julia fucked in the mouth. I lay down on the bed and watched them. My wife took Sergei dick and sent it into his mouth, and now Sergey already fucked my wife in the mouth, so that his penis perekach¸vyval rotika from one to another. Julia is not turning to me took my penis in his hand, began to crumple and to masturbate him, he began to come to life and come to life. I climbed higher, Julia turned her head and opened her mouth. And now Sergei fucked in the mouth of my wife, and I am his, and then change the members' wives, I fuck her in the mouth and he his. Each sucks in its own way from such changes is obtained indescribable thrill.
Julie whimpered, trembled and her limp hands and feet fell on the bed, my wife is not stopping sucking dick Sergei, arranged between his legs and becomes cancer, thus inviting me to their Nutri releasing his wife from the pant with elastic bands, I went into her womb there was hot and humid, my body slid into her, but it did not last long. Sergei can say so pulled my wife with my cock and sat on my count, hugging her, he held her close, and they have merged in a passionate kiss, I realized that he wanted to Sergey, and held a member to the hole anus of my wife, pushing it easily fell into nutria. Two piston earned it, and it almost immediately came, and we continued to torment her body, after a while, she began again to moan and squirm under our pressure. Sergei groaned and I felt the pulsing of his cock in the vagina of my wife, I gave up and watched him too, finished it in the inside. I lay down on his back, and his wife own and rend holes sat on my face, she began to suck my still standing member, with the so-arched her back to the top of that all the sperm that was in it, flowed in rivulets on me, I licked her huge holes, semen drops of glass on my face, as she shivered, pressed me harder, she moaned and fell silent, and remained lying on me with a member in the mouth.
When we came to their senses, Julia rebelled,
- It is time to call a time out.
We had agreed the evening and the night is too much sex, she went to the kitchen to make tea, and I take a shower, Natalia was going to help Julia. Coming out of the bath, I heard groans coming from the room. I wonder who it is to break the truce, looking into the room, I saw a picture: Natalia lying on his back, knees bent and divorced in hand, lying on it and Sergei fucked her with each thrust ... her knees trembled, she hugged one hand his head, and the other was walking in the back and buttocks, their lips were merged in a passionate kiss.
- Guys, what about a truce, I asked, it sounded like something silly.
Natalia is not looking up from his lip waved to me, and her hand again spree by Sergey.
Turning, I went to the kitchen, the table was set, in four cups of tea had been poured, Julia was not. Going into the room, I saw her on the couch under a blanket, it must also angered those actions of our halves. Climbing to her under the covers and pressed, I fell asleep.
The sun was shining when I woke up, snoring next to Julia. Quietly standing, I went into the room. My heart was bad that he left his wife and does not pick up, and not for nothing, apparently, and that night he fucked her without rest, and from which so much energy and passion. The hair on the chest and between her legs were traces of dried semen. I took her in his arms and carried her into the bath, came Julie, we're together her washed and dressed, Julia Sergei gave me things, I got dressed and we went home.
My wife was sick for a long time again, almost did not get up from the bed. One day when he came home from work, I found Julia, they smiled and had a nice conversation. Before leaving, Julia came out and I said to my wife:
- Nothing between us after the weekend.
- Silly, I do not mind, just shoot everything on the video camera.
- If she refuses to everything I was shooting, then sex will not be any.
- Come to accompany her, we kissed, and I left.
On the way home Julia asked permission to Sergei visited Natalia, I did not know what to say, we walked in silence. Sergei was not to blame for what had happened, the whole wine passion and lust.
- Only in my presence, I finally answered. She hugged me and said, smacking:
- Thank you, and you know what, let's go up to me, Sergey all night will not, and Natalia gave a mandate to look after you, so you do not forget what sex until she is sick.
The next day, I was at home when they came, with Julia, we were told all sorts of nonsense trying to entertain Natalia, and they stared at each other.
- Come on Julie, they have something to talk about, I said, and we went away, leaving them for a single.
When the women could have sex normally, I have accumulated a large video library, with my participation and Yulin, in which there was not a single character, it is Sergey more about it, we have not remembered once his wife has mentioned after good sex:
- When reminded of Seryozha, I have everything flows between the legs, almost touching the clitoris cum immediately.
We Julia knew they secretly meet sometimes, but they pretended not to know that she would come home after such meetings, torn and broken, said that the work exhausted, but then I saw her eyes light up with happiness.
Julia us often looks, we arrange a great trio with watching those tapes where Julia and I fuck, sometimes me kicked out of bed and turn somersaults in dvoem, and I look at them from the outside and itself satisfying, the girls like it when they nakuvyrkayutsya, I kiss them, his chaste wife, and Julia have a wife, and also immaculate, as we are in Troy almost a family.
Of course it is true that the fiction, fantasy has been used without boring.
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Arthur and Alena - brother and sister. She was 13 years old, he - 14. Both beautiful teenagers. She - a beautiful girl, slim with long black hair. He - the development of sports boy. Both are pretty smart in school is on "excellent". However, it was their oddity. Both were too attached to each other. Normally, a brother and sister often quarrel argue. Between them, nothing ever happened. Perhaps because of their parents, who were more and business partners, we are constantly traveling. And Arthur Alyona often left alone. That is, parents have always hired a babysitter at the time of his departure, the fact that the family was quite rich and they can afford it. But the nurse came and went and, of course, can not replace parents. As a result, they have developed this affection for each other, as a kind of protection against the indifference of the outside world.
Holidays are always carried out at home together. Once parents have sent them into the camps, and in different, hoping that they fade there, find friends. But Arthur Alyona almost immediately escaped and somehow got home, with the same time. It was when it was, respectively, 10 and 9 years. Since then, the mother and father did not try to separate them.
Everything is repeated in this summer. The parents left for abroad company business and, although the children were old enough, they did not want to be left alone. Maybe so parents subconsciously trying to make amends for the lack of attention from them to their children. Usually as a nanny invited women of middle age or older, but now mother and father decided to hire someone younger, thinking that because the guys will be more fun.
That man was nineteen-year student Marina. She moonlighted so that in the summer holidays. This beautiful and cheerful girl just like parents Arthur and Alena, even jealous mother to her father and quickly took him away, leaving the children with Marina.
At first everything went well. The children were really fun with a girl, even though they still have never parted with each other. But a week later something happened that changed everything. Marina just returned from the store and passed by the children of the room, she heard strange sounds drifting out. She quietly opened the door, and what he saw shocked her. The first thing that caught my eye - the TV, the screen of which was the most that neither is a rigid pornography.
Arthur and Alena watched with interest her, the girl's hand was under her skirt, somewhere between her legs, her face frozen expression of bliss. Arthur openly masturbate his penis. Marina amazement knew no bounds, she could not believe that such a demure look "filth", And even masturbate in front of each other. But you can not just be, you need to do something. She abruptly opened the door and entered the room. Uvid¸v it Alyona quickly pulled his hand out of her panties, and her brother removed his pants his manhood and turned off the DVD-Player. They looked down, waiting for what will happen next, but not on their face was read rasskaivaniya rather a nuisance that interrupted their fun. Marina is even more angry, she began to abuse their shame, finally
I asked where they got the drive.
Brother and sister at first did not want to talk, but then nevertheless admitted that they have ordered it on I-no, using his mother's credit card. More student finally scolded them and said that he would tell everything to their parents when they return, and about the gods, forbidden to use a computer. That same evening, she actually searched their room, found a few drives with similar content and took them.
From that day, the ratio of Arthur and Alena to your "nurse" It has changed dramatically (to more). They decided not to file a note that particularly offended, but in the meantime developed a secret plan for revenge. Soon he had a plan, and now it was only necessary to wait
the right moment to implement it, and he introduced himself.
It was late evening. Brother and sister had gone to bed. Marina is still watching TV. She slept in a separate room. When the movie ended, she went into the bathroom to take a shower before going to bed and brush your teeth. Trying not to wake the children, she also quietly went back to his room, and she heard:
-Oh, she was a fool, not for what will not guess - it was the voice of Arthur.
-Hush you, it can hear - it is, respectively, said Alain.
-No, it is in a different room - said the boy was quieter, but Marina approached close to the door and everything is fine heard - we buy great porn tomorrow, and I-no, we do not need, I know a place there and the baby will be sold.
-And where is the money? - He asked his sister.
-I hid them in the table with his father in the office, this fool will never guess where to look.
His head was boiling rage Marina: "Ah, these minnows consider me a fool, well, we'll see!" And then he went into the office. She did not know that there are children secretly installed a camera that is just now joined. The fact that parents are Arthur and Alena kept almost all their money in the bank, but it has always kept a certain amount of cash at home, just in case. It is the money of about 2 thousand dollars found Marina, digging in the table under the watchful but invisible eye of the video camera. And then he went with them in the children's room, but the road was like, "Where did they get so much money? What if they say that it's not their money, and parents? I did not prove anything.
No, I'd rather pretend that I know nothing, and tomorrow shall find them in the act". Decided to do so, Marina put money on the place and went to bed.
However, the brother and sister will not go tomorrow and the next day, too, and did not even go in the office, knowing that they are followed by Marina. Only four days later Alain was able to get in there unnoticed, take a camera and money.
After watching the tape brother and sister were delighted. On the record it was perfectly visible, as Marina digs in the table, gets the money and leaves with them. "conspirators" immediately made a copy and hid it with the money. It is time for the most important thing. Alain asked Marina to go to their room to show something.
Girl, about anything without knowing it went to her. Arthur turned on the record and he and his sister began to see the reaction of the student. Looking to the end, she looked quizzically at his "Trust" and
I asked:
-And what does it mean?
-This is a record of how you stole the money from the table in the office of our father - Arthur answered calmly.
-As it is stolen? I put them back.
-That's on the record why it is not visible, and there is no money on the spot.
-As there ?!
-Very simply, you can check - Arthur abruptly switched to "you".
Before the girl is gradually beginning to realize that they have conceived "filthy" children. For a moment, her face reflected fear, he quickly mastered it is.
-You will not believe, the more I'll take away the tape.
-You do not have to work, we made a copy - without a hint of hesitation said Arthur, - and do not look for her, she and money in a safe place. And about "will not believe" you're wrong, the parents will not allow the thought that we are able to deceive, we know them well, but not very often see. And they do not know nothing about you, maybe you are a thief, pretending to nurse specially to penetrate into the house. We say that you forced us to tell where the money and more intimidating, so we did not tell anyone.
-Oh, and if us something happen cassette fall into the hands of law enforcement bodies, - could not help Arthur added.
On the girl's face the fear reappeared, this time for a longer time. After a moment of silence Marina forced a smile and said haltingly:
-Okay, kids, you win, you get back at me, which I was a fool - she tried to laugh, but the laugh turned out not too natural - well, I will not tell your parents about what you saw, I'll give you wheels , you can even watch them all day long ... and the computer can use. Good? Agreed?
-No, this is not enough - Arthur grinned - porn for us to still be nothing, once parents punish us. And, in general, we can say that you came up with it all.
In the eyes of Marina flashed anger, she was ready to pounce on this brazen and strangle the boy on the ground, but he restrained himself. She realized that this is not a joke, and now she was sure that these children are capable of much.
-What do you want? - She asked, again forced a smile.
Young blackmailers looked at each other and smiled at each other mysteriously. Then Arthur said, clearly pronouncing each sound:
-First, we want you to undress.
There was a pause. Marina looked as if he did not understand the meaning of spoken words. Brother and sister seemed outwardly calm, in fact, they have been waiting with bated breath the girl reaction. They knew that if she lost them now, would be completely at their mercy. The student is also understood this.
Marina Hands dipped feeling the edge t-shirts. She wanted to say something, he has already moved his lips, but the words stuck in my throat. Finally, realizing the hopelessness of their situation, she pulled off her T-shirt, showing strapped bra chest. Arthur's eyes sparkled, and Alena, they relaxed and waited. Student long fumbled with the zipper pants, but, finally, right and pulled them as well. Now Marina was standing in his underwear and began to blush with shame.
-What are you waiting for? Take off your bra - urged her
Trembling hands girls undid the clasp, and her bra fell to the floor, revealing the look perfectly shaped breasts Marina.
-Now, panties, - did not let the teenager.
The girl had to do and the order. And here she is completely naked, and the brother and sister with great interest considering her young body: her beautiful shoulders, chest, rosy nipples, abdomen, thin waist, black pubic curls, long slender legs, between which hides her secret place.
Marina's face flushed with shame, she was ready to sink into the ground, only to be saved from this arrogant, studying her eyes. She wanted to cover herself, but Arthur ordered to take his hands. Finally, after watching enough, he continued.
-Now lie down on the bed.
-But: But you promised to give me the tape and money if I get undressed.
-We are told that you have to undress to start, - chimed in Alain.
-Similarly, - she has confirmed her brother - and now lie down on the bed and show me how you caress yourself.
-What?! No. I will not do it.
-Then everyone will know about your stealing, - said Arthur and seeing that Marina is still wavering, he said - come on, lie down, legs apart and touch themselves there.
Realizing that if she's refused, then she suffered in vain all the previous disgrace, she lay down on the bed
and slightly spread her legs. Brother and sister looked on with fascination the petals of her vagina.
They stood up so that it was perfectly clear. Arthur ordered to spread her legs wide and caress her hand. Marina still performed. Hand girl lay down on the crotch and start to make slow circular movements. The guy led her actions from time to time giving orders: "kindle sponge". "pat clit". "lick your finger, and bring it inside". "breast touch it" and so on. Marina all performed without prikoslovno. After a while, she realized with fear that she was excited, but did not want myself to admit it. Inside the vagina was wet, swollen nipples, a little more and she began to moan with pleasure, but then Arthur interrupted her.
-Now sit down and gave me a blowjob.
Marina's eyes widened as she looked at his tormentor and quickly realized that he was not joking. As if in a dream, naked student sat on the edge of the bed. Arthur stood in front of her, and even through his trousers to be seen how he is excited.
-Well, what do you do, let's take off my pants and suck cock - he urged her.
She began to carry out his orders, on the girl's eyes as though scales fell. Through her Marina saw a member of cowards stressful jumped. Now she could think of was to avoid being sick. She decided to close her eyes and not think about anything. When a member of Arthur disappeared into her mouth charming student, there was a blissful smile on his face, he put his hands on the girl's head and completely trusted her actions.
Alain sat down next to the Marina and stared as her nurse sucks dick at her brother. A minute later, the girl broke down, her hand slipped under her skirt and hard earned there.
It was all so exciting, that Arthur could not long
sustain, if not tried. He stiffened and shot a jet of hot student in her mouth, she released a member of his mouth and he sprayed cum all over his face girls.
A minute later he came to himself and looked at Alain, said Marina, who has been hoping that the torture is over.
-Look, Beauty, as we filed my sister. You have to make her cum too.
-Caress her sch¸lku, look how she wants it.
Alain immediately to confirm his words, pulled off her panties and mokrenkie, lifted up her skirt, lay on her back, legs spread wide. Her eyes opened a rare down to the pubic and maiden cave with small shameful lips, on which shone moisture. Exit Marina was not and she began to please the girl. Language students got inside the womb craving Alena. It lasted longer than his brother, but still kicked his head squeezed in a few minutes "babysitting", Bent and with a loud groan came.
Arthur said that's enough for today. At the words "for today"To which the teenager especially pressed, pale face of Marina, but she said nothing.
Rest of the day the children spent as if nothing unusual had happened. And only when they secretly looked at each other and smiling at each other, it was possible to understand that there is something wrong. Beginning the next day went so well, but about four hours of children again asked the nurse to come to them. She quietly walked with bowed head, then began again haltingly apologized to them, begged him not to humiliate her more and give the tape and money. But brother and sister clearly did not want to deprive yourself of the pleasure.
-No - began Arthur - your false apology to us is not enough. Wait, now I'll undress you.
Having said that, the teenager went to the girl and began to unbutton her blouse. The student knew that her prayers were not answered, and she had no choice but to comply. Arthur slowly bared her young body, parallel to the kissing and caressing his hands. Finally he got to the end and took off her panties Marina, held his hand between her legs and stroked her labia stuck his finger inside.
-And now - he said, - I want you to share my sister and make love to her. After all, you want it, Alenka?
-Yes, very much, - said the girl, going to bed.
-Come on - her brother continued, referring to the student - to undress her slowly, as I undressed you, and do not forget to caress her body. I love to watch how the girls are doing it.
Marina went to the bed, which already lay sister of Arthur, waiting for his "mistress". The student knelt down beside her and began to unbutton his shirt Alena. Taking off her small breasts Marina saw the girl.
-Come on, kiss the nipples of my sister, look, they swelled, - Arthur sat down and began to carefully observe the actions of women.
Obeying him, the student leaned over and kissed Alena rosy nipple, then the other. The girl's face lit up a smile, she obviously liked it all.
-Now take off my sister's skirt.
Marina unbuttoned and pulled off the girls skirt.
-Kiss her legs, hips, like this. Now take off your panties - Arthur unseasoned, pulled off his pants and began to masturbate.
Marina took off her panties and girls, without waiting for further orders, pressed his lips to her crotch .... Alena moaned as language students got inside her womb.
-Alenka, and you want to try the vagina Marina.
-Yes, I want it sch¸lku.
-You understood? - Arthur turned to the student, - lie down so that Alain could caress you.
Marina turned, and now it was directly above the cave mouth Alena, and the gap beneath the girl mouth female students.
-Yes it is all wet - Arthur's sister said, after a couple of times licked Marinino vagina.
She is really excited and now, when it was discovered, terribly embarrassed.
-It seems you like it - mockingly said Arthur, - Come on, get her to finish - it is not clear to whom the last phrase was addressed, but both "mistress" hard earned tongues into the vagina each other.
The first could not stand Alena, the girl screamed and roughly finished in a few minutes. She lay down, resting.
-It appears you have not reached orgasm? - Arthur asked Marina - Do not move, now I'll help you.
With that, he took out from under the covers two big dildo. When the student saw them, her eyes widened.
-Where did you get this? - She asked in a trembling voice.
-Our parents sometimes amuse themselves with them, - said Alain.
-And today we have some fun, - said Arthur.
Having said this, he took the larger of the dildo and then to the end stuck in the slot of Marina, she cried out and fell on his chest, leaving her ass raised from student gushed tears eyes. Arthur began to move the dildo in her cunt faster and faster. With every movement of her cave was making squishing sounds, and the girl herself cried. She was crying, but not because the teen fucks her hefty dildos, and from the fact that she likes it. Marina felt that will soon be over and begged Arthur to stop, but he would not listen. Then Aln¸na took the second dildo and slowly began to shove him in the ass girls. Student
I asked her not to do it, but Alain her words had no effect, too. Soon the dildo completely disappeared into the anus Marina. Brother and sister both fucked the girl in both holes, she clenched her teeth sheet so as not to scream, but orgasm is still inexorably approaching. A student yelled at the apartment and roughly finished. However, children continued to torment her slit and ass. Finally, Arthur said he could no longer tolerate and leaving their dildo in the vagina girl, knelt down in front of her. Marina quickly realized that is required of her, she took the boy's dick in her mouth and started sucking it carefully, while as Alain continued to move the dildo in the anus students. At this time, Arthur stood firm, not to finish too quickly. He made the entire Marina lick his cock from base to head, and then the testicles. Then he took her by the hair and began to move his hips back and forth as if fucking girl.
When he finally finished, it is not allowed to release his cock from his mouth and forced the student to swallow all his sperm to the last drop.
Then Alain crawled to his brother and told him something in his ear. He smiled and turned to Marina:
-My sister saw you liked it, and wanted to do with her ass the same thing that she did with yours.
Alena lay on her back and legs bent, knees pressed to his chest. Now both of her holes were in full view. Student bezprikoslovno took less dildo that just fucked her herself, licked it, and tried to stick to Alain. It was not so easy, ass girls was narrower than the Marina, several times she had to re-lick dildo, until it is fully penetrated into the anus or Alena.
Student start gently move the dildo in the ass girls. Arthur sat down on his sister and tongue began to caress her soft, expiring moisture sch¸lku. Alena closed her eyes and focused entirely on the sensations emanating from her two holes, she moaned loudly and occasionally cried when Marina introduced a particularly deep dildo in her ass. But then the girl noticed that her brother's limp dick hanging right above her face. Wanting to bring it into alertness, Alain began to suck the penis as it did recently Marina. Her efforts were crowned with success. A minute later a member was firm as a rock. Tearing himself away from his little girl said:
-Come on, Arthur, fuck her for real!
His face appeared frightened student.
-No please do not need to - she pleaded.
-Excellent idea, - said Arthur, not listening to the girl.
He came up behind her, put his hands on her hips, and then drove to the end of his penis in her wet slit.
-Well, you went into it? - Eagerly asked his sister.
-Oh yes, Alyonushka, you have no idea how nice it is inside this warm and tender.
-Wait, I have to see it.
Alain knelt beside him and began to observe as a member of her brother stabs her vagina "babysitting"And she just yells with pleasure.
-And why do not you fuck her in the ass? - Said the girl a couple of minutes.
-Yes, exactly, I thought about this, too.
Arthur took a member of the cave girl, and thrust into her anus. After the dildo, he went in pretty easily, but still within the Marina's ass was pretty cramped. Teenager rolled his eyes with pleasure, and the girl went to the cries moans. Alena carefully watching them, constantly tugging at his little fingers clit.
Soon Arthur ordered Marina lie on your back. He threw her legs over his shoulders, thrusting his penis into the vagina again. He especially liked to look at the student chest, bouncing with every jolt on her face, which is periodically distorted grimace of pleasure, to tear-stained eyes of the girl, in which both reflected shame and bliss.
Alyona soon tired very caress herself, then she knelt over his head and lowered his Marina thirsty girl's vagina on her lips. The student immediately began to lick vagina girls, glad that Arthur is now not see her face. But it is not very upset, because now he could look at her sister's face, which reflected no less blissful.
They smiled at each other, when the body of Marina beneath them began to beat in convulsions, but Arthur continued to fuck Woman stronger and stronger, and Alain has moved his hips back and forth, spreading his love juice on the student's face. They're smiling looking at each other, happy to have been able to take revenge so sweet nurse. A minute later, the two had finished almost simultaneously.
Arthur took a member of the cave girl, and thrust into her anus. After the dildo, he went in pretty easily, but still within the Marina's ass was pretty cramped. Teenager rolled his eyes with pleasure, and the girl went to the cries moans. Alena carefully watching them, constantly tugging at his little fingers clit.
Soon Arthur ordered Marina lie on your back. He threw her legs over his shoulders, thrusting his penis into the vagina again.
He especially liked to look at the student chest, bouncing with every jolt on her face, which is periodically distorted grimace of pleasure, to tear-stained eyes of the girl, in which both reflected shame and bliss.
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Andrew probably has a hundred times regretted that agreed to go along with Julia in the camp counselor. Almost a month he was stuck in the "nursery" for young people, and constantly prancing, screaming, wearing a back and forth, the crowd uneven rebyatni took it over. It is fortunate that most of this bedlam going on behind the walls of their cottage. Still, the guys in the squad for fifteen years. However, at times it seemed to Andrei that it is better to listen to the cries, swarming around, small fry than to deal with the machinations of youths dispersed and, in particular, mature, horny tineydzherok.
Andrew've certainly heard that the girls from the older units often sink to the young leaders. Freedom from parents, romance, hormones play, and the guy next to the nineteen-twenties. On the one hand almost the same age, on the other - is a real man. So ... But damn! When eleven girls and four openly hinted that they would not mind to see in you not only a counselor, and three straight offer to sleep. How do you want to get out ?!
With the top four it was still nothing. Girly, not mastered yet, with a new role for these temptresses, perhaps not really know what they actually want and how far are willing to go to the selected path. Feel free and himself, and roommates, allowing Andrew more or less successfully reflect their assaults.
But the trio, who had settled in the far bedroom, "advanced Tinoco" caught up to the same girlfriends, apparently, have finally decided for themselves the question: "To give or not give." And finding a suitable object to Andrew for the realization of their desires, it operated smoothly and purposefully, not bothered silly tales about the girl's modesty.
The problem for Andrew was also in that nymphet were damn enticing. Dark-eyed, with thick, black as pitch, hair Darkie Liang. Slender, amazingly proportioned, light and fast, like a gazelle, Natasha and long-legged, high-breasted, bright blonde Arina-allotted beauty even among its more than attractive, girlfriends. Andrew drew attention to them in the first day, when the girls appeared on stage at the time arranged on the occasion of the beginning of the shift, the concert. Sitting next to Julia, mistakenly assuming that he became interested in their voices, and girlfriend sang really well, whisper explained who they were. It turned out that, unlike the imported performers are girls out of their squad with Julia, are engaged in some serious choir and, therefore, take part in all of this kind of camp activities, for which use the same location of the camp.
The same evening, at the ordinal levels stake the beautiful canary immediately swarmed Andrew, managing to cling to him all three of us that Andrew at the time, naively explained the influence coming from the night of the lake, coolness in their scantily covered body ,. Already a couple of days later, he found out how much mistaken.
In the quiet hour, using the absence, upylivshey to the authorities at the camp council, Julia, the trio had fallen into his room. Honestly looking into the eyes, the girls announced that they have come for help. They supposedly brought several styles of swimwear and now do not know any more than talking. And who can judge better than men? Not for the boys as they apply to such a request. Andrew wanted to explain nouveau patterns, that is not the podium and not fitting, and that quiet time is necessary to lie in bed and do not hang around the rooms counselors. But then I decided not to be boring. In the end, girls are more attractive than, as in bathing suits he had them, one way or another, see.
Her short robe girls flew to the bedside table, and the demonstration began. One by one, the girls approached, sitting on the bed, Andrew, slowly, spun in front of him and returned to the original. Showing the first model ended. Girls lined up side by side, brought together his hands behind his back and began dexterously rid of bras.
- Uh-uh. - Andrew protested. - There was agreement swimwear show, not that under them.
Fascinating creatures standing in front of him in shorts and without even thinking seductive cover, elastic, decorated with sharp little papillae, beauty, naive clapped fluffy, long eyelashes. They can not run every time to dress for my room. This long and then suddenly someone sees.
Andrew just waved his hand. Swim from swimwear flew to the floor, giving him the opportunity to admire the smooth, nice ass, neatly aligned triangles of hair, indicating exactly Intermedia, perfect shape, legs, and even plump, little pussy when rambunctious nymphet started filming in front of him panties picture, as in cinema, bending to the floor. However, the girls dressed in the far end of the room, and, pushing, closed to each other, so that a very detailed view failed. Still, the rest of the show had to watch Andrew, throwing one leg over the other. Its piston appreciated the beauty of the girl's body and tried to get out of the jeans, to express my gratitude in person.
Andrew has already started to think how it will stop the game. This required at least to get up. He understood: sexy girls realize that impressed him. But the show, teasing his youngsters that the member does not just got up, and jeans are not just tears, did not want to. At this point, Natasha, throwing off two bundles of threads with the minimum amount of tissue slices, for some reason called a bathing suit, turned to Andrew, glancing slyly at him.
- And it may be better this style?
- As a man, I'm all for. - Sincerely Andrew said. - But I'm afraid the administration deems your suit too freely, and the boys will not let you pass water.
- And you would have walked away with us to the beach. - Slightly bent his head and smiling hopefully, offered Arina. - We do not mind without swimsuits swim.
- In the city I would have had no objection. - Andrew sighed. - But it can not, as it did not want. And anyway, you have to dress up to go. Quiet time is over.
- Oo-oo-oo. - Offended pouted naked beauties.
Yet Andrew shoved them, though not without some regret. He fell asleep that night with difficulty. Nymphet managed to still decent tease his male component. In addition, Andrew felt that a demonstration of his attractive, young bodies are not going to be limited to a girlfriend.
He was not mistaken. More days five girls in many ways fueled the interest in it, and then made a decisive assault. As always, before going to sleep Andrew looked to them in the bedroom. Sassy kids, in some translucent shirts, sat side by side on the bed, right on top of the blankets, up¸rshis back into the wall and pulling to the chest slightly apart, knees bent legs. Length rubashonok, while sitting in this position, allowed to cover except the navel, and the existence of such a case, even if the minimum size panties girls clearly have preferred to forget. Andrew some time admiring their shapely legs and blooming between the legs of the tender bud, but quickly realized that his own trunk showed an interest in life and breaks out of the jeans.
- Ladies, - said Andrei, hastily thrusting his hands in his pockets - you have someone to say that to be in this form before strange men indecently?
Natasha slightly wider spread her legs and covered her pussy palm.
- That's better?
Andrew looked at n¸¸. Natasha, leading invitingly tongue over his lips, slightly clenched and unclenched his hand, causing the fingers to stroke the entrance to the cave.
Andrew shook his head:
- Natasha, a girl decorates modesty.
- That is, if there are no other decorations .... - Natasha laughed carelessly.
Arina suddenly slid off the bed. Pouring from standing next to a table lamp, the light seemed dissolved superfine cloth shirt, turning it into a transparent haze, do not hide, but rather emphasize the beauty of the naked body. Frankly showing herself, Arina came to Andrew and put her hands to his shoulders. From this movement, enveloped her, a ghostly cloud, slightly lifted, revealing a bright mound of hair, ran to the entrancing cleavage between the smooth, tanned legs.
- Andrew, I want you. - Arina whispered, clinging to him and putting his lips waiting for a kiss.
Andrew swam. Robust thoughts blew close availability alluring girl's body. Hands Man embraced Arina, straightened under jeans, piston rested directly into her stomach. Arina, shuddering sigh, pressed her whole body to Andrew. Now his lips merge with her gentle lips, hand slid on his hip, holding up an easy fabric ... But ... some edge of consciousness Andrew still managed to remain untroubled and stopped the guy. Cursing his sense of duty and gritting his teeth from unsatisfied desires, he somehow forced himself to break away from the girl.
- No. - Andrew, driving obsession, shook his head.
- But why?! - Do not hide disappointment, almost cried Arina.
Strongly held out his hand, he touched her bulging member Andrew.
- You want!
- Yes, you have only a blind man would not impotent! - Andrew and did not think to deny it. - I want to, of course. But I can not!
- Because you're a counselor, and we youngsters? - Curled, came up to him, Natasha.
- That's right, kids. I have an hour of fun with nothing who know how fifteen-soplyachkami of uni fly or sit in jail do not want to! In addition, I have another reason.
- And it is even more important for you. This is Julia. - There was a door calm, confident voice.
Andrew looked back. Liang was leaning against the doorjamb and crossed his arms. It turns out that she was, where only got the key, and the door had time to lock up. However, in the ingenuity of the girls Andrew had no doubt.
- All-you know. - Displeasure he muttered, sitting down on the chair standing near.
Andrew really push my way here because Yulka. Acquainted with the beautiful sophomore three months ago and found in it a response to the interest of his own person, Andrew was quite pleased with himself. Assessing easy and free, mischievous style of communication Yulka, sometimes turns into a brash bes¸nka, Andrew had no doubt that their relationship soon will drop further, and above all deeper the now familiar kisses. And broken off! Who would have thought that under the guise of uninhibited, desperate chert¸nka girl hiding such strict rules. No, it is quite touchy Julia, it was not of course, and Andrew knew to touch and personally, what beautiful, decorated with turrets pink buds, fruit hides Yulkin openwork bra. And how easy it is to slide a hand, repeating the delightful twists her round, firm ass, has not latent thin, transparent panties. And down with the palm of overgrown with blond hair, in the hill, moisturizes the touch of his fingers, lying between the smooth, curvy hips, virgin hollow. How sweet shudders and groans under his gentle caresses Julia. But ... this is all! For the rest there was a complete failure! And when you're almost twenty, evening, during which the most that was allowed - to get under the shirt, but even in her panties, to put it mildly, does not pull too successful. And when it goes on for several months ?! And no way to impress that, after such a term, the word "my" happy, but the "girl" has already upset. In response to his accusations, Julia explained quite easily:
- I do not want to stone you, and no less. But I will close only to those with whom I want to stay for a long time. It does not matter to me, he will, in the end, her husband or not. You really like me, Andrew, but I have nothing for himself is not decided. Yes, and you, in my opinion, was not identified, Wilt thou be with me or just me.
Then Julia was not quite right. If she did not like Andrew, like no one ever before it, would have long spat and waved his hand. And suffering and waiting, although a member of, that and look, begin to knock off the corners. However, Andrew, for some small, minor nuances, as they say on the level of emotion, feeling the approach of Yulkinoy ready to give up and believed in the camp, where Julia was the second year and where a counselor from a calling Andrew, it will happen. Romance starry night, the quiet lapping of the lake, rustling overhead, pine will be on his side. And, like, as long as everything goes to so feeble efforts, ripe for sex, youngsters are now for him quite inappropriately. Andrew, trying to look in the face, looked at the girls surrounding him.
- Yes, the reason Julia. What's next?
- You're not too out there succeeded. - Natasha snorted.
That's it for nothing she said. The lack of success with Julia already irritated Andrei order. And if you these extraneous soplyachka nose pokes!
- You know, my child, I somehow itself decide where and what to me to keep up. And most importantly with whom.
Andrew, sharply pushing a chair, stood up, walked to the door, twisted the key in the lock. Liang slightly stepped aside to let him through.
- In vain are you, Andrew. - Quietly, as if nothing had happened, she said. - We could arrange it so that all was well. And we, you and Julia.
- Somehow I'll manage.
Andrew slammed the door behind him.
After this incident, a girlfriend no longer seriously bothered Andrew. Whether developing a new plan of attack, then it really cooled off to him. Anyway, two weeks he lived relatively quietly. However, what the hell ?! quietly With Julia somehow everything went naperekos again. No, Julia is still looking Andriy society, hidden from prying eyes, gladly hung around his neck, whispering sweet, sweet words, but with what it expected from Andrew, all somehow suddenly and inexplicably stalled. And even hint at the fact that the case will move off the ground, did not appear. Andrew did not understand Julia, I was mad at her, and the same time and more often thought that it is necessary to finalize the change and get out of here to hell. Let Julia, if you want to preserve their virginity, as the regiment banner poterpelivee looking for someone, and he had had enough.
I get it! Julia felt his mood, rarely laughed, walking is no longer behaved like a rambunctious child, returned sad. But ... the cause of the disorder is not eliminated in a hurry.
Meanwhile, the day came Andrew's birthday. Joy over twenty years was not a fig. Andrew and walk something with Julia after lights go did not want to, but I saw so much unspoken requests, that he could not refuse her eyes. Suppose that tomorrow or the day after, he would tell her that he was going - today, they are still together.
Quickly pozaglyadyvav stacked in the bedrooms of children, Andrew went last and found girlfriends, sitting with his legs on the bed wrapped in blankets so that sticking one's head.
- Come, Andrew. - Asked Arina. - We have a gift for you.
When Andrew came in, closed the door, Arina quickly looked at his girlfriends. Time! The beds have grown three slender, white column. Two! Hands girls, like wings, darted to the side, revealing to Andrew undisguised young body. Three! Blankets collapsed at their feet, and three naked ladies became slowly, slowly rotated before Andrei, letting him see yourself from all sides. Clearly stands out against the background of tanned bodies, white hemisphere topped with sharp nipples, breasts, slender, smooth legs, rounded, tight, alluring ass, flat tummies, ending at the bottom of soft, attractive light and dark triangles, teased, called to him Andrew, forcing him piston ... almost tear the fabric of jeans. Finished turnover seductress stopped and froze for a few seconds in front of Andrew. Then quickly turned and sat down, and, after a moment, already lying in bed, chastely pulled the blanket up to his chin, and sly glances at Andrew.
- Well, as our gift to you? - Natasha inquired.
Andrew held up his thumb.
- There are no words. This is so because of the wonderful butterfly pupae are born. You are real beauties, girls.
He did not play the hypocrite. Take part in this extraordinary display of all the senior girls and young camp counselors, one Julia, perhaps, could surpass girlfriends. And the greater because it was no longer a teenager and formed adult woman. But more - no.
- Thanks for the gift. - Andrew smiled and turned toward the door.
- Wait - stopped him Arina - you want to get your Julia?
Andrew looked at her with displeasure.
- You something that up to this?
- Personal interest. - Arina smiled serenely. - We have an opportunity to help you. Liang explained.
- Julia must desire me. - To withdraw from the Liang bed. - Any.
- Here is how? - Andrew raised an eyebrow. - And for what?
- Remember her bracelet?
- Well, of course. - Andrew surprised shrugged.
In Yulka was really beautiful, vintage, gold bracelet, transmitted in the family from generation to generation, which she loved and worn, almost without taking off. Here is the bracelet caught on something, and slipped from her hands, when she and the guys from the squad sat on the overhanging the lake, a huge boulder. Straight into the water. Andrew, probably three hours diving, trying to find on the muddy bottom of the brilliant contraption. Tired, so that barely climbed out of the lake. But all to no avail. Julia then terribly upset. A couple of days later Andrei again saw the familiar hand on her bracelet. It turned out, Julia wandered outside of Boulder and just stumbled upon the shallow water loss.
- So what?
- And then - Liang smiled - that Yulkina find near the stone - a fairy tale for the curious. In fact, I returned to her bracelet. Do not believe me, ask Julia. Say, I'm allowed.
- But how?! - Andrew saw that Liang does not lie, but do not understand anything.
- Leanca have a witch. - Natasha laughed.
Liang, disengaging his hand from under a thin blanket, a careless gesture of her hair.
- My grandmother was a real witch. From old Moldovan Roma. He taught me some useful things. As the water to ask for lost pay, well, and still something.
- Gosha! - Andrew shook his head in surprise. - Miracles. But "American" -So what side here.
- Water for nothing gives nothing. The desire and there is a fee. And what? - Here Liang squinted slyly. - Water - a capricious element. It may, for example, and the innocence of the victim in demand. Julia warned about this.
- And in fact? - Andrew began to see the game on pyres.
- It depends on what you ask. For gold blood calculated. I paid for a long time Julia. There also should be some not so much. A desire for yourself saved up. I can share.
- Not for nothing, of course. - Andrew alternately swept the bridesmaids look. - And what do you want?
- You. - Without a trace of embarrassment replied Arina. - First, you sleep with us, and then receive their treasure.
- Of course, we will ensure that everything was secret. - Calmly and seriously added Liang. - The publicity is not in our interest.
- And how do you do it? - Andrew, deploying stood beside him a chair, straddled him, her hands folded on the back.
- Yes, simple. - Natasha, holding his chest blanket, also sat on the bed. - After three days, the change of ends. After breakfast, the counselors will take away the children in the city and come back the next day with a fresh batch. Camp attendants and heads will fall down after him. Guys who like us, are for the next term, they will gather in a heap in the central body under the supervision of two counselors on duty. But we - here Natasha sly smile - the camp are allowed to stay in his cottage. Of course, under the supervision of Leader of our party. Julia, like a big, of course, traveling with children. So, leave you. And Saturday afternoon until Sunday morning we're going to absolutely alone.
Andrew thought. little hotties plan developed - no reproach. Especially in the part of their concerning. But what to Yulka ... Is it all curly, they paint? On the other hand, to lose something? Framed him they Julia - well. No - it is, at least, though these will receive pupae. Fuck tempting youngsters, which is self-deceiving, very much.
- Agreed. - Andrew shook his head. - But keep in mind. If things go according to plan, the transaction will be canceled.
- Everything will be as it should. - Arina comfortably settled on the pillow. - The lights went out, please.
Leaving, Andrey few minutes standing outside smoking, digesting heard. Then, on the porch door slammed, and Julia is easy, if not touching the steps, ran to him.
- Come on. - Andrew hugged the girl's shoulders.
They went to the lake, to the far end of the beach, to the long, flat boulder, which loved to sit in the evenings. Suddenly, Julia did not stop at the usual place, and Andrew pulled further over the next stone, completely concealing them from the beach and from the camp. Pausing, Julia pulled off his shirt, revealing gaze Andrew elastic, milky white in the dim moonlight, such coveted hemisphere breasts. "Swim, probably naked wants", - Andrey decided. But Julia did not undress further, and came up to Andrew, put her hands on his shoulders.
- I know that you would like to receive on his birthday. - Quietly she said, looking into the eyes of Andrew. - I can not give you, but maybe you will agree to a smaller gift.
"What gift?" - Andrew wanted to ask, but Julia had already dropped to her knees and began to unbutton his jeans. Pulling them together with the swimming trunks down, she gently took his hand, swiftly rectified cock and gently touched his lips.
- I was the first time in my life I'm doing. - Julia embarrassed with a view looked up at Andrew. - Do not be angry if something goes wrong.
She kissed him again tense stem. Her nimble tongue quickly and gently caressed the head. Then Yulkiny sponge hugged her tight ringlet, and a member of Andrew penetrated Yulkin virgin mouth.
- Oh - ohh. - Andrew groaned.
Julia looked up from frightened Andrew.
- Are you hurt ?!
- No. All is well. - Andrew, Julia put a hand on his head, gently pulled her to him. - Go on.
Julia has boldly admitted cock in her mouth and slid on his lips, then sucking, as she could, smooth, hard, sliding on the rod Andrei language, then releasing it almost completely out. Andrew gently swaying movements towards Julia, feeling his flushed member fills the gentle girlish mouth, then slips back to freedom, leaving inside only, hugging soft ringlet lips caressed clever, movable tongue, head. And once again fills this wonderful store. And again, and again ...
Breath they grew louder and more frequent. Andrew moaned slightly. Julia, has to understand that this is not a sign of pain and pleasure, he continued to try. At times, she stopped and, caressing the head of a member of only one tip of the tongue, raised eyes at Andrew, copying women porn, apparently became for her the only textbook. Suck Julia did not know how exactly. Stray from the rhythm, it stops at the most inopportune moment. I tried to let a pin Andrew entirely - it has not worked. But it misses for, burnt, after a long abstinence, desire, Andrew meant little. His cock came out of the desert into an oasis. And the main thing in my mouth ...- he took Julia! It acted on Andrew stronger than affection the most experienced in the world minetchitsa. His rod was ready to explode. The first signs of being born in the depths of the eruption, rapidly gaining strength, becoming irresistible, powerful stream. Accumulated for almost four months downtime, the stock hit in the mouth Yulka thick and hot jet. Inexperienced Julia, who failed to capture the moment approaching orgasm jerked in surprise, firing from the mouth member, immediately irrigate her chin and chest white splashes. But once again clung to Andrew and began to swallow, ejected, trembling in her hitherto innocent rotike toy Andrew, spicy liquid, feeling for the first time in his tongue and lips the taste of semen.
Swallowing all, Julia, holding hand More Horny dick Andrew, carefully and thoroughly licked it. Then, for the last time by tapping the head with his lips, released toy and, unusually shy, I looked at Andrew.
- Did you like it?
Andrew, in whose eyes still swam colored spots, smiled and gently stroked her hair. Julia, suddenly embarrassed, lowered her head, pretending that it is considering how soiled her naked beauty.
- Well, that t-shirt removed. Right on the nipple came.
Andrew sat down beside her on his lap and kissed her, adorned with white droplets sharp little, busy papilla.
- Well, where even a kiss?
He has attracted Julia. That, bearing in mind the stained lips, tried to pull away, but Andrew did not let go, and they merged in a long, coveted for both kiss. Andrew's hand patted his chest girl, then carefully slid under her skirt. Julia shivered slightly as his fingers, pushing the gum panties, touched the abdomen. Andrew felt that she was very excited.
- And now you like? It's hard though. - He asked Julia, when they finally broke apart.
- I suffer. - Julia, his head down, shrugged. - In the end - here her voice dropped to a whisper, - around itself ...
Andrew gently drew her to him.
- Let me help. - He made an eloquent gesture. - Let both be fine.
Julia, do not argue, and rose, pulling her skirt and moistened her own desire, panties, got on his knees. Their lips met again. Palm Andrew lay between spaced Yulkinyh feet. Little Yulkina pussy was just wet. Sliding on her fingers Andrei instantly covered with a layer of grease abundantly released. Almost immediately, Julia started moaning and shuddering, clutching the arm of Andrei feet. Yulkiny hips were too densely covered it with liquid. Andrew already darivshy Julia similar affection for the first time seen her so excited. It was clear that the finish line, to which Julia had not allowed Andrew to bring themselves, come very soon. Andrew's fingers move along the girl's pussy, all the more pressing to the clitoris. Julia clenched hand hips so that it was almost impossible to move. Then Andrew put his hand on, clasping her ass with his hand, and Julia began with all his strength to rub pussy on, appeared between her legs, a living pole. Andrew felt a small flutter Yulkiny buttocks and hips, the girl's body, looking up from his knees, arched, and a loud cry of pleasure flew over the dark surface of the lake.
Julia leaned heavily on Andrew's shoulder for a long time lay with his eyes closed, holding sandwiched between legs Man's hand. Andrew felt expire juice flushed her cave. Finally, Julia reached out to Andrew, gave him a grateful kiss lips. And in the next moment he fluttered off his lap and slipped away towards the lake. Light splash of water eloquently explained to Andrew that go now for Julia not worth it. A few minutes later, she, like a beautiful nymph, appeared out of the darkness in front of him. Water Droplets pobl¸skivali on her nude body. In the hands of Yulka was a wet leaf of a plant of the Lake. Taking stained hand Andrew, she first kissed her, then carefully erased all traces of his stay, and again kissed the damp palm. Andrew pulled Julia to himself.
- Let's dress up. - She whispered softly, reluctantly broke away from his lips. - It's too late. It is time to return.
Hug, Julia moved back with Andrew. They did not speak. they were too good right now, just go next. But the porch Julia, without looking at Andrew, asked quietly:
- You want to leave?
- I Wanted. - Frankly admitted Andrew. - Now I do not know.
Julia turned to him. They stood beneath the lantern, and Andrew saw a jump from the excitement of her lips.
- I can not promise that you will receive for the sake of what was left, and therefore can not and ask. But ... - Julia impulsively leaned against Andrew. - I really, really do not want you to leave.
Quickly smacking Andrew on the cheek, she turned sharply and quickly ran upstairs and disappeared behind the door. Yet Andrew had noticed spoke at her eyes with tears.
- Cause-and-a. - He drawled, sitting down on the steps and pulling from his pocket a cigarette.
He did not tell Julia about his decision to stay, but knew he would not leave. And not because of the contract with his craving for girls. He did not want this agreement. Just ... Just Julia he needed, and he told her. And, therefore, they will be together.
Andrew reached into his pocket for a lighter. A hand suddenly came across a small, slightly damp cloth piece. Andrew chuckled. Julia did not wear panties stained with grease and slipped them not to tug at the hands of Andrew jeans. And now forgotten. Good mother does not see, without which the daughter was with a walk. Well, so what to be afraid of my mother, we will wait. Anyway, something will develop.
In the morning, fell out after the lifting of the signal in the hallway, Andrew found impatiently stomping at the exit door has Washed and dressed, Julia.
- Andrew, - she waved her hand - I have twenty minutes of the camp council. Bring the children for breakfast alone.
Julia returned when fed squad already hard going to the beach, and went to the stands on the porch of Andrew. View she was puzzled.
- Andrew, there is such a thing ... The three girls from our party stay on the next shift. And the camp allowed them in the night, when all disperse, do not go into a common housing, and spend the night in the cottage. They should be leader. Around it turns out to be you. But - here Julia looked away - of course, if you decide to leave ...
- I stay. - Andrew interrupted her.
Julia, find his hand, she squeezed it, not daring, with dangling near the children on a more explicit expression of feelings. But her flashed and did not hide the joy, his eyes suddenly turned to his beloved Julia Andrew small bes¸nka.
- Things you do not want to return? - Deceitful and slightly embarrassed she looked at Andrew.
- So I have. - He shrugged. - I have them on the window hung drier.
- Crazy! - Julia gasped, blushing and rushing headlong into his room. - You will see!
When Andrew, smiling, went to her, Julia was relieved looked at the empty window.
- Liar nasty! Oo-oo-oo. - She angrily knocked Man fist on his chest. - So where?
Andrew opened a drawer nightstand.
- A kiss for safety?
- Extortionists. - Julia hid in his pocket a small, translucent triangle. - I love you and kiss for free agrees.
Her arms neck Andrew, she clung to his lips.
- Uh-uh! - Feeling rapidly growing under jeans, and have already begun to bear against her belly interest Andrew, Julia slipped out of his grasp. - Do not accelerate. Today is the last company officer fire tomorrow obschelagerny. We have even a walk can not go. Wait for the next shift. Many do not promise, but ...
Having described the rapid suckling ... move it with a chuckle fluttered out into the corridor
On Saturday morning, Andrew was surrounded by three girlfriends and escorted gaze departing one after the other buses. That uvozyaschih, waving out the window, Julia "Volzhanin" rolled out of the gate, and soon the area completely empty, and the camp was unusually quiet.
- Andrew - duty guide Volodya Pimenov came to them - you got a packed lunch?
- Got. - Andrew withdraw.
- Good. And the chef is also leaving. - Volodya pointed to standing under loading, the camp bus. - You Will you come in the evening?
- Well no. I will not bother you with Sveta tea. - Andrew he has eyes on the tall, dark-haired girl, taking combined unit to the central body.
Volodya smiled gratefully prodded Andrew punched in the shoulder and hurried for the guys.
- Well, that's - Andrew turned to the girls - someone else's personal life, we will not interfere. Come hold my own.
- In the cottage? - Clarify Natasha.
- While the lake. Let them see that we are on a walk. We return through the back door, she goes straight to the forest.
With lock had to tinker. Otp¸rsya it is easy, but to close the door with a key was not immediately apparent. When finished, finally, with this case and turned to Andrew he found girlfriends, hesitantly trampling on the threshold of their own bedrooms.
- We have it ... Well ... right now?
Andrew chuckled to himself. With the approach of a certain moment, confidence in the youngsters markedly diminished.
- I'm in no hurry. Do you want to just sit and chat?
On the pretty face of latter-day temptresses appeared visible relief. But retreat young upryamitsy clearly not going to.
- Just let things work first. We like ...? Move the beds?
- Yah. - Andrei waved his hand. - This spring garbage torment will be one. Let's beds and mattresses against the wall to the floor. I'm a couple of pieces from the neighboring bedroom dragged.
- Cool seksodrom turned out! - Arina contentedly plopped down on, which took most of the bedrooms, covered with sheets, a rectangle.
- Exactly. Hello Andrew came up with! - Natasha one jump was next to her friend. - I wonder who ever guessed in advance to remove her panties?
- I guessed to close the blinds. And the panties, I hope, will be removed from me. - Liang, stepping on an improvised bed, knelt down and pulled out from a deck of cards. - Well? The point on the strip? And let us with things takes Andrew.
- And if he loses? - Arina with Natasha moved closer.
- His strips winner.
The couple donated Andrew came the king and nine.
- Yet.
The third card was a lady. Sixteen points. With this you do not win.
- Yet.
I took out six.
- Bust. - Andrew opened the card.
- Nineteen. - Arina showed her.
- At least one. - In the hands of Natasha were two kings and a dozen.
- Twenty. - Liang put his hand on top of the other, then he turned to Andrew and began to unbutton his shirt on it.
- Now they are. - She pointed out the bare-chested Andrew at Arina with Natasha. Andrew moved to kneeling and girls alternately removed from each shirt, revealing them to his eyes, not too covered with delicate bras, breast.
- Pancake! Again, too much. - Andrew got to his feet. Jeans do not you take off while sitting.
- Point! - Natasha triumphantly showed their cards.
Reaching hands came up to Andrew, she undid the button with zipper and pulled off his jeans. Andrew, in turn, slowly unbuttoning buttons, took off her blouse on pyres and then freed by Arina bra, lightly touching her breasts at the same time.
- Wow, what you have without a noticeable jeans. - Natasha looked closely at the convexity heats Andrew. - I already want to see it live.
- Maybe now we'll see. - Arina start dealing the cards.
But the party has won Andrey. Another two bra thrown aside. Elastic standing upright chest girls seductively swayed in the face of Andrew. Months of stagnant idleness, a member of the tightly pulled melting. Particularly, when Andrei Arina pulled off her skirt, leaving the girl only a symbolic, almost nothing hides the striped fabric.
- If I do not lose, gum melts burst. - Andrew snorted to myself.
But to release, tearing out, the member does not have to. In the next round they hydrochloric scored twenty points and ARINC Natasha touched. Taking off with Natasha narrow strip of denim, Andrew turned to Arina. She stood in front of him. Andrei, carefully put his fingers under rezinochku, pulled her panties down. Right in front of his face began to slowly open rovnenky triangle of blond hair. Andrew fingers sliding on the girl's ass, lowered the "last bastion" Arina at the hips, and a second later her panties had disappeared from the site. From a careful look Andrew did not escape that pussy Arina has left them wet trail. However, on a transparent object Natashkiny also stood out, growing in size, the wet spot. About Liang, sitting back in a skirt, Andrew could not judge. Maybe after the next party?
- Point. - He was disappointed Liang, giving the sheet an ace and ten.
Her deft hands quickly pulled off Andrew melting. Freed from captivity, the rod jerked upward, and stood near the face on pyres.
- What a beautiful! - She smiled nymphet. - Now take off the loss with Natasha.
Andrew, slowly, with pleasure touching the buttocks and thighs girls, rescued her from a small, already wet piece of cloth and turned to Liang.
- A pay nothing Arina.
- There is nothing to pay - let them kiss.
Pyres look clearly indicates where to kiss Andrew. Andrew came to Arina. The one standing in front of him on his knees, gently touched his lips a member.
- And it's all? - Liang snorted. - So do not pay for the loss. Properly!
Arina took his hand member, repeatedly licked the head of the language, and then let him into her mouth. Andrew through his teeth he inhaled. Arina a minute sucked hard, then released a toy out and kissed him again.
- I like it. I still want to lose.
- Or maybe we have lost? - Natasha moved over to Andrew. - Give me. I also want to!
Andrew turned to her. Natasha's lips wrapped around his rod and slid on it up and down. Liang, discarding unnecessary deck, got up and went to Andrew. Andrew kissed her eyes, lips, neck, shoulders. His hands slid over his chest pyres. Her sharp little, brownish nipples instantly tightened and hardened. Lowering his hand on hip on pyres, Andrew unbuttoned her skirt. When A brief yubchonka slid to the floor, Liang threw her leg. Andrew put his hand under the elastic of panties and began stroking, squeezing gently, pyres buttocks, then pulled the girl panties on hips, and sent his hand between her slender, slightly spaced, legs. In pyres were wet even hips. Andrew's fingers ran along the slippery grease, Lyaninoy excited pussy. Noticing this, Arina came up to him and offered the other hand, Andrey own cave. Andrew, leaning alternately kissing breasts girls licking their small, intense papillae. Natasha, meanwhile, released a member of his mouth and Andrew, caressing it with his hand, he began to lick the egg.
- Oh-oh-s ... - Andrew pressed his hands to the clitoris of girls, so that they, too, groaned. - Girls, let's close to the floor.
He lay on his back, and Natasha with hydrochloric immediately attach to its members, becoming amicably lick toy. From time to time, they alternately admitted a member of his mouth, made a few sucking movements and continued to lick again.
- Come here. - Andrew pulled him Arina and put it on his knees so that the narrow, wet cave was directly over his face. - Below ....
His tongue slid on Arinin pussy, teasing outgoing juice maiden bud, slightly penetrating into the pristine depths. Arina, unusual even for such kindness, trembled at his touch. girl's breathing became frequent and irregular. With lips began to pluck some incoherent sounds. Hearing them, Natasha hydrochloric detached from toys and Andrew began to look at the way he caressed Arina, only slightly busy stroking his dick nimble fingers.
- Andrew - finally, gasping, squeezed Arina - I can not anymore. I want to go there!
- Come on!
Arina quickly moved back and started to sit down on the trunk of Andrew steered his hand his pussy. Sealed her cave did not want to open, causing the girl to scream and bite her lip in pain. But Man piston has struck the fragile barrier and entered the more it did not know the depth of her entrance.
- Ltd …
Two groan Andrew and Arina merged into one. Arina began sweeping move on the web Andrew nasazhivayas sometimes so deep that the concerned member of the uterus. Hands Andrew alternately caressing her back and chest. Andrew unreported language almost to orgasm, Arina, sliding inside her, hot, live stem brought to the peak of bliss in just a minute. Clutching her hands in the hands of Andrew, she froze like a taut string, and then frantically and sweet thighs trembled, for the first time in the life of men pouring their juice rod. Just in time. Trunk Andrew caressed by gentle mouths and fingers, has long been in a charged state. And now, full feeling cramped hot virgin cave, demanding the possibility of fire.
- ARINC, get down. - I whispered in her ear, Andrew, when she leaned forward and kissed him gratefully. - I now also finished.
Arina quickly removed from the member and then turned to face the resilient, ready to throw the contents of the terminal. Hardly toy filled mouth Arina, Andrei ceased to hold back.
- Ah ... Ah ... Ah ... - He twitching by firing one after the other portion of sperm.
Arina tried as best she could swallow, but semen was too much. The liquid flowed out of his mouth, freezing adhesive, white tracks on her chin, penis and eggs Andrew. Finally, the eruption ended. Arina, breathing heavily, pulled away from Andrew.
- Well, how does it feel? - Asked her Natasha.
Arina silently held up two thumbs.
- I wonder what this thing is the taste? - Natasha leaned to the rod of Andrew and began to lick it with white drops.
- I probably liked it. - She said, releasing his mouth cock and ginger continuing his hand. - But I would like to get a full dose.
- It seems you do not have to wait long. - Said Liang, looking like a slightly drooping male organ, responding to the girl's affection, once again begins to grow stronger.
- Most would. I wet between the legs, like I described. - Quickened breathing, Natasha replied. - I think it is now up to the knees dotech¸t.
Andrew, crouching, has attracted Natasha. Her sharp little breasts
pressed against his broad chest. Natasha moaned. Hands Andrew walked back and ass girls, lips fused with her lips found his neck, shoulders, chest. Natasha, her eyes closed, trembling with excitement, meekly expose themselves weasel Andrew. Her hand continued to hold the already solidified again, ready for battle trunk Andrew. Man's fingers penetrated to the girl's pussy. Natasha groaned again, clung to him and finely pushes backwards, trying to rub pussy on his palm. Between the legs she really was very wet. It seems that Natasha had finished, without even noticing.
- Lean. - Andrew, deploying girl lightly pressed on her shoulders.
Natasha got up on his knees, his head in his hands and raised his ass high. Andrew Gaze and pyres of Arina opened her wet and shiny from the juice and grease narrow cave. Andrew fell in behind and began to introduce to your rod. Feeling that came with her toy Andrei, Natasha leaned toward her, but she pulled back.
- Painfully!
Arina, stooping to kiss girlfriend.
- Be patient. This is only the beginning, and then pleased.
Andrew continued to enter Natasha. Close unaccustomed to finding them something foreign, cave vaults reluctantly parted before his battering ram. Natasha squeaked again. Gates virginity rested in a hopeless attempt to repel the onslaught, but Andrei pressed harder, and they collapsed, opening a "detachment" Andrei way deep into the territory of the maiden. Member Andrei finally entered the girl to the full depth. Natasha turned to Andrew, his hand brushing the tears came to our eyes.
- That's it? It will no longer be hurt?
- Will be good. - Tenderly kissed her back Andrew. - You'll like it.
He slowly and gently began to move inside Natasha's pussy. At first the girl did not react to his actions, indeed, suffered them. But gradually her pussy beginning to respond to a gentle glide member inside her. Andrei noticed the changed breath Natasha felt that she was beginning to slowly respond to his motion. Slightly leaning forward, he began to caress Natasha's chest and immediately felt tense under her fingers nipples. Andrew, trying not to hurry, carefully allowing members to go back and forth boldly and quickly. Natasha moaned softly in response, but no longer in pain. Looking back, she made a movement of his lips, as if kissing Andrew.
- Yet. I feel good!
Andrew continued to rhythmically move in it. The cave became more humid. Arina with hydrochloric felt that the difficult moment passed, settled on either side of Andrew, hugging and kissing him. Andrew caressed their breasts and pussy, without forgetting, however, to stroke and neatly Natasha's ass. The girl, meanwhile, is beginning to show signs of an approaching orgasm. Its counter-movements became sharper and stronger, interrupted breathing, buttocks clenched convulsively. Finally, she, who had put on the penis as it could deeply abruptly screamed and froze in that position, panting and wincing slightly. "Sorry, I did not have time", - Andrei thought, feeling a twitch of his toy wall douse hot juice. Natasha, sliding off the rod, collapsed on the sheet.
- It is something! - Quietly she gasped and turned to Andrew. - I want you more. Just on the other, my legs trembling stand.
Andrew turned her on her back and spread her legs wide Natasha, again suggesting that he enter into his not locked more doors. Andrew lay down on the girl. Their lips have merged in a greedy kiss, and a member of Andrew again filled the hot, wet pussy.
- Ltd. - Natasha wrapped her arms around Andrew buttocks. - How amazing! Yet!
Andrew rhythmically moved his ass over and over again will drive a piston in a narrow Natashkiny pussy. Both often and loud breathing. Andrew felt that the girl was close to that again to finish, but could not continue longer. More slightly and shoot his gun straight inside. He quickly pulled and moved to face Natasha, hoping to send their "cargo" in her mouth, but did not. White wide fan spray scattered on Natasha's face and chest. In the tender, the substituted mouth hurriedly got only the last emitted member drops. Natasha, swallowing everything honestly and licked, began to slowly fade, trunk Andrew released the toy out.
- I liked it more when poured on me, and not in the mouth. - She admitted, gently stroking herself between the legs. - As soon as you spilled on my chest, I just finished. Well, now Liang?
- Natasha, - Andrei sat down wearily, leaning on the arm - I'm not steel. I need to rest. And I would not prevent cigarette.
- Kuri here. - Arina pulled from his shirt and tossed him a pack with a lighter. - Ventilate.
Andrew lit a cigarette and inhaled with taste.
- Maybe until popem coffee? ...- He said. - I have been there, "Cibo" Bank is, and a kettle.
- Come on. - Agreed to Arina. - A cook everything Lyanka compel.
- And why is that?! - She was outraged.
- Well - exaggerated seriously looked company Arina - you - the only virgin in the room. Whom and send something?
Andrei and Natasha, unable to stand, laughed.
- I'll remember it tomorrow. - Circle the girls scowl menacingly promised Liang and throwing shoulder robe, disappeared behind the door.
Situated directly on seksodrome, bed so as not to stain the sheets, someone's towel. Liang sat huddled shoulder to Andrew. Hugging her, he felt his touch gradually excites young, naked body. Liang, seems to have excitement and did not leave. Her breasts stood erect nipples stiffened, eyes ajar Andrew pussy wet pobl¸skivala. Liang first finished her his cup and looked at girlfriends.
- And do not think that I will be still and clean. My dessert!
Leaning down, she pressed her lips to the penis. Andrew sat back, allowing Liang, as it should, have fun with reviving a toy. Delicate lips and nimble tongue girl alternately slipped over the penis, making it a solid, elastic rod.
- My turn.
Andrew Liang knocked on his back, spread her legs and pressed his lips to her treasure. His tongue slid along the awe-wet flaps of her cave, slightly penetrated inside, walked, teasing the small clitoris. Liang lowered his hands on the head of Andrew, pressing her to him, and more widely spread, knees bent, feet.
- More Andrew. Stronger. Yet. I think now ... Oh, Mama! A-ah ...
Her thighs trembled shallow. From pussy out slowly crept translucent adhesive droplets. Andrew, standing beside a girl on his knees, began to smear a member of juice on delicate, slightly parted lips with excitement, slowly pushing them. The finger he gently caressed the small, intense clitoris. When the head of the penis, continuing, like a pendulum, moving along the slits, disappeared inside again Liang excitedly began to breathe and began to submit the toy to meet Andrew. Andrew continued to tease the girl slowly enter, although her eyes, lips, little, clenched his own chest, palms prayed: "Hurry!" Only when Liang start leaning on his elbows and knees bent legs, take your butt off the floor and try to napolzti itself to a member, Andrei fulfilled her wish.
Putting feet on pyres on his shoulders, he bent over her, so that her knees almost girl clung to her breasts, and a strong and sharp movement entered her. Short, inarticulate cry pyres accompanied her first encounter with the male. Piston Andrew tore her "curtain", rushed in, filling the space gentlest little pussy. A moment later, he had already walked the entire length, making for a moment the girl gasp. Andrew paused for a few seconds, giving Liang used to, then, reaching forward, kissed the girl and began, slowly, softly and gently move it. Liang, almost immediately began to respond. He closed his eyes and clenched his arms around his wrist, she was fed to meet short and moaning in time with the "attacks" Andrew. Hot, wet tightness of her cave inflame male member. His movements became faster and flourish. Liang rushed at him, banging fists on the sheets, then squeezing her breasts with her hands, then again vtseplyayas Andrew wrists. Finally, she exhaled sharply, jerked, as if trying to lose Andrew himself, shivered several times all over and sat exhausted on the sheets.
Andrew began to move slowly, feeling the approach of its own eruption. Trembling, oozing sap, spurring his cave. Andrew, not wanting to risk it, I leaned back, slowly removing his rod out. Sponges Lyaninoy pussy letting him gently pulled behind the head, as if kissing her goodbye. Andrew gently lifted Lyaniny legs from his shoulders, and the girl, kneeling, already stretched to the other sponges, thirsty continue petting, member. Arina Natasha settled near Andrew, hugging and kissing him. Nimble fingers and mouth pyres diligent quickly helped Andrew to complete what has not taken place in the girls pussy. Andrew abruptly leaned forward, pushing his entire piston Liang in his mouth, and holding the other girls by the shoulders, he began to move, fucking mouth gentle girl.
- Ah ... Oh-h ... Ah ...
Andrew discharged powerfully, as if he did not have the first two times. Liang beginning to swallow, then, unable to drink all straightened up, releasing member, and the remains of the white drops of watered shifted her knees.
Arina, leaned toward her friend, lapped up with her legs spicy liquid, and then, seizing toy Andrew began to lick her gently.
- And I like the taste. - She purred.
- Me too. - Still trying to catch his breath, Liang replied. - Just so a lot had to swallow. I failed.
- All ahead. More learn. - Andrew grinned, kissing the girl.
- And when the next lesson?
- After the changes. - Natasha snorted.
The girls laughed. Andrew smiled.
- Solve. You can take a break and continue, and it is possible to move the second series for the evening. While we descend to walk or swim in the lake.
- Let's go swimming. - Rose Arina. - All those who remained in the camp, is now certainly on the beach. It will look strange if we did not appear.
- And we will be pushed in the water with other small fry? - Disappointed handed Natasha. - I thought we were out Let's go to strip could swim.
- Naked Andrew with you in the evening swim. Here in this basin. - Liang, dissatisfied glance at Natasha tapped the sheets spread out. - Not enough yet to have anyone suspicious!
- There is no happiness in life. - Natasha sighed and, pulling himself to standing against the wall, the bag began to get out a swimsuit. - Okay. The plunge pool, so in the paddling pool.
From the beach to the cottage came back immediately. Volodya Sveta, apparently, feeling embarrassed for not having invited Andrew to the evening in the company, dragged him and the girls to drink coffee with them. Loose. Then Volodya took out a guitar. Hearing the song, tightened a few older guys from the consolidated group. In general, went to the house, when it was quite dark.
At the fork in the tracks between the cottage and the lake Arina stopped.
- Now no one bathes. Maybe we descend, swim ... naked.
- Come on, Andrew. - Supported girlfriend Liang. - Because the body still no one out, but more in the camp there is none.
- Okay. - Andrew nodded and smiled mischievously. - Only here naked go. I accept things.
I never thought he was that desperate nymphets would be so easy to confuse.
- Andrew S., - they zakanyuchili - well, how do we go? It is on the beach dark and lights along the tracks. It can be seen everywhere!
- And who see it? - Andrew chuckled to himself, even in dim street lighting noticing how flushed the trio together. - On the other hand, except you, so the camp no one has ever walked. And who does not want to, he goes to the house. The key I give.
- Well, I do not. - Liang resolutely began to unfasten the buttons of her robe. - Walk, so walk.
Arina Natasha, slightly hesitating, followed suit. And, soon, Andrew went to the beach and surrounded by three slender, naked girls. The narrow, encircling their breasts and hips, strip light skin stood out brightly in the dark tanned bodies.
- And this walk-ons. - Said Liang, stopping next to Andrew on the sand and looking after, rushed to the water, Arina Natasha.
- And how. - Agreed to Andrew, pulling off his swimming trunks.
Him, nothing more unrestrained, member rushed up the victory flag. Liang, licking his lips half-open, stepped up to Andrew.
- He again beautiful.
... Her hand was on the hardened, live web. Andrew drew the girl to him. One of his hands found pyres chest, the other lay on gladenkie ass. Liang, head thrown back, reached for a hurry to meet her lips Andrew. When this ended lingering kiss on the beach in silence resounded their hoarse, heavy breathing.
- I do not want to wait until the bedroom. - Liang, seizing the hand of Andrei, pressed it to his emanating juice wishes pussy. - Let's do now. Here.
Andrew curled palm, thigh girls slightly quivered with excitement.
- Come here.
Andrew Liang summed to a low bench and putting it back on board, he sank to his knees.
- Feet shoulder bag.
Before Andrew opened waiting, trembling cave, and its members, for the second time in Lyaninoy life penetrated Devochkin treasury.
- Oh ... - Short pyres scream sounded in the silence and began to repeat in response to every movement of Andrew.
- Oh ... Oh ... Oh ...
With one hand holding the girl's legs, Andrew began to caress his chest pyres. Girl, arching her back and gripped the bench, leaned toward him. Her small, not become more female, ass frantically shuddered in time with Andrew shock.
Oh ... Oh ... Oh ... Ah-ah-ah-ah ...
The bottom of the abdomen and thighs pyres suddenly stiffened, then finely trembled, and she based juice, stretched on a bench in a sweet languor. Andrew went on smoothly and strongly move to Liang. It took about half a minute, and her pussy responded to the caress, sliding inside the penis. Breathing new girl quickened her nipples tightened. With lips again, barely audible at first, then louder began to pluck:
- LTD …
Light moaning, quivering beneath him, the girls are pushing Andrew. Counter caress close walls cave teased his trunk, urging approaching the finish line. That's already there. Andrew paused, preparing to go out. Liang hurriedly grabbed his arm.
- Andryushenka, do not go! A little bit more. I'm almost ...
Andrew, holding the last effort, he continued. Liang, helping himself violently slid his fingers on the clitoris.
- And-and-and ... More ... little ... Ah-ah-ah-ah. All!
- Liang again sweet trembled beneath him. Andrew, throwing her legs from his shoulders, pulled out a member, hand guiding him up the pussy.
- Oo-oo-oo-oh-oh ...
A series of viscous, white spittle rushed outside, densely covering the dark, flat tummy and a strand of dark pubic hair girl. Liang quickly covered her pussy palm.
- All? There has not got? - She asked, waiting for a member of Andrei throws the last drops.
- Not horrible. - Andrew comfort her, helping to sit.
Liang, reaching for the beginning to gradually decrease, toy Andrew kissed shiny head, and then took the cock in her mouth and began to carefully and gently lick it.
- Swim without clothes - it's something! Quite a different feeling.
- Water tepluschaya. Where do you hang out?
Shaking, out of the darkness appeared Arina Natasha indignantly and looked at Andrew and sucking cock cum splashed Liang.
- Here is what are you doing here! And we ?!
- And you at the cottage. - Letting go of Andrew and showing her friends language loudly laughed Liang. - Come on, Andrew.
Clutching hands, they rushed to the lake.
- Cunning nasty! - Heard from the darkness after them.
Once out on the beach, with Andrew hydrochloric we found that vengeful girls washed the beach, taking with him all his clothes. I had to stomp home dressed as Adam and Eve. However, to go arm in arm, naked on the narrow paths was great. Andrei bit worried that young vredina will lock the door of the cottage, but clearly eager "to continue the feast", the girls met them on the porch.
- We want here. - Declared they. - Why can Lyanka in nature, and we do not?
Andrew did not argue. Kneeling in front, sitting on the steps, Arina, he pressed his lips to her crowning charming hollow, mound. And when the girl, leaning back, spread her legs and began to caress the tongue gentle folds the flaps, have already begun to be humidified, cave. Natasha, looking at them, began to drive slowly between the palm down. Arina excited quickly. Quickened breathing and his head pressed to Andrew, she is able to widely spread her legs and began to move backwards towards the movements of a Man, a little while moaning. Then, feeling a growing desire, he tried to get away from oral sex, trying to get more, but Andrew did not let go. He was not yet ready, and, moreover, understood: more than once it will hardly. Therefore, wishing to please both girls tried to put in longer foreplay Arina to leave something and Natasha.
Arina obeyed his will and left lying in front of him, wincing at every touch and trying to snuggle pussy to face Andrew. Natasha with hydrochloric, palms caressing his buds, fell near Arina to her knees and began to tease her sharp little prongs that have become small and solid, buds. Arina, unable to stand, moaned. Andrew picked up the pace, with the force of pressing the tongue to her clitoris. Arina breathing became frequent and intermittent, short, muffled sounds and then frustrated with her lips. Finally, she moaned loud and long-drawn. Upper thigh and lower abdomen tightened girls, mixed by sweet spasm. Tongue slightly ajar Andrew cave filled with juice, and Arina slumped, dropping helplessly, cuddle guy's head and hands.
Leaving Arina, Andrew stepped up to Natasha. The one continuing to tease the clitoris with a finger, pulled into his mouth, ready to fight, Andrew trunk. Liang also came to Andrew and embracing Man, wet pussy clung to his thigh. Andrew hugging girl in the ass, pulled her to him. Kissing Liang, he began to gently tease the middle finger of her other hole, gently and expanding it gently.
Natasha, meanwhile, released his mouth rod Andrew. Rising to her feet, she stood with her back to the guy and bent up¸rshis hands in walking along a railing stairs. Standing below to catch up in growth, Andrei took Natasha hips and confident movement introduced the term in the depth of her cave. Natasha, cry, leaned toward him. For a moment, both froze. Corner of my eye noticed Andrew Liang included in the cottage, and then it was not before. Natasha and rapidly began to move backwards, nasazhivayas to a member, and Andrew rushed toward her, coming to the full depth, so that the stomach slapped by the girl's ass. Close vaults cave clenches his dick in his arms, and he rushed into them, mercilessly tormenting gentle stenochki. Natashkin finish came quickly. Her hips often trembled in the hands of Andrew and Natasha, slipping a member wearily sat down on the steps.
- It is good that so quickly finished. - She said, looking apologetically at Andrew and his hand stroking his hard standing member. - Do not be angry, Andrew. It was cool, but only hurt.
- Yes, it is normal for the first time. - Andrew comfort her. - Some even finish can not. Suffer first call, and then squeak to no longer be put.
- I seem to be one of them. - Arina replied displeasure.
Sitting on the step, she gently tried to introduce a finger into pussy and wincing in pain.
- While you're on top caressed, everything was wonderful. How to ... No need me anymore today, Andrew. Do you want me in your mouth or take still somehow? Just do not go there. - Arina enviously looked at again appeared on the porch, Liang. - Leanca, do you have until the beach fucked, it did not hurt ?!
- Certainly hurt. - Liang shrugged. - I just really wanted to. And I did not care at all, as long as this thing in the pussy slip.
Liang, stooping, kissed the brilliant head of the penis, and then handed Andrei a small tube.
- I liked your finger in my second hole. I want to go there for real. Special gel ... I do not have, but I think Vaseline is suitable.
- Then we go into the bedroom. There's more convenient.
Having laid on his stomach on a pillow Liang, Andrew began to kiss and caress her tempting ass. Then, finger smeared with Vaseline, began teasing, more tightly compressed, hole, gently lubricating and expanding it. Arina, meanwhile, was attached to a member of Andrew. Play a little with him the language, it is thickly smeared with petroleum jelly head and the upper part. Andrew, apart buttocks with one hand on pyres, began to introduce a member in the narrow girlish ass.
- Oh-y-th-th!
Member yet was much thicker than a finger. Liang clenched her fists in the sheets, tears came to our eyes.
- Maybe we should not? - Stopped Andrew.
- Hymen torn, too, no sugar. - Liang replied hoarsely. - But then nice. Come on. Just do not rush. Let me get used to.
Andrew continued to enter the girl. He tried very hard to do it gently and not hurried. Gentle, relaxing stroking strong, elastic hemisphere ass, bending, kissed the back of a swarthy, gently touched, spilled over her shoulders, thick, dark hair.
Arina with Natasha knelt, too, embraced and kissed girlfriend. Their nimble fingers alternately teased sharp little, brownish buds and little excited klitorok, helping
Readers obviously remember that in the story of my first day of work in a brothel, I mentioned about oral room. Despite the fact that the month I had and I could fuck like a bitch, I worked at it half a day.
On the third day I was summoned to the mistress of the brothel and asked me how they worked.
- In general, there is nothing. I like. Sex at least enough. And customers have the good.
- Remember I told you when you came here, an oral room?
- Yes I remember.
- I was told that you have the most experience in blowjobs. It is so? You seem to suck with 13 members?
- Yes, all is well.
- And, perhaps, love nasasyvayut?
- Highly!
- Then why do not you work vaflistkoy? Of course, many do not pay for the mouth. But you can try to provide all the services that are provided by our institution clients. What do you say?
- I certainly do not mind. A place there?
- There, you attach. Come on.
We walked through the corridors and found themselves in a room that forms a circle him. The room was about 10 machines, let's call them so. The machine recorded the position of the girl when she knelt down, not giving her a chance to change position. Thus the girl, fall in this machine was completely immobile. The only thing she could move - head. Of course, to do mouth blowjobs. This is how going on customer service. Beside each whore is an apparatus that provides badge after customer flow into the twenty-dollar bill slot machine. Badge client should throw in the slot machine. The lower part of the girl's face hides a wooden panel that it was impossible to stick in her mouth member, without paying for it.
When a customer throws a token in the slot machine, this panel is removed and the client receives a ten minute access to the mouth of a girl to meet their needs. In addition, the left and right of the head of the girl, there are clips of the type as in a vise to secure the girl's head and lock the mouth - a small metal insert covered with rubber to the mouth was not closed. This is for those cases where the client does not want a blowjob and fuck her in the mouth. That's actually in such a situation I had to spend the next few hours.
I was made to kneel. Reported and left work.
Well. I'll wait for customers. Total in the room were seven girls, including me.
The door opened. Who will go .. No, not to me. He goes to the blonde next to me. Half a minute later I heard sucking sounds - The girl sucks dick. Almost immediately, two more customer come after him. But also not to me. One chooses the red-haired, next to me. The second - a brunette on the other hand. Sucking sounds become louder. When it has to be my client. With envy I hear as members move in the mouth devchenok. All that I can see. It is like a man has in his mouth brunette that in front of me. It makes him a blowjob. Click - slam clips of her head, and turns into a fucking blowjob mouth girl.
The door comes another man. And a few seconds later I see the fly of his trousers near my mouth. Hooray!! Now I'm going to suck. And maybe in the mouth vyebet. I hear the ringing of falling counters and the flap, concealed my eager lips member opens. The client quickly unzips his pants. After all, he had only ten minutes of time to enjoy my mouth. The next ten minutes would have to pay again. Member will not hesitate to get in my mouth. It does not fix either my head or my mouth. Means wants blow. I begin to him to do it. All the same, not as usual with no hands. A hand can not - does not allow fixation. A member is not large, seventeen centimeters, but delicious. Each miss its immersion into the neck without problems.
Unpleasant sensations it causes. On the contrary - only the pleasure of being in my mouth a living member. Actively working lips, driving sandpaper on the trunk. My tongue also does not cease to move for a moment. And then the client is breathing quickened and I feel awesome tasty sperm in their language. With pleasure I swallow it. I continue to suck dick - cleansed from the remnants of sperm. Sosa until the member does not lose an erection. A man picks up a member of my mouth, and after a few seconds the flap back into place, blocking the access member in my mouth. Guy buttons pants and leaves. That's all. Neither word nor look. I did not even see the person to whom sucked. And it will likely not see the face of that, that it sucked. Just I used my mouth as a means to obtain pleasure.
I thought about girls who are in the office. What do they think about what they are now men - simply means removing the sexual tension that is worth $ 20. What others feel what they are like puppets, not giving the right to choose?
Some of my readers write to me rave reviews and say that the dream at least a day to be in my place, that's to be fucked as several times a day, as well as me. I wonder what percentage of girls who read me wants to be treated like me with it?
While I thought the room and the men were out. Ends in women's mouths and left. Blonde girl, who was sitting next to me in great demand. Clients it was rife. As I found out later in the Blondes category from 18 to 21 (this girl was 18), the girl, and her name was Xenia, he was considered the best in this brothel. All those who want a young blondie often bought it. At the moment, she was menstruating and it served all orally. As I was later told, spending time in the oral study is, on average, make about 80 blowjob day. My eyes popped climbed from such numbers! Wow!! As many as 80 blowjob in one day !!! People who went to the first class, it is estimated that during the day the girl could make a maximum of 108 oral blowjob while in office. At that time, when I met her, her periods lasted for four days.
And during those four days she made 328 blowjob. Honestly, I went to the roof of such a figure. I probably would not stand. But I terribly wanted to be in place this blonde. But, alas, I was not destined to suck 80 times a day. Xenia told me about yourself briefly. It works in this brothel with 15 years. And this fame has made only 17 and a half years. Prior to that, she was the most common teenage prostitute. We looked at her as a child and not particularly eager to fuck. Although for fans of girls - teenagers, it was a real treasure. And now for about a year, this girl became popular among customers.
Girls who read my stories, if there is among you who would have dreamed at least one day to be in place Xenia? E-mail, I would be interested to talk to you.
As I mused, the client came to me. I heard the ringing of falling counters, latches and flip my head was fixed. In the mouth I inserted the banner, not allowing it to close. I waited for his fate. And I felt like I vlazit cock in her mouth. At first, it was nice, but then I screamed in pain. As a member of the mouth was blocked, instead of crying came bellowing incoherently. I'm such a huge dick just did not suck. As far as I was able to experience it to his mouth and throat, a member was about 23 - 24 centimeters in length and about 4 centimeters in diameter. Now I understand why my head is fixed.
I instinctively wanted to remove the head, but the clips were so strong that they did not allow me to move. And all I can do - is to open his mouth wider. Ten minutes of this nightmare. So badly in my mouth not fucked nobody. Member left my mouth just before the half. And then again penetrating into it. I started to choke. I was never enough air. My eyes welled with tears. I cried not even 14 when I was raped in the ass. And finally, the ten minutes passed nightmare. And members of left my mouth, the valve is closed, blocking this giant access to my mouth, though he did ... and did not finish. However, the guy did not even think to leave. He dropped in a slot machine the next twenty and I could hear the ringing of the token. Oh no! Again!
Do I have to explain to the readers what happened next? The guy has twice paid a ten-minute access to her mouth. And in the end about 40 minutes fucked my mouth. Plenty of them sated he obkonchal me all over the face and left. I was not able to wipe the semen and had to sit with zavaflennym face.
16 - year-old petite brunette, kneeling, chained motionless, zavaflennym tear-stained face. Guys, you have refused to give such a girl on the mouth? I think no. Customers also could not refuse. Such a sexy look gave me the popularity and the next 4 hours, I made 17 blowjob.
At three o'clock, the door opened and the landlady came in. She ordered me to bring it to the office. Me zaebanuyu in the mouth on the tonsils, led to the boss.
- Well, Dasha? Liked?
- Frankly, it is. And why you took me?
- In the ass, you give with no less pleasure than you take in the mouth?
- Oh sure.
- What about anal office?
- And you, and this is?
- There was, and others. You'll be a good girl - always work there. I want this week, you'll be here, you've been to all complexes of Service.
If you like it - you can come to us to work for a longer period. We do not have sex slaves. Our girls are working on a full agreement. Any could walk away at the end of her contract or time limit which the contract is to be studied. So what about anal?
- Of course I agree.
The mistress rang the bell and the security guard came.
- Spend Dasha in the shower - I shall wash. And then - in the anal office.
- Dasha, happy to work, - said the hostess, seeing me.
I was ushered into my room, where I served the previous two days, customers and I immediately put the money received for blowjobs in a locker in which checks were previous clients.
I brought myself up and went out into the corridor. The security guard was waiting for me.
I went after him and soon we stopped at the door, which sported the words "Anal cabinet".
You will be the first…
Difficulty I like the pros at one of the Moscow offices, came to us a new boss Sales Department Alla Sergeyevna, God of all men drooled when it appears. The woman that called in the juice, 33-35 years old. A blonde, a pretty face, chest, three, standing (as it turned out did not give birth), the figure is accurate, lips dream blowjob, legs, beautiful, slender, she did not hide under the skirt just above the knees, well, ass is just a peach, she wagged when walking high heels. After a couple of weeks of her attendance, all the men in one voice saying that the notice of her strangeness ... looking at men as if she stripped them look at what, does not ashamed of it. Lovelace in our office missing, but all attempts to muddy it was a fiasco. Itself I do not think ladies' man, but I will say with the modesty of a woman came off with me in bed. So in less than two weeks of fair employment Alla Sergeyevna how we brought the need for labor.
Her computer is very ill, and I protorchal in her office almost 2 days bezvylazno. At the same time we talked, joked, even a little bit about yourself. She was not married, no children has got and so want a strong man's shoulder and so on in the same spirit ... in short at the end of my success, she asked me to come to her home !!! Allegedly that -That her home computer. Super SUUUper ... yes ... I even could not imagine such luck. Before coming to her, I climbed into the tub for about three hours, vybrivaya my balls and ass.
And so ... the climax. she opened the door, and the sweet smell of her French perfume completely blew my head .. as it tried to respect the rules of the game (I came to fix the computer) that I was carrying the computer does not even really suraznoe not finish. But to continue was not even thought what it chill. From these thoughts I even sobered up from the intoxication.
And shock ... it's time to leave, and I walked into the hallway shoe shoes ... well, I think all game failed ... even thinking went into the head type the hell pinned ... and this is the hand reaching for the handle of the front door and I heard the magic words
- Shall not you think I'll let this unbroken zherebtsa- I did not even realize what it was about, perhaps my face was like a boa constrictor, turn what would not say the type ponyal- but did not, her hot tongue broke in the attack in my mouth ... VAUU ... we have merged in this magical kiss .... Right in the hallway, we began to squeeze each other. Throwing open her gown cost me just finish ... its gorgeous breasts sticking out from the excitement, a flat stomach and a navel ring, but the time to see it I do not give deft movements she undid my jeans and sat in front of my arms a couple of seconds she was admiring eyes staring at the melting stroking rushing to fight flesh and finally she pulled it ... my cowboy not much is not enough general looked ... 23 * 6 ... she even opened her mouth .. eyes wide ...
That's huy- she whispered, and gently licked his podrachivaya from the head to the eggs with full tanks of sperm ... apparently it is not often necessary to see shaved eggs, as she began to lick and swallow them, but finally she decided to take up and cock. The head I have become bare in 13 years, and was not closed to this day ... licking her she tried to clasp hers, but that she did not work (it is not the first one I have from the first time in the mouth can not stick) and I'm familiar and deft movement, grabbed her head and hand with a little pressure rammed a member of a narrow ring of her lips ... oh my god what a her hot mouth, it is even a little scared but did not pull away. A couple of moments, she got used ... and then began to dance on the tongue ... oh my cock she sucks ... smacking and a little groan she skewer your head on my dick.
Helping a clear hand movements she asked stunning rhythm, and here I am at the peak of the death, I jerked to get a member of his mouth, but with the force grabbed my buttocks and I had to shout to grab her head with both hands and put a member into her throat to let the thick strong pressure of hot sperm .... Aaaaa..aa ... umm ... oh long time since I did not finish so much and much. I'm not quite imagined that at this time there with Alla, but judging by how she has calmed down ... I opened my eyes and looked down ... the spectacle was divine. Alla with a member in the mouth, the flow of sperm and saliva dripped from his mouth down his chin and fell on her gorgeous breasts ... show exciting ... gently pulling member of ottrahanogo mouth, I lifted her head ... Alla floated ... she kind of was conscious but nirvana covering her body gave her control over myself ... I looked at not ... Alla stood in a puddle ... like piss ... oh how she cums when her ass have ... I thought ... that though as that to wake her up and not to frighten me great pleasure bit into her lips that were in my semen and saliva ... it tastes divine ..
playing tongue in her mouth, I got her awakening she sluggishly responded to my flirting and finally opened her eyes ...
You kak I asked in a whisper ...
Piizdets- she breathed more softly ... there pososala- and looking at his feet in a puddle - ohuet ... it's me or something !? And fearfully looked at me
Hm- judging because as you swallowed it can be said that we oba- with sharp me ...
She tried to stand up but lost her balance ... I grabbed her and took the hand ... it was like a feather ...
Well, where I asked dalshe- .. wondering where to put it ...
She hugged me, looked playfully and whispered tenderly - and where would you like to fuck me ... bingo ... if nothing nebylo ... I felt a surge of strength?. And was ready spire this beauty without prodyhu week ...
You set Darling ...
Let's start with vanny- I said ... and she looked at my chest obspuskannuyu said ... oh yeah ... it would not hurt ... how could I with his pants down carried her to the bath.
There we are divided and typing bath sat on opposite sides of the warm foaming water. Translating the spirit we smoked, being played toes she was rubbing my balls and playfully laughed.
You always finish, both from Hose she asked.
He- is only when you get playful yazychok- I joked. But you always suck up a loss of consciousness?
He- is only when you get smooth yaytsa- nailed it. We laughed.
Off I - burning with curiosity, I asked.
She winked. Zasmuschalas- my talent to see strong membership she said quite seriously. But such as you have for the first time. She reached out to me. I lay down grabbed my standing member .... Yes toes she had me terribly excited. And slightly podrachivaya start to look at it ... what it is ... even large ... and beautiful ... as much as the cheekbones brings lick like ...
So oblizhi- I suggested ...
No- she said .. Well, I was confused. Now it's your turn. And with that, she got up and and grabbed me by the hair poked his nose clitoris .. yes ladies without complexes I thought ... and licked her pussy .. she started .. ogo- because she still loves Cooney ..
Deft movement, I opened it in front of me and was slightly bending her ass .. oh how ... peach smooth elastic juicy ... I just broke into her flesh tongue and began to lick every drop of her dell ...
Alla singing sighs and sobs set foot on the ledge bath and a hand grabbed me by the hair ... and start smoothly podmahivat ... I licked and licked, licked and licked ... biting her clitoris, splashing through the elastic thighs ... I have numb tongue but I kept ramming it to them flesh .. inserting 2 fingers into her pussy I started to excite her and slightly ajar anus. Alla had finished like a machine gun ... and every time I raze not deny yourself the pleasure to drink her hot juice. It seemed she holds a last effort not to collapse exhausted ... and now my patience was over and I abruptly getting up and giving her time to recover, tilted her ponizhet and pre-lathered member without haste but without pause drove head in her extended tongue anus ... Allah only time to understand in what hole I drove it ... loud cry she tried to slip out ... where there ... I held her tightly around the waist and could not even think of ... to release a sex machine ... jerked a couple of times a member of the I calmed her .. supposedly better endure and it will be harder ..
She went limp and I smooth and gentle movements included swing ... member entered is already half ... alla cried with sobs but did not stop ... and then I decided to calm a little ... Continue flowing pitching me 2 fingers began to masturbate her clit ... Alla alive and after a couple of minutes I felt that she was trying podmahivat ... it's time ... I thought ... and 2 -3kachkami sharply planted member of the very foundation of this scream ... I've never heard ... if someone covered concrete slab ... Alla lost consciousness but I was already familiar with like, and seizing her hair and shoulder did not give it to fall into the bath ... in my life experience, I realized one thing ... a narrow point it is necessary to hammer away until she's unconscious ... and he felt happy moment, I began to have its point ... I pulled her butterfly on a needle ... with feeling and without sorry ... I let the monster, or even worse a pervert ... but I do know how it then is fuck in the broken-down point and it will be grateful to her now that I'm an ace stretch ... I pulled her dedication spanked on the ass ...
and realized I am now a happy man ... because I perdolit blackjack with perfect body .. .. reference figure which yesterday could not dream ... maybe it's the dream of every guy.
Several times I pulled a member of washing away the blood .. it was a bit ... probably more than once gave Alla in point .. but see to that size was not the same.
And the result has been achieved without difficulty I entered her point ... good job I commended myself ... and the blood does not appear ... you can think about themselves ... I pulled Alla face him and gently patted his cheeks zero emotion ... .. yes ... tobacco business ... well ... she ochuhaetsya with little difficulty I opened her mouth and teeth of karyabaya member drove her head into his mouth ... he was still the same hot ... and began to stick her head on the penis ... exciting spectacle for extremists ..
not carried away by the depth of penetration, I sit down it ... playing a bit ... pulled out a member and beat them on the cheeks ... drove across the face ... he would open his eyes and poked them ... as a member of Th ... rip so to complete ...
Well it's time to finish ... I stood up Alla was on her knees, and only my hand holding her by the hair did not allow it to fall ... putting his dick in her mouth, I grabbed her chin began to thrust and pulling the larynx was closed and I force with little pain trying to get it ... I was at the peak when Alla woke issuing loud breaths, I was glad a good time and tried to drive member in the opened throat but Allah ahead of grasping member arm thereby limiting the length of the mouth member ... time to object nebylo and relaxed feel the approach of bearing down on me waves ... aaaaaaa ... thick hot sperm began to erupt a power in the hot mouth Alla somehow inexplicably 2 seconds after leaving her unconscious could figure out what was going on, and this time was ready for such sperm head ... she sucked and swallowed one hand podrachivaya member and the second massaging eggs. if I tried all the remnants of sperm from me deflate.
Making loud and deep throats it still moaning ... I have not seen it but I knew ... it ends ... at what tooth giving a puddle it implies nothing less than before ... when I opened my eyes still feeling the cramp orgasm, I looked at the Alla ... she finishes the remains carefully licking his head on her chest ... nebylo not a drop ... I already prifigel ... like a vacuum cleaner ...
It is up to lick the head looked at me and winked - a magic cocktail.
I smiled ... bent down and kissed passionately stealing a piece of sperm from the mouth ... all sladkaya- for you I said ..
She looked at me with open eyes ... the expression of a child with a new toy ..
Well - and how's my zadnitsa- threateningly but she asked playfully.
Divine - I sneak ..
So I do not feel like it drove a tank.
Well - sladkaya- hard in training easily boyu- with sharp self.
Ah so .. then tit for tat ... I agree?
Do not understand?
What is not clear, it's my turn Suvorov be- seriously she said.
She tried to get up but then he doubled over ...
Ebat- you che bat in my ass Suva
Well, almost-I said waving a member in her face
Uh ... I could have more gentle ... hurts. She grimaced portraying pain.
Neither Che heal
Let's go into the bedroom where I have anti-shock ..
Come on.
I got picked up a towel put on her shoulders and took her in his arms. She barely weighed.
And how it was wet and went to her bedroom ...
Not the wrong way. In another ... and showed me to the door almost invisible behind the cupboard in the hall ...
Hard in training ... ..
When we got it, I just dropped by what he saw. The small room was a king size bed .. huge bed almost the entire room. ... With a water mattress. He gurgled and that gave a sense of the presence of the pool. almost no light in the room. only two reading lamps if light makes the light background. On the ceiling was a huge mirror with some sort of oriental paintings.
Well, how's my peschera- she asked.
Impressive - especially the water trahadrom
This is my gordost- I ordered it with France.
I put her on the bed and the water gurgled ... cool
- Give me a tube of blue yonder in the cupboard - she said.
I went to the closet door and opened it .... I left the ground under their feet. In the locker so-called ... I had a deep groove meter by 2 ... and it hung all sorts of orgies primbabasy type Alya Garden Mazo ... there were so many that any provincial sex shops could envy range.
Pile falosof, tubes with some sort of liquid. Whips handcuffs. Collars exec ... I turned around and looked at the Alla ... she beamed with delight ... it was clearly her second pride. I found a tube of blue with the words "anti-shock" and read to use at break. judging by the content seems incomplete Alla they have repeatedly used.
I did not close the "locker" went to alle ... she got crustaceans ... damn well, and saw her driving spirit ... and handed her a tube.
-Let kA itself - come to lick their wounds ...
I poured into the hands of the contents of a thick tube and gently began to lubricate the point ... Alla moaned ... without hesitation I took the tube and poured straight from the tube in the ass ... let it for sure ...
Now we must podozhdat- she said ... let cigarettes on the shelf ... I went to the shelf where there was a large plasma screen and bent down for a cigarette ... and then the screen is on ...
My God ... the on-screen close-up 2 members Alla sucked ... I looked at her
Che let stand sigarety- she commanded ...
I'm just a little taken aback, but gathered took the cigarettes smoked pulled 2 ... one gave her and lay down on the bed. My mother in sneakers so this Alla nymphomaniac - came to me. We smoked or anything ... not to mention looking at the screen and then took a portion of sperm on the face.
You asked her willingness extinguished cigarette ..
For what?
For retribution, she said playfully and mysterious .. Here you control and be kind to turn away for 5 minutes .. I obeyed and she went to the closet. He lit another cigarette, I started to click the remote .. but then she had a whole collection of homemade porn with private participation ... it just does not get up to the camera. Looking at it rested my cock began to come in fighting condition ... Alla got up on the screen all the dreams ... pervert. But most of all I was impressed with her pearl busty black woman XO ... I even put down the remote decided that it is necessary to look better ... Negro Pearl of Allah that lashed her with a whip and waffles XO ...
Well I liked chocolate - woke me from the sight of Alla question
Aga and turned in her storonu- oh ... Alla stood in front of me in high blestyuchih boots, latex gloves in her arms above the elbow, in which the black leather jacket with zipper under the neck with a cut to her posh boobs on his head and wore a black cap in his hand was a leather whip ..
on the one hand and the leather whip with the other arm in the form of a phallus ... ... size is not smaller than mine ... but the main thing on her wearing the black Mate ...
I stirred the hair on her head ...
Well, what are you all afraid of a stallion?
No ... and that without it you can not?
Eye for an eye --- but do not worry I'll be gentle.
A dick live a different thought, I'm with him. And even as it became happier.
Alla jumped on his heels on the bed. He came up to me and began stroking the toe Treads my balls.
So what - do you agree? If you will obey I'll surprise you.
Alla looked at the screen where it is lupila XO black woman in the face.
- if you obedient boy, I'll give you the night Lola - and pointed to the screen.
I mean to give?
I mean fuck her silly
oh well ... it's like this
easy .. Mrs responsible for the market.
In case I thought, and in fact this Alla key to new acquaintances with the appearance of the discharge porn.
Soglasen- I blurted.
Then this second appeal to me my lady, and be obedient boy
Yes, my lady ... - and almost laughed.
And she abruptly pushed my eggs ... aaaaaaa ... bitch hurt because ....
She abruptly slapped me on the chest whip ... silent !!! I am your lady and you found it ... so !!!
I think I understand this game ..
Yes, my lady, already seriously I said
Turn over and stand with cancer my slave.
I rolled over and picked up the ass. (By the way, I have long been practicing the XO, it is sometimes useful to massage the prostate) for the penetration of convenience.
Oh, yes you've noticed opytnyy- Alla I took a comfortable position.
She sat down in front of my ass and seen that something had changed in her decision ... she started to stroke my ass massaged eggs and twitching cock ... I relaxed it was nice. She reached for the vial of anti-shock greased liberally me how to point and, smeared starpon ... Then she finger in latex glove beginning to stretch my anus.
She did it professionally ... slowly ... quickly groped the protected point she first slowly and then faster and I ran down to nirvana ... oh how nice ... but not immediately realized that she changed her finger on starpon ... he grabbed me by the waist and started me to have ... fucked Dolby is cool ... like clockwork ,, then slapping on the ass .. saying some ass ... then grabbed the penis and masturbate saying ... .moy stallion my dick ... then grabbed by the hair and pulled over causing arched and already almost crying ... yes my stallion podmahni my slut mom .... And I podmahivat ... something whispered in my ear ... you like ... like how I'll pull ... tell mom ... do not be silent slut ... and I answered ... yes I'm your slut properdol me deeply ... slut like her mommy a spire ... and it was accelerated by making jerks stronger and sharper as good as I tore it in the bathroom ...
a little more a little bit and I started to shrink to meet the orgasm ... Alla if reading my thoughts exactly clear and swift movement she pulled starpon and put me in the ass whip of the handle member and abruptly grabbed the leg flipped me on my back ... I knew it had not he found himself on his back with a phallus in the ass and feeling hot mouth sucking my dick ... Alla has learned to swallow my penis took eruption of hot cum .. directing it in the mouth on the face ... moaning and smacking one hand Alla Dolby my phallus and the other podrachivala member helping sperm erupt ... when I had finished she crawled on me and gave me a juicy kiss good gulp of sperm ... sperm is not so thick but still sweetened mmmm ... super ... his face was Alla obspuskanno and even one eye could not open sharing .. with me sitting on the sperm she began to collect me from the face of sperm and lick the fingers ...
God is exciting ... gather some sperm she smeared starpon and grabbed me by the hair beginning waffles ... smacking I sucked licking cum ... deft movement she turned to me and was in position 69 neperestavaya fuck my mouth, she began to lick sperm leftovers from my cock and eggs. Oh well, a woman. I think whatever was in my imagination she has done 10 times. Tears with me she went to my chest and stroked his hand eggs start to purr under the ear
My stallion ... did you like? Do not answer that I know like ... oh how you're cool trahal ... what's your delicious cum ... I'm coming straight from one of taste ...
We lay there and enjoyed the warmth of each other experiencing the pleasure of experienced ...
And we did not even know what other feelings we have yet to experience together ....
To be continued…
Glamorous and Fierce P.
This is a real story that happened to me this summer, which I spent in America and where I worked on a student program. The action takes place on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. The ocean was then violent, there was a storm, but I wanted to enjoy the last days on the beach in America. Since all of my friends worked on that day, I was on the beach in splendid isolation.
But still I would like to talk first about himself, about his intimate life, to you, my dear readers, it was all clear and understandable !!
The girl I'm sexy: not much growth somewhere 160 cm, slim build, buttocks tidy, neat chest like two balls, hair long curly dark, green eyes, the skin is snow white. Well, in general a lack of male attention does not suffer !!
But in my 19 years I have never had a serious, long-term relationship with the guys. And most likely it's because I give myself fast, just 2-3 a date I kiss passionately, and a week later the guy leads me to his house under any pretext and is likely to end in sex. Up to 18 years, I still managed to maintain his innocence by some miracle. It was a miracle different can not call it !!!
Once I celebrated new year 2006 with my girlfriend and her friends. I'm not really a person drinks so quickly drunk. And in the New Year, I drank a lot when came to herself in the arms of his brother Man my girlfriend. I saw him only a few times, but that night we were constantly together. And when all were asleep, we are in the kitchen indulge emotions and to have sex, if it had not entered his brother (man of my girlfriend), and then I sobered up, and continue to have somehow did not want and was somehow not clever.
Then both of us was then a virgin, and probably why we are here and it did not work, and six weeks later we broke up, but I was not against, the fact that he was my first. Yes
and he wanted me crazy, could not organize the "it" or not able to care for the girls.
And it happens !!! Life is very strange and complex thing sometimes paradoxical !!
The second case happened to me when my now ex-boyfrent invited me to his house to pick up my umbrella, which he accidentally took with him. On the way to his house, we went to your nearest store and bought something to drink. At home, he showed pictures on a computer of your friends, we drank wine and listened to music. Then he asked me to make him a back massage and I agreed. He lay down on the bed, and I sat astride his ass, massaging his back. After the massage, he began to kiss me, put me on his back, took off my jacket and began oblizovat my nipples, abdomen and then sank lower and lower ...
When he undid my pants and stuck his fingers, I sobered up and remembered that she did not know this man and I is not ready for this, I stretched out his hand, thus made it clear that nothing will happen. The same evening he wrote to me and asked, sms, I slept with someone or not. My answer was no, and then he said he would wait, because he loves me very much. But after two months, we still have left. Just do not get along, it was informal, and I was not going to become the same, but he was not going to change.
The third case - it's all a miracle of miracles. I still can not understand why I had not been raped.
It was at the beginning of April 2007, my classmate had a birthday, he celebrated his 19th anniversary and decided on the nature of the tent, and of course assumed to be spending the night there. I understand that this is for the company and that there remain sober is not possible, but nevertheless ... As was the month of April, and it was cold at night on the island, many did not stay overnight. I also wanted to leave, but my friend Kate persuaded me to stay, the last argument was that if I leave, it will be one with the guys. Then I thought that really can not leave a friend in a drunken company kids (if I had known what it portends for me).
It was very cold in the evening and then I decided to drink some vodka to keep warm. Seeing this Stas, I took advantage of this by saying, "Welcome to our company alcoholics !!"
I Stas left alone, and the rest went to accompany those who decided not to stay the night.
Before, I had little contact with Stas, but this time all his jokes touched me. We sat by the fire drinking vodka, wrapped in a blanket. After 3-4 glasses he offered a drink on the burdishaft. After drinking the 4th Toli fifth glass, he pressed his lips to my lips and stuck his tongue in my mouth.
My brain shut down, and I have not even tried to resist. As I was in a tent for me it is still a mystery. He undressed me quickly, took off my jacket, then the sweater under the jacket was still a T-shirt, one motion, he took off my jeans and panties. I knew what was coming, but I could not do anything. Most of all I was afraid to be iznosilovannoy, even more so to lose their virginity. I thought, how am I going to go to university and see him every day, and then he will tell everyone, and everyone will know about it and whispering behind my back.
Strange feeling when you know everything, but can not do anything !! How could I to this dokotitsya !! It would have been awful if it were not a fact !! Stas was not the macho, he just did not stand up, he asked me to get his dick to excite him as follows. I did not do anything, if he wants to let the rapes, to help him, I do not intend !!!
After that, I had a terrible depression, which lasted nearly a month. How it looks ugly from the outside. Life seemed to me full of fluff, I hated myself and others.
By nature I am very amorous person, so it is not surprising that after a while there was a man with whom I had forgotten about his depression, which I was really happy. Yes exactly happy !! I loved it all !! Such feelings I ispytovala who have not, I always thought of him when he was there, I was very happy !! A person must first know the full misery to pay the price in advance, and then to rate their happiness. If happiness simply fall from heaven to you, you do not understand and do not appreciate it !! Love - is a wonderful feeling, it gives you wings, you open a new breath !! It became my first man. He was different from all my ex, we were made for each other !!
On the day when I was a woman, I was on Spring Street, all blossomed and bloomed.
I was at his house, we watched the DVD, sitting in an embrace on the couch. We are not just talking about sex, and he knew that I was a virgin.
We lay on the couch, he caressed my breasts, his hand was under my panties, then he took off my pantyhose and panties, and I was wearing a skirt and a vest. Then he whispered in my ear: "Are you ready?"
As I filed this issue ... of course ready, finally ready !! We went into another room, he was very serious and focused and kept asking to hurt me or not. Member, he was just a huge somewhere 17 cm. He fucked me slowly, I was very hurt when he stuck his dick out of me, he was covered in blood. It continued this "fun" somewhere 30-40 minutes. The second time I would not want to lose their virginity !!!
That evening he took me home, I saw that he is happy, I could see his eyes, but I was a little disappointed. I imagine it is not so !! This went on for some paltry half an hour, I was so hurt. But I continued to hope that this was just the first time and that these times will be much better !! The second time was even worse, if the first time it spared me, I went a second time to complete. He said that I should try everything, and he will teach me everything. And he kept his word. I made him a blow job, his huge erection barely placed in my mouth. This time he thrust his cock into me the most eggs.
I do not know why, but after this time ... I have changed attitude toward him, I looked at him with different eyes. He did not have seemed so special, so beautiful, smart. Feel to it gradually blunted. In bed, he was a terrible egotist, there was little affection, it was important to give yourself a treat for him. After sex, I thought that I could love him even more, but it turned out with precision, but the turnover !! Did I could love such an egotist, which likes to lie on the back and enjoy life, and which only need to suck it.
As you can see, my dear, dear man, how you can smash and crush love. Just like in the song Semantic hallucinations "Why trample my love, and so it almost did not."
And soon we broke up, I became irritable, jealous for his severely active friend, who constantly called him. The last straw was the fact that she picked up the phone when I called him, and he did not even bother to explain it and reassure me. The gap was very hard, I could not forgive him.
I never understood how a person can hate, which yesterday loved and idolized. But this is so, I hated it, I irritated it all, I felt sick at the thought of it. I hate men who are like him. I'm sick of all men
I had to start all over again, I moved to another city, I was transferred to another university.
Until now, no one knows the true reasons for such drastic decisions on my part !!! I made too many mistakes.
I had a different life, new friends, and now I live separately from their parents, now I'm alone !!! Now I have changed, become wiser, more mature. I had a long break, I met no one to 9 months. All these 9 months I belonged to myself, I was free, I do not think about anyone, no one worried about me, do not bother. When you are alone, so much time is released, which you can spend on a loved one !!! One is sometimes too good to stay !!!
In the winter I met Yuri, I can not say that I'm from it was crazy, I was just comfortable with it.
He would have been a good friend, looks not ugly, in their own cute, is not a fool, well, sort of I have everything, but not my hero-lover. He is fit only as a friend, I could not imagine him in the role of her lover. One day, I still slept with him, although I did not even imagine that this could happen. But it happened, and did not even have a very bad !! It was from him that I first felt an orgasm !! In bed, he was quite different from my "first", he loved to caress, especially after sex, this was our similarities. Before sex he excited me so that I was ready to give herself to him completely. Though his dick is small in size, but the pleasure he could well.
We met a long time we did not, because I was never able to love him. If you remove the sex, I was bored with it. We saw each other only on weekends, he worked hard, and I decided to stop these senseless attitude. But I do not regret anything, it was he who made me a woman with who I am now. It is a pity that we do not talk already, I think we'd been able to stay friends We parted very well, without reproach, without tears, without scandals !! It was the best break !!
Now I can finish the story that I started at the beginning of the story of Svoge. My first man belonged to the Eastern culture, he looks like a typical Arab. Recently, I noticed that the indifferent attitude to the high sporting dark hair with dark skin and piercing eyes. Before these men hard to resist !!
When I went into the water and saw him (as you understand it, and it is the subject of my future story), he is fully fit the description of the man of my dreams.
We looked at each other and immediately knew we wanted each other !!! He came to me and asked my name. His name is Martin and he was born in Mexico, he hugged me and I felt that he is, and that he was very nervous and excited, and from what I !!! We sat and talked while he stroked my legs, and glared at me with his eyes, then suggested we go to the pool and have a beer. Without hesitation, I agreed. It was the weekend, and he took off in a hotel room with his two friends for a couple of days.
We had a great time drinking beer, he taught me to speak in Spanish, and I am his in Russian, then he picked up the camera, and we began to be photographed. His friend was photographing us, but in the meantime we were kissing. We went up to his room for a towel and even a beer, where it happened and all !! We kissed each other on the bed, then he took off my bra, underneath it I had completely white untanned boobs, it has brought him good (his skin was much darker than mine).
He sank down and down and soon I do not proved panties. And what he did to me cunnilingus, before that I did not feel anything like it !! When he took off his pants, he was ordered to suck him, he held my hair in his hand and looked into my face when I made him a blowjob. Perhaps it is his very excited !! We took pictures of each other naked !! He fucked me standing up, and I still lay in bed, he told me his legs held high, so his cock fully entered into me. He fucked me so hard that I could feel his balls knocked together on my ass.
Then he shoved me back into his mouth his cock to the very throat. A member of his black color. I heard him say to me:
-Suck, suck, more, moore !!! Do not stop !!!
We had sex before losing power. We have done this 3 times. Lying in bed, without power, he said,
-If you stay here, I'll fuck you everyday !!!!
To be continued!!

It was so tiho.Svetila moon.
P¸rla me very much it ....
Though right now, all around Me for anything,
Now I'll answer why
It all started on February 12:
Then there was a normal winter day
I fell to the after-school friend, blah
Who knew what would happen this poeben ...
Druzhban (do a service, Eptyt!) Led heifer,
Cold as ice, but naryazh¸nnuyu as a tree,
I recommended to her: "Meet - is Dan:
He will love the weirdest member!"
I (to kill him) said calmly:
"Che do you say that, if it sucked?
Yes, I have it a monster, there is no such
If desired, enough for eight"
And although I am not handsome (slightly better than the ugly)
T¸lke liked that I was confident and proud:
"What is your name?" - Asked ya.Ona said: "Ira"...
"Well, Let's go talk, I'll show you an apartment ..."
We talked about everything and every kind of garbage
And I feel I loved her and she was - me.
I say:"You do not want my leather revolver?"
She answered:"First, let's lie down on the sofa"
We seli.Ya in an instant rassgegnul lifon,
It is byromu pulled me to the knee pants,
I took out my ram and pulled the condom,
She undressed and together we dragged:"Yyyy!"
I won her pussy:
Shaved, clean, virgin ...
Its my dick, though it is a curve, pimply (Yes!)
But it is very powerful, ebstestvenno ...
I made a move and started SEX:
Fuck it slowly, as if savoring -
I liked her and this process,
She already has broken without my dick ...
And suddenly - broads! - There was progress:
I squirted into her; she, too, ending with,
shouted: "Dan, are you ¸byr - fucked!
Take me back - I beg!"
Her I swung cancer bent,
He spat it in the ass and got the most eggs,
And he put his arm around her and licked his neck -
And Che would now not caress?
She moaned that, nah, nevebet!
Sofa so squeaked - he was not ¸bnulsya miracle!
I started from this ecstasy fart,
She demanded direct konchun, yes ....
Then waterfall, nah, jet in her ass
Milk River (well, just like in a fairy tale)
And here it is screaming:"I'm coming!" and - OPA! -
My monster covered with natural grease ....
Essentially, I was glad to such an event
And I pohuyam that my dick crap,
After all, I, as usual, was in a strong drunk
Well, it was obviously a plan .....
And then she smiled so sly:
"Let us try to fucking lesbian!"
I answered:"You Th fucking naebnulas ?!
I am against the strap and zaschekanstva!"
She answered: "You Th, not looking "Tootsie"?"
I'm shocked: "Well, you, nah .... I already taschusya!"
"Well what? Put on this is my, tries"
I think: "Shit! Until then, I lived, shit!"
Well, I pulled, nah, e¸nye Thong:
(Fuck, Ass squeezed, but nice pussy)
Then, already in stockings, slid between her boobs
And there was a swing: back and forth!
After 20 minutes we left again -
rigid in nature, we obkonchalsya ....
Just heard those fag
Already 2 hours to our door knocking!
I opened the door and shouted: "Busy!" and again
We started to fuck rough, oral:
Ira moaned - she must be ready to:
I had finished - and that's fine ....
She slowly swallowed it all -
Slowly licking lips residues
Who of us, stsuko, was a pedophile?
We were 15 years old - it's civilized!
Then we hugged,
Again in 3 poses with her fuck,
Then fucking standard: I potabachil Pall Mall,
Then philosophy fachil her brains,
She fell asleep on my shoulder, breathing in the smell of the body,
And under my arm so trustingly Ira nozzles ....
And we went to sleep .... And in the morning, nah, noggin cracked ....
"Babsky shmot¸ me - we drank not weak!"
And here comes Ira,
It can be seen only from the toilet -
She came in, hugged me,
And softly, softly said:
"You - my gladiator, you are unique
Come see me on Saturday - again repeat ..."
She cleared the table, took off the condom chandelier
And written on a napkin your mobile phone!
I can tell you in two words: I, nah, ohuel -
I had just an excellent student raped specifically:
clever, beautiful woman that helps her mother,
Well, she told me just poured 200 grams .....
I do not know .... maybe we again naebenimsya ...
Maybe ¸b¸na in the mouth, we even get married ....
Erotic Hochma
- We demand from the government to explain why so poorly was failure of the negotiations with the Muscovites! Why do we buy gas for the money, not tyrim it for free, as usual ?! Why President Dryuschenko completely ignores the obvious facts? We demand to institute an investigation into corruption at the highest levels ...
The speaker on the parliamentary rostrum shaking little hands and cackled feverishly, zapleskivaya first rows smelly saliva. Deputies puckered, wiping the spray arms, some quiet mother. Ever the asshole of the BYuT all zaplyuet! Deputy Gonobulkin famous for its sweaty Bryl, a surfeit of bribery and huge eggs, sticks out of both pockets. However, evil tongues say that in fact pockets crammed with dirty socks, and his alien. Gonobulkin differed as to its incredible stinginess and thrifty.
Yulia Tymoshenko crossed her slender legs to the feet and smiled. Her famous braid shone like unto gold halo. - Hard fuck her deputy faction! Just like Cicero. Or loudmouth? No matter, the main thing to them, this Orange noticed voters. Like, fighters for national wealth. Nothing that the very Julia hapnula than one hundred lemon from this domain. It's the little things. Figures prove ...
- Called representative fraction "Our Vilna Hohlyandii" MP Rasperdischenko ...
The next elections farted, rose from their homes and poddernuv pants, he went to "lectern freedom". From there, he began broadcasting a shrill voice of the intrigues and machinations of the enemies of political rivals. The stupefied to vomit Hall raced thunderous slogans - "We will not mess! ..."
Julia suddenly felt zasverbilo in the ass. She shifted dissatisfied with their sex ass on the seat. But the itch was not appeased. What kind of bl ... ?! Once hands are not washed after using the toilet? Or stroking dog? Or catching fleas volosischah in-law? She smiled lasciviously, remembering unkempt mane rocker fiance. And what of it stinks! As if from the goats. It would have sniffed, and sniffed ...
- Called goat ragged, unbridled cleansers Julia Treponemko!
Chairman of Penguin stopped, while stupidly moved his lips, as if not believing his words, then stared into the protocol.
- And no, of course I! - He blew his nose loudly on the floor. - Tut ponapisano sho Treponischenkovu vizivati. What the devil? - He peered again. - Inaudible whisper something. In general, let Julia, come syudy, do not be afraid!
Stupefied woman speechless. She looked around bewildered neighbors, as if to ask - "Not imagined it?". But they were still sitting in a sleepy daze and did not respond to a wild move Rada Chairman.
- Nonsense…
She walked slowly to the podium, shaking her round hips. Then scathing look at Penguin, having shown that all of his contempt. But unscrupulous offender was busy staring at that same eynye tits. Top offers a great overview of the steep notch. The man loudly smacked his lips and something squeezed in his pocket. His eyes gleamed wrong. Well, bitch! It would have ...
- Well, you bastard! Although people would be ashamed!
Julia sniffed and walked proudly to the podium. All men brutes! Everyone wants to fuck her, all Vilna Hohlovka dreams lift up her skirt. Not only homeland. From tyschami nasty letters from Russia are concerned males. Yes, if it is subscribed to all perepiha that she was offered ... Better not to think about it!
She squeezed her fantastic ass in a narrow gap. Tucked behind the scenes photographers howled with delight and clicked flashes. What shots! Tomorrow on all the front pages this will be unforgettable ACF. And you can cut down a coin sickly. In general, not a woman, and a source of inspiration ...
- I state with full responsibility that our alleged president Dryuschenko ...
Julia looked earnestly at the hall with his round eyes and denounced his former ally. With incredible passion she described all his sins and transgressions, without missing even children with bedwetting problems. The government mired in bribery and corruption, nepotism and clan, gonorrhea and syphilis, as well as AIDS and avian flu.
- And this video with a blue skull on the 25th frame! It is generally unbearable! What they want to say ?! ...
Hall was still sitting in a sleepy daze, not reacting to any "pulses". Everyone was a long and deep in ... amb all her literary delights. - Trahal would you good, would immediately calmed down, ragged bast! MPs unanimously pecking toes, waiting for a break for lunch and a beer, a hundred grams, toilet and prostitutes.
Suddenly, the door appeared some new figure. She stood for a while looking around the room. Then he moved slowly down the aisle. No one paid attention to it. Like, if some trash there wanders a little. And for good reason. For the figure continued to stomp forward until you put her in the chairman's podium.
- Oh-ho-ho, well, a mess!
Srygnuv Loud, unexpected guest grunting climbed the stairs and appeared in all its glory. It was shabby and pimply little man of indeterminate age. A small, round-shouldered, dirty jeans and a rumpled Kurguzov jacket on naked body. For tens of meters rang disgusting stench of years of fume. Circle hall piggy little eyes, he somehow uterine muttered:
- In the ur-genera ...
Then he went to the chairman and stupefied, clutching it for hibon, he threw off his chair. Penguin in some superstitious horror looking at the insolent.
- What do you allow yourself? This is not a mess!
- Shut fall, Kazakh-yellow! And the channel here before did not break!
- I'm on the road…
Oparafinenny chairman rose from the floor and dutifully pochapal somewhere. A gallant little man collapsed to usurp the throne of triumph and dumped on the table, his unpolished boots.
- Come on, darling, go buhtet!
Julia seemed to awake. With some difficulty coming out of stagnation, she looked around the room. Yes, what is it ?! Incredibly, not a single face did not move! Three hundred frozen in slumber beefy ryah. Drunk mordulentsii not obgadish in three days! Then this happens, and it though henna! Sit in the mustache does not blow. But who is this guy? What does he want here? Maybe it's a conspiracy against it ??? Maybe it, Yulia Tymoshenko, is now arrested, raped, shot? !!!
No, we must continue to report as if nothing is happening. Then we shall understand who is behind all this. And she again continued its rechugu, however slight stammer.
- We can not but cause deep concern about the fact ...
The man at the desk was obviously bored. He touched various buttons and toggle switches, enable and disable the microphone, even tried to tell the audience something intelligent, eternal. But okromya "mother ... mother ..." nothing worthy not spoken. Finally he obrydlo is mischief, and he relaxed, with the noise of firing gases. The speaker was startled by the sound of thunder. - Well, the pig! Wincing from the vile stench, she continued to denounce.
- Well longing-and-ah ...
Strange visitor sadly shook his porcine little eyes, sighed and began to unbutton his pants. From the corner of his eyes in full apostasy Julia watched oborzevshy bastard throws to light your hairy dignity. Two huge mudya. Echoed around the disgusting smell of a dead skunk. The man dug his nails into his treasure and became hard to comb, moaning with pleasure. - Oh-ho-ha-ah ...
- Stop, stop !!! Where the bailiff?
Trembling with rage, the woman tried to stop this outrage. She was looking through the eyes of at least some assistance. But all was in vain. No perturbed face, not a single muzzle! All the same dull, sleepy Zenk without any hint "sapiens". Realizing that the wait "HELP" of these cattle is useless, hopeless Julie spread her hands and turned her back to their leaves.
- Look, what a FIFA! ...
The man snorted and scowled resentfully looked at the nasty aunt. What does she want? I sit, no one interferes. No ... this should definitely show off. Cat ragged! Well, I'll show you ...
It was the last time their paws clenched his eggs, then he lifted his fingers to his nose and inhaled stoned. - U-xx-x ... then you got up and, keeping his pants, walked up to the speaker. He stared with greedy eyes on the most prestigious villa Hohlyandii ass.
- That's a peach, your mother!
He stood, rubbing his sweaty little hands of lust. Then she stepped forward and firmly pulled a silk skirt deputatshi. Exposing the delightful polka dot panties. They were very narrow, and almost nothing is hidden from the greedy little eyes bugger.
- Oh you!
Julia interrupted his speech and sat bolt upright. But the man strongly pushed her in the back, in addition also tresnuv kidneys. - Calm down, bitch, then you are not a gymnasium ...
The woman almost fell to the podium and paused in an indecent pose. - It is necessary to continue to report, perhaps no one will notice ... shame and broken voice she continued to denounce the oligarchic clique.
- Wa-a-ay ....
Little man grabbed the edge of her panties and slowly pulled them down, revealing a rounded buttocks. - Kayfina! - He screwed up his eyes and began to closely examine this magnificent ass. A look at what! These elegant forms and never dreamed of this rascal, do not get out of the garbage dumps and sewers. Popa shone pristine white, elastic white hills attracts the eye like magnets. A deep trough, covered with dark fuzz unknown and concealed like screaming - "Take me, take it!"
He threw a wild look on his rampant cock. Like a number of dirty, covered with some rags and oshlepkami, he stuck out forward towards this fantastic ass and demanded his.
- Ege ...
Bastard grinned, revealing a large horse teeth. Now he will tell her ... Bending low, he stuck his nose right into the ravine and took a deep breath. Super! Then, with both hands he parted the tender buttocks and swung drove into the hole his instrument.
- Do not you dare, do not you dare!
Julia was horrified to feel like a hefty piston perdolit her in full view of the whole country and the deputies in the bargain. She trembled and jumped from the violent jolts and bumps. But what is happening! It's unbelievable, unthinkable! How is this possible??? Why did not anyone notice? Why are all sitting as if nothing is happening? Nightmare!
- Help-e-ee!
Nobody did not move back. A rapist continued to sting her, slapping his hand on the ass periodically. Suddenly he stopped and abruptly pulled out of his hell hole cherished. Julia thought it was all over and sighed with relief. But not so! Everything is just beginning. Suddenly, she felt the pain. Podlyuga not sustained and strong bite her soft bun.
- You're lying, bitch! Now I'm ...
Again he parted her buttocks and exposed the hidden dark hole. Juicy spat in it. - Ka-aa-af! - Then he shoved two fingers as deep as possible. They came as a family, it seems that in this hole have already visited the pioneers. The man grunted and rather abruptly drove there already the whole fist.
- Ai-ya-ya-yay !!!
It was too much. Unable to bear the shame and pain, Julia screamed like a pig nedorezanny. She tried to pull away, but suddenly she was overcome any lethargy and apathy. - Let him do what he wants. Worse still will not ...
A man more entered into a rage. With his twisted lust gubenok creek dripping saliva, snot dripping from his nose, eyes streaming tears. Even from the ears I fell down some yellow sulfur. He continuously bzdel coughing, choking on his own stench. Like the plumber he poke his hand, pumping up to the female anal intestines. Forward-backward, forward and backward!
- U-hm-hm ...
Very pulling his hand, he pressed it to his lilac nosyare and breathed, rolling his eyes with pleasure. That's the smell! Chanel No sloppy. We immediately see that the aristocrat, shit will not eat, not what it is.
Gouging a hole gaped its pristine freshness and beckoned vile rapist "look at the light". He did not think twice and started his "argamak" in the beaten track. It began long, long anal marathon ...
- Ji-and-in-n-Hb !!!
The deafening trill of the alarm blew morning silence, snatching Yulia Tymoshenko from the clutches of a nightmare. She flinched, and somehow abruptly woke up at one point. - State-PAYG you are my God, how awful, what a shame! As it seems now the people! Where did this scoundrel? And who even resorted to the holy of holies?
- F-fu you!
She suddenly realized that all this wild event - just a dream, the most ridiculous, the most stupid dream in her life. Praise-the-egg! Immediately relieved and more cheerful lady threw a blanket. It must be collected, at the entrance has a car waiting to take the first lady hohlyatsky establishment in Parliament. Today is an important day. Report Gonobulkina her deputy, the debate on the gas issue. And then her own performance. She would show them ... That's just why it is so aching and itching back, lower back?
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